Twilight as Princess Diana in a new film

 Twilight as Princess Diana in a new film

Spencer is expected to begin shooting in 2021. The film tells a three-day story, one of which is in 1992, Dianas last Christmas at the Royal estate. Usually, the prince finds the princess, pursues her, and finally the princess becomes the queen. This is a fairy tale, said director laren. She took this step when she decided not to be queen and said, I would rather be myself.. This is a subversive fairy tale, I have been surprised, I think it must be very difficult to do, this is the core of the film.

According to the report, Dianas tragedy in 1997 will not be involved in the film. We all know its her destiny, what happened to her, and we dont need to mention it, Laran said. The film will focus on her relationship with Charles and her love for her sons William and Harry.

Laren also praised Stewarts acting skills. Ive seen Stewarts films. Her performances are so diverse. Its incredible. It shows different levels and diversity as an actress. We are very happy to cooperate with her. She is very respectful. As a filmmaker, you need someone who can have such a presence. Her eyes can control the drama and narrative of the plot. She is one of the actors I need most for this film. But there are also many people who think that a British actor should be chosen to play Princess Diana.

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