11 year old boy found severe cirrhosis doctor: too much staple food

 11 year old boy found severe cirrhosis doctor: too much staple food

We always hear from the older generation:

Blessed are the children who grow fat!

Its a blessing to be able to eat. If you can eat more, you can eat more.

The boy is fat and white. He looks very good.


Stop! Stop! Stop!

But if you overeat and drink too much, youll have problems

And its not a small problem!

Xiaozhi (pseudonym) in Shenzhen

Weight close to 130 Jin

Its a moderate fatty liver

Xiaozhi (pseudonym) has a good appetite since childhood. He can eat 2 or 3 bowls of white rice and likes meat dishes such as braised pork. He has big eyebrows and big eyes. He is white and fat. In the fourth grade of primary school, he weighs about 130 Jin.

In September 2019, 10-year-old Xiaozhi got a red light in the school physical examination result: doctors found that his transaminase increased, and suggested that he go to the hospital for further liver examination. So, Xiaozhis parents took him to Shenzhen Third Peoples Hospital for examination.

Results of B-mode ultrasound in 2019

The child is only 10 years old and has moderate fatty liver

It gives the doctor a bad feeling

Considering the limitations of B-ultrasound in the diagnosis of liver disease, doctors suggest Xiaozhi to do liver biopsy. Liver puncture is a method that doctors use minimally invasive method to obtain liver tissue for examination. The accuracy of liver biopsy is high, which is the gold standard for the diagnosis of difficult liver diseases.

If its not because of the physical examination, let alone others, even Xiaozhi thinks hes very healthy. Suddenly, he was afraid of liver puncture, so Xiaozhi refused.

A year passed in a flash

Whats the situation?

A year later, Im fatter

The child has severe cirrhosis

It was a happy result

But is it really that simple?

Left: Xiaozhi, right: Xiaozhi Dad

Xiaozhis father also had a liver puncture a year ago, and found out the severe fatty liver. After one years treatment, he lost 35 Jin and became a mild fatty liver. Therefore, the successful Xiaozhi father of counter attack encourages the child to receive liver puncture. This time, Xiaozhi summoned up courage and carried out liver puncture on June 1.

3 days later

The liver came out

Xiaozhis pathological report showed that: non-alcoholic fatty hepatitis with cirrhosis, cirrhosis grade is s3-4, belongs to severe cirrhosis.

A case report of Xiaozhis puncture

Little wisdoms family didnt think of it

11 year olds have severe cirrhosis

According to Xiaozhis parents, children have a good appetite since childhood. They like to eat heavy oil and salty food. They have to eat until they have enough to make their children fatter and fatter.

Although the childs condition is relatively serious, fortunately, it is found now that there is room for reversal with active treatment.

Obesity is the pathogenesis of various chronic diseases

This is the same for adults and children.

The abdominal obesity of the big belly especially needs to be vigilant. The research shows that the abdominal obesity is more harmful than the whole body obesity, because the formers fat is more prone to visceral deposition, and it is easy to get fatty liver, diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Height 172cm, weight about 170jin

A Chao (pseudonym), 33, was called super fat by his friends because he was really fat in the past. In the past, a Chao was 172cm tall and about 170 Jin in weight, carrying a lucky General belly.

Later, a Chao learned that the original generals belly should be called abdominal obesity, which refers to those who are not fat in their limbs and faces, but have a significant accumulation of fat on their stomachs.

At that time, a chaogen didnt care about his health. As a driver, he was on call 24 hours a day, waiting for the bosss instructions to drive. His work and rest were irregular, and he had the habit of staying up late.

In November 2018, a Chao was always unable to raise his spirits and had no appetite to eat. Sometimes, he also suffered from stomach distention and liver pain. Not only that, a Chaos face was always yellow and black, very haggard. Check at the hospital near home. I dont know if I dont check. Its a shock. B-mode ultrasound showed that A-mode ultrasound was cirrhosis.

In order to better suit the case, the citys third hospital has again made liver puncture for a Chao. The results showed that there was no cirrhosis and the diagnosis was non sclerotic portal hypertension.

To understand the situation of a Chao, the doctor made a personalized diagnosis and treatment plan for him. A Chao also actively cooperates with the treatment, changes his routine, does not touch tobacco and alcohol, and insists on running every day.

After one years treatment, a Chaos examination results showed that the width of portal vein returned to normal; fatty liver and General belly disappeared together. A Chaos hepatitis B virus also dropped significantly, from positive to negative.

Not only that, in the past year, a Chao actively cooperated with the treatment, developed a regular routine, didnt stay up late, didnt drink, and kept on exercising in a healthy diet, which enabled him to successfully get rid of fatty liver and big belly, lost 30 jin, recovered his normal complexion, and spoke with sufficient energy.

(now skinny a Chao)

A lot of people dont think its right

I thought that a lot of people have fatty liver. Its not going to work

Take the medical report and put it in the drawer

Eat, drink

But is that really the case?

Pay no attention to fatty liver

There are only four steps from fatty liver to liver cancer.

Step 1: the liver is simply fat.

Step 2: the fat entering the body gradually covers the liver, and the liver begins to resist inflammation, namely fatty hepatitis.

Step 4: liver cancer; and part of fatty hepatitis can be directly transformed into liver cancer without going through the stage of cirrhosis.

It should be noted that

Thin people get fatty liver, too

If there are insulin resistance, genetic and metabolic problems, visceral fat deposition and other factors, thin people may also get fatty liver. Especially thin or fast weight loss in a short period of time, the liver fat metabolism is affected, prone to fatty liver.

So, deal with fatty liver

In the treatment of fatty liver disease, weight loss is very important. Diet should be combined with coarse and fine grains; exercise should be mainly aerobic exercise such as swimming, jogging, fast walking, etc. moderate intensity aerobic exercise should be carried out 3-5 times a week, each lasting for more than 30 minutes. It is suggested that it should be conducted under the guidance of nutrition experts.

They say, the stomach is the trumpet, the liver is the mute.

It means that the liver is not like the stomach

You can detect any pain

So we need to live a healthy life

Yellow face, red hands, red nose

People with bad liver look like this

1. Face is dark and yellow

Face, but the most direct and easily observed part of the body. For example, as soon as you stay up late, your face will show you the color immediately.

Patients with bad liver may have metabolic disorder of bilirubin, which leads to the increase of bilirubin level in blood. The clinical manifestations are that the sclera, mucosa, skin and other tissues are stained yellow.

The large and small thenar on both sides of the palms of the hands and the palms of the fingertips are pink spots and plaques, like cinnabar.

After compression, it turns pale, and after decompression, it turns red again. The color of palm center is normal. A large number of flaky small arteries can be seen, not only in the palm, but also in the sole of the foot.

3 red nose

The capillaries in the nose are dilated. Although red nose is not necessarily caused by liver damage, women are prone to red nose when liver function is reduced and hormone disorder occurs.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u6056789,container:ssp_ 6056789, async:true }In addition, people with large stomachs are also dangerous. Keep your mouth shut, keep your legs open, exercise more, and dont eat too much greasy food. I hope everyone is healthy and healthy. These six signals are recommended. Alcoholic liver has deteriorated into cirrhosis and almost died! The reason why a post-90s kid in Shandong finds out serious cirrhosis is... Interview with Professor Nan Yuemin: diagnosis and treatment strategies and management experience of liver fibrosis and cirrhosis_ NB14510

4 tummy

In addition, people with large stomachs are also dangerous.

Keep your mouth shut and your legs open

Exercise more, dont eat too much greasy food

I hope everyone is healthy~