Why is the first professional league of Chinas return to work? 10 questions to CBA

 Why is the first professional league of Chinas return to work? 10 questions to CBA

In the context of the epidemic not completely subsided, CBA will officially usher in the first back to work day in these two places. Before returning to work, what preparations have been made for the league, which brings us 10 questions:

Why Dongguan and Qingdao are chosen as the second round cities?

Dongguan Dongfeng Nissan Center

Qingdao Guoxin Sports Center

Yao also revealed that this years CBA playoffs will be held in one city, with Qingdao and Dongguan as the two venues.

02 after the outbreak in Beijing, what emergency response has CBA made?

On June 17, a CBA related practitioner who came to Qingdao from a high-risk area in Beijing received 14 days of isolation period and 3 times of nucleic acid detection under the policy of the local government. According to CBA insiders, the epidemic prevention and control of returning to work is carried out according to the requirements of the local government in the competition area.

After the outbreak in Beijing and before returning to work, CBA also held relevant meetings. Even if Beijing did not have the epidemic, they had the prevention and Control Conference and always made prevention and control the top priority of their work, the source said.

Qingdao and Dongguan competition areas divide players, staff and media into three types and areas of green, yellow and blue certificates, and strictly separate the three areas.

All participants and staff members shall implement regional closed management in the hotels, training and competition venues designated by the organizing committee, including the transportation, dining and meetings in the competition area.

Athletes, coaches, referees, recording desk personnel with green certificates, and individual staff working in the venue are limited to activities and passage in the green area (especially in the interior competition area and designated restaurants, elevators, passageways, etc. of the hotel).

TV broadcasters with yellow certificates, TV signal producers, media reporters, League staff, etc. are limited to yellow areas (areas other than green areas in the infield, and areas other than green areas in the hotel) for activities and passage.

The League staff with blue certificates are limited to the activities and passage in the blue area (grandstand area, as well as the area other than the green area of the hotel).

Screenshot from CBA media anti epidemic manual

Those who violate the above regulations will be punished by warning, fine, suspension or disqualification according to the circumstances.

04 what should CBA Players do if they are diagnosed?

Wang Dawei, chief executive of CBA, said in an interview with the media on the 16th that safety is the top priority.

CBA has made many arrangements for epidemic prevention. According to the regulations, all teams will carry out 3 + n tests, 3 refers to the nucleic acid test 14 days before the start of the game, 3 days before the start of the game and after arriving at the game area, n refers to the nucleic acid test every 10 days after the start of the game.

Wang Dawei revealed that the epidemic prevention and control plan of CBA semi final has been revised for a long time, and many domestic sports events are also referring to the prevention and control manual.

How to prevent media infection from entering the competition area?

Screenshot from CBA media anti epidemic manual

According to the official requirements, the media shall complete the first nucleic acid test in accordance with the requirements of the League 7 days before going to the competition area (if the personnel in the green area, they shall carry out two nucleic acid tests 14 days before departure and 3-5 days before departure), and retain the test result certificate.

Media arrive at the competition area to measure temperature

When booking air tickets or high-speed rail tickets, people from high and medium risk areas at home and abroad shall be avoided for nearly 14 days in the same flight or carriage. In addition, it is necessary to log in the local electronic health code, submit the letter of commitment, epidemiological questionnaire and itinerary information form.

What are the requirements for the media to arrive at the semi-finals?

Players wear masks when they attend press conference

When arriving at the venue, activities are limited to the area with the corresponding color of the certificate. In the media studio and press release room, sit down separately and keep a safe distance from the participants. Keep a safe distance from people with different types of certificates.

During the second round of the competition, the media reporters left the competition area and automatically lost the interview qualification. If you apply for an interview again, you must conduct the nucleic acid test again and provide the qualification certificate.

How to create a competition atmosphere without spectators?

Before that, China Taiwan, South Korea and other semi-final leagues mainly used cardboard, inflatable people and other ways to act as spectators, in order to prevent players from discomfort due to too open stadium.

In terms of sound effect, CBA will arrange MC to follow the background music and cheering slogans used by the home team. In addition, CBA teams are also actively soliciting cheering voices from fans all over the country, including some cheering slogans in local dialect, and then broadcast them during the game to maximize the players feeling of playing at home.

How do players relax during the rematch?

During the relatively closed match system, many players have unstable emotions because they cant be with their family, friends and friends for a long time.

CBA has also made a series of careful logistics arrangements.

The hotels in the two competition areas have arranged leisure places for CBA Players, and can also take the team as the unit to go to the local temporary closed outdoor venues. In the hotel, there is a game room for CBA Players to have fun. Previously, CBA has collected video games that players like.

Data chart

CBA also invited Huang Jing, the psychological coach of China Womens basketball team, to give regular mental health training to the players, commonly known as psychological massage.

Huang Jing once helped Ig, champion of the League of heroes, to do psychological counseling, and also did pre match mobilization for the Chinese womens basketball team in the Olympic qualification competition. The video became popular on the Internet at that time, and played an important role in the womens basketball teams successful promotion to the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Womens basketball changing room incentive (source: Netease sports)

Why is WCBA cancelled when CBA returns to work?

As for the differential treatment of the restart of CBA League and the cancellation of WCBA League this season, Yao explained that this was to focus on ensuring the smooth implementation of the plan and pave the way for the future development of other league matches.

Yao said: the WCBA League is temporarily to make way for CBA. We must use the recovery of CBA League to verify that our plan is correct and that every step can be implemented.

WCBA all star (profile)

Yao also talked about the next plan: when the CBA league play to a certain stage before considering other league, including the NBL League.

Yao said it will take at least a month to understand that all the current plans can be implemented, and make plans for the future of WCBA and NBL League. He also revealed that the WCBA League of the new season will start in the middle of October this year, hoping to end the WCBA League before the Spring Festival in February next year, and spare more than four months for the womens basketball team to prepare for the Olympic Games, so as to try to adjust to the state when the womens basketball national team played in Serbia in February this year.

What is the significance of restarting CBA?

On June 18, Yao Ming wrote in his personal letter to CBA participants:

Since February 1 this year, the CBA league we worked with has gone through an unprecedented off-season together with the whole society, and all of us have been tested by the Resistance War of epidemic prevention and control.

After careful preparation and approval of the sports and health departments, CBA League will officially resume on June 20. As the first national large-scale sports event to be restarted in China, CBAs resumption has far-reaching strategic significance for comprehensively promoting resumption of work and production, restoring life order, and its social impact has exceeded basketball itself.

Pass on the positive energy of CBA League, through the great sport of basketball, to interpret the real sports spirit to our family, friends and the whole society.

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