Premier League - Pogba made a point of equalizing fee B + penalty was blown away by Manchester United 1-1 Tottenham

 Premier League - Pogba made a point of equalizing fee B + penalty was blown away by Manchester United 1-1 Tottenham

In the 27th minute, Olivier passed the ball, belwin midfielder took the ball over Macquarie, and then he was allowed to stab into the forbidden area with a single knife. He shot hard with his right foot 14 yards from his right rib. De GEA dived down and the ball was still in the net, United 0-1 Tottenham.

In the 41st minute, James kicked Dale behind his back and got a yellow card. The 42nd minute, Olivier passes the ball, sun Xingzhen right rib 16 yards place shoots to be blocked by Fred the baseline. Tottenhams corner was cleared to the outside and wenks shot high. In the 45th minute, Baldwin passed the ball and Olivier missed the long shot. In the third minute of stoppage time, Fernandes shot far away and Lori came. At the end of the first half, Tottenham were 1-0 United.

At the beginning of the second half, in the 54th minute, Fernandes shot a little far from the left post. In the 62nd minute, sun xingxuan left the corner on the right, and Davidson Sanchez headed the ball to the top. Then United switched to Pogba and Greenwood. In the 63rd minute, bogbas long-range shot was blocked. In the 64th minute, Fernandez shot 10 yards from the right side of the ball when the defenceless machal stopped. Dale stopped and Lori jumped.

The 66th minute, Luke Shaw broke the ball in front of the left cross, machal stopped 12 yards after the left foot shot, Lori efforts to save. In the 70th minute, Tottenham changed to Gerrard and rousselso. In the 78th minute, Manchester United replaced ihalo and Mattic.

In the 80th minute, bogba broke into the forbidden area and was pushed down by Dale. The referee ordered a penalty. Fernandes equalised with a penalty, United 1-1 Tottenham.

In the 85th minute, sun xingxuan sent a free kick from the left to be blocked by the wall.

In the end, the two teams drew 1-1.

Tottenham (4231): 1-lori / 24-olivier, 6-davidson-sanchez, 15-dale, 33-ben-davis / 17-sissoko, 8-wenks / 7-sun Xingyun, 11-lamera (7030-redsson), 23-belwin (7018-rousselso) / 10 Caine

Manchester United (4231): 1-DE GEA / 29-pisaca, 2-lindloff (7831-mattic), 5-marquell, 23 Luke Shaw / 39 mctominay (893-bayi), 17 Fred (636-bogba) / 21 James (6326-greenwood), 18 Fernandez, 10 Rushford / 9-machal (7825-ihalo)