Level 2 in one year! 141 team loyalty: I can give my life and my wife

 Level 2 in one year! 141 team loyalty: I can give my life and my wife

Sunderland, Englands 141 year old club, played in Englands third division (League A). On Christmas Eve of 2018, 46039 fans poured into the stadium of light, which directly broke Leeds record of 38250 in 2009.

People will write in their will for their families that they want their bodies to wear red and white shirts.

The Jersey in the coffin

In Sunderland, funeral institutions often encounter such situations. The dead are wearing red and white clothes on behalf of Sunderland, and even some people ask that the coffin be red and white, so they specially prepare a warm farewell ceremony for the loyal fans of Sunderland.

The short coffin is tightly wrapped by the red and white team emblem and the pattern of the stadium of light. Many people are strangers to each other, but they wear the same Jersey and stand on both sides of the hearse.

Sunderland fans carry Bradleys coffin

Bradley died of cancer

I just saw a stranger on the bus. He was wearing a Sunderland suit with Bradley on the back. Even though I dont know him, my throat is hoarse when I see this behind the scenes. A 47 year old Sunderland fan has been struggling for a long time and is very sad.

Sunderland is a big family, people are united. According to Hogg, the head of the funeral agency, people living here grew up watching Sunderland grow up together, not as family but as family.

When family members leave, when the club encounters difficulties, the first choice of black cat fans is to accompany each other, and their fate has long been linked together.

No matter how many difficulties and dangers lie ahead, we must go through the same boat.

On the eve of Easter in 2018, at Saint Marys Cathedral in Sunderland, father mark and many black cat fans prayed for the club.

Easter is a time of wonder, a time of resurrection, with faith, hope, and the spirit of unity in this city, we will be reborn like a Phoenix, wherever we go, we will be reborn.

At that time, Sunderland had been relegated for a year, and the situation of relegation in the championship was in danger. Only by playing a good record can we avoid relegation to the championship, which also determines the future of many people.

If demoted, these ordinary employees who have been Sunderland fans for decades may lose their jobs.

I tossed and turned last night. I couldnt sleep. I was full of the game.


Before the game, Joyce was nervous on the bus, and she kept mentioning Easter. Like her, many Sunderland fans are looking forward to the teams rebirth from this day on.

It wasnt difficult. When she saw Sunderland break the deadlock on the bus TV, she clapped her hands excitedly, just like a child. As happy as she is, there are thousands of fans who have traveled to Derbyshire. After a 4-1 victory, they forget all the pain of this season and sing loudly:

Dont take me home - please dont take me home - I dont want to go back to work - I just want to stay here and drink all the beer - please dont take me home

Carnival after the game

In the crowded crowd, a disabled fan who came to the away field even took off his prosthesis and kept swinging with the rhythm of the music, just like using the prosthesis as a baton.

Disabled fans participate

2u3001 Rebirth

However, a win cant cover up the weakness of the team. In the penultimate round of the league, Sunderland, who lost the game, fell into the League a one round ahead of schedule, two levels in a year, which is the third league a trip of the 141 year old shop.

In the stands, there are all kinds of people. Some people angrily accused the referee, took out money to satirize the black money that the judge in black received, while others silently shed tears, still unwilling to accept the cruel reality of two successive demotions in a year.

Angry Sunderland fans

Some scolded the management and the manager, Congratulations for their successful destruction of their beloved club, and some hoped Coleman could stay. After all, without financial support, it was difficult for him to carry out his own plan.

After the game, in front of the ticket window, fans who came to update season tickets formed a long line. At 230 pounds, many people take money out of their wallets without blinking an eye. Now they can only swallow the bitter fruit, because continuing to support Sunderland is the only option:

Fans who renew tickets

After renewing the contract with the team for a year, the fans have more ideas.

As a taxi driver, Peter Farrell took a break for half a day, pulling his good friend Jimmy to replace the seats. Some season ticket holders brought the old seats back home. On these seats, they experienced a lot together with the club. In just a day and a half, the stadium of light has been transformed.

Players and fans change chairs together

Its hard for everyone to get into League one, but as long as the fans are still there, theres still a chance for everything, just like those who come to renew season tickets before the season starts:

3u3001 Failure

For most of the 2018-19 season, they stayed at the top of the table, not only keeping the hope of direct promotion for a long time, but also winning the championship in England.

This is a cup match specially for the first, second and fifth level leagues. For most of the small and medium-sized clubs who have been playing in the low-level leagues for a long time, the FA Cup and the League Cup are too vague, and the championship is their dream glory.

If we can win the championship, Sunderlands honor room will not only add a new trophy after 2007, but also add more motivation for the team to return to the championship.

For the final at Wembley, Joyce terrorizes the players at the restaurant almost every day:

A lot of Sunderland fans feel the vitality of the club again. They went to the tattoo shop specially to get tattoos: my heart is always with Sunderland.

Tattoos dont celebrate. They just mean falling in love with the team

Before they went to London, some people sprayed their beards with red and white.

When the team arrived at Kings Cross station in London, there were already a large number of Sunderland fans waiting there.

Good luck, come on!

Enjoy the game, enjoy the game!

With the cheers, Sunderland rushed to Wembley.

Half of Sunderlands people are poor, poor, but theyre here.

As driver Peter Farrell said, the northeast of England is not a developed area, but this is the final held in Wembley. Many people have never been here with the team since they were born, so Sunderland fans will never miss it.

Wembley is the Mecca of Sunderland fans.

The old man comforted his wife: this is not the end of the world..

The regretful old lady could only watch the opponent raise the champion with red eyes and celebrate heartily. The commentator said that Sunderland still had to wait painfully for the victory of Wembley, but no one knew when Sunderland would reach the cup final next time, and no one knew whether these fans would come to Wembley next time.

4u3001 Hold fast

In a way, a loss in the cup does not mean a loss in the season, because the ultimate goal of the team is to return to the championship. In the last few rounds of the League one, Sunderland failed to bite his teeth and lost the chance to upgrade directly, so he was forced to take part in the brutal upgrade playoff.

After a lot of difficulties, they reached the final of the upgrade plus and returned to Wembley. The script is the same as before, scoring early after the game, leading Sunderland failed to keep the win, was the opponent in the whistle before the final.

Charlton kill

During the stoppage period, Charlton overtook the score. The wrinkled old lady tried to cover her ears. She didnt want to hear the big cheers from her opponents and tried to close herself up. At the final whistle, she looked up at the court and let the tears flow freely.

Its familiar, isnt it?

In the stands, the bitter father hugged his son and held him tightly in his arms. At this time, nothing could hide the sadness. The father had to take his son, clapping and shouting, my heart will always follow Sunderland.

Sunderland fans waited for the clubs owner to answer the question will we get better? the latter didnt know how to answer, because this is the eighth time Sunderland has lost the upgraded play off.

At that moment, you were no longer rich, I was no longer ordinary, everyone became Sunderland fans.

The old lady, alone, stooped, leaned on the railing and wept, her eyes already red.

The female fans in the stands still cant accept the fact of continuous failure, and the old man has to comfort her constantly. The fathers and sons figure gradually shrunk and disappeared into the crowd of Wembley.

They will all play in the League for another year.

Sunderland fans are special. They shouldnt have gone to Wembley to experience so many failures.

George foster, 91, was named England Football League fan of the year at the awards Party of the season when he was relegated to Serie A.

The old man said he was happy, but if he can use the title to exchange the fate of the team to avoid relegation, the old man will agree to the deal.

Now, in his late nineties, he will accompany Sunderland to the league, but football is life.

Support Sunderland to death, right?

Yes, but I dont have much time.

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