Its also an apology. There are three deep reasons why he Jiong was praised and Yuan Shanshan was scolded

 Its also an apology. There are three deep reasons why he Jiong was praised and Yuan Shanshan was scolded

It reminds me of another persons apology. Some time ago, he Jiong apologized because when he interacted with Ouyang Nana in the program, he Jiong mentioned that Ouyang Nana was not good at black acting. He said that Ouyang Nana might be labeled as not good at acting because of some clips or program settings.

He Jiongs voice for Ouyang Nana also caused controversy, so he sent a special apology.

Because Ouyang Nanas the birth of actors before the acting is really not very good, netizens make complaints about their acting skills, and put out a ant race walking ten years expression pack.

Its also an apology. Most netizens of he Jiongs apology appreciated that he, an old man, was too tired to live. His posture was always so low, and everyone loved him.

Its a common technique of variety show to attract attention through editing and raise the audience rating.

Looking at his apology, he was very sincere, and didnt let his program group back to the pot - its not related to the program group to express this statement. Their original position is to look forward to caring for the younger generation, and he Xuan chose to take the criticism voice on his own.

He Jiong, by lowering his posture and shouldering the negative public opinion, won the praise of defending the younger generation and admitting his mistakes with an open mind and once again made a circle of fans.

Yuan Shanshan is not so lucky.

Yuan Shanshan directly picked up the cultural relics with three fingers, and Du Haitao beside carefully reminded him, there are traces of repair here, which may be broken. Say it and protect it with your hands.

Yuan Shanshan didnt notice. One side of Zhou Zhennan may not be able to see past, busy reminder said: you dont pinch it, and then cut off.

As a result, Yuan Shanshan said, its OK. He can fix it again. Maybe she wants to express that the master who repairs the cultural relics is skilled, because maybe the scene is not necessarily the real cultural relics, maybe the props of the program, so yuan Shanshan is not too nervous.

In fact, repairing cultural relics is a very exhausting thing, and it is necessary to establish a file and file a case, and the details in the middle should be recorded in detail. Therefore, Yuan Shanshans careless behavior will inevitably cause netizens anger.

Its also an apology that Yuan Shanshan didnt get paid. The underlying causes can be found by simple analysis:

1) He Jiongs reputation is the representative of high Eq. he Jiong is famous but not proud. There is no history of blackmailing others in the past, so he made a mistake and admitted it in time. His attitude is low and everyone agrees.

However, Yuan Shanshans performance has not been brilliant until now. Palace lock pearl curtain is out of the sky in the dark. People with a temper greater than their strength are not pleasant. Once they make a mistake, its not surprising that the passers-by turns black.

2) He Jiong provides emotional value throughout the whole process, from speaking for Ouyang Nana to apologizing at last, with full humility and sincerity.

But many netizens think that Yuan Shanshans apology is too insincere. If she really thinks she is wrong, she should put it forward to the program group, or apologize or clarify when the program is broadcast, rather than wait for the program to be broadcast for several days before hot search to apologize.

In fact, this is what we call the magic power of high EQ people: providing high emotional value.

Some partners said they were trying to provide emotional value to the people around them, but the other side was more angry?

Some people say, is the emotional value is to praise each other all day?

Some people are confused about how to provide emotional value?

Lets talk about the emotional value today.

The fairies must avoid in time and run by taxi.

Of course, we need to provide our partners with positive emotional values rather than negative ones in our daily life.


As the first little partner said: we work hard to provide emotional value. Why is the other party more angry if they dont buy? Then, TA may have gone into the misunderstanding of emotional value.

1) A divine operation that highlights ones own sense of superiority.

Xiao Luos husband recently had a bad career and was worried about the companys layoff. Xiao Luo said, Oh, dont worry. I didnt expect you to support my family. Im also bound to overcome the difficulties at home. We can overcome them together. As a result, her husband turned darker.

In fact, Xiao Luoda can say: work is inevitable to rise and fall, occasionally there is a bottleneck period, you are so good that the company is reluctant to fire you, even if the company cuts you, there must be more units need you, even if you dont earn a cent, I would like to be with you.

Girls worry that their long spots are not good-looking. Boys say, you are not beautiful, I am the most handsome at home, and I will bear you if you are not good-looking. girls are not happy after hearing that. What do you think you show off?

In the same way, the expression of returning to the former, compared with comforting her husband, what the girl said to her husband is more to show off her strong work and highlight her sense of superiority.

The former implies that the husbands ability to support his family is not good, which means that he denies his ability to make money, especially when he hears the words originally, he is angry, especially when he works hard.

In fact, this is the husbands daily complaint. My wifes heart is good to express that I will spend time with you no matter you are rich or poor. Just like the boy affectionately said: no matter your wife is good-looking or not, I love you is the same, girls like to listen.

2) Use too much force.

For example, when working in the past, Party B invited my boss to have a meal, and the banquet was full of toasts. Party B was very attentive to help arrange dishes, and praised the boss when he opened his mouth: you look like a senior intellectual, are you sure you have studied abroad? The boss was a little happy at that time, implicitly saying No.

As a result, the boss was angry: have you said that? Cant you understand? The atmosphere suddenly became awkward.

The boss is from the grass-roots struggle, hard-working, and finally become a professional manager, his biggest weakness is that the level of education is not very high.

Party B didnt understand the situation of the boss and began to boast. He thrust hard to the bosss pain point and failed to provide emotional value.

3) Take emotional value in disguise.

For example, if I go to my boyfriends house to eat and complain that I cant get used to the food my boyfriends mother makes, that is, my dear family, I wont eat it if I change other peoples food. She thought it was to provide emotional value, but in fact, she was seeking emotional value, disdaining in disguise, and wanted to be praised.

She is a god of men. Her boyfriend is very upset and says she is hypocritical.

This example tells us:

The main premise of providing emotional value is heart wandering. If you cant do it in a long-term relationship, its hard for the other party to feel the emotional value, learn some verbal skills, the so-called sweet mouth worship, and the mind method cant keep up, the other party will only feel that you are trying to set him up, and the word God of man is played badly.

To ask for praise is to ask for emotional value. I hope the other side will recognize your efforts.

Its like telling each other that my love for you is conditional. If you dont give me feedback, I wont pay. The other side will feel a lot of pressure and have the feeling of being asked.


The right way to open emotional value:

For example: when a man buys a dress, he tries it on and asks you if it looks good. The speaker will say, its common for clothes to be lined with people, but honey, I think youre a person lining clothes, and even ordinary clothes are very angry with you.

Its not the same: you look good in this dress.

The latter estimate from small to big, the ear all recognized the cocoon.

2) Be an interesting person.

For example, Qian Zhongshu, a gentle and gentle gentleman, would guard at the door in the middle of the night with a long bamboo pole in his hand. What are you doing? Help the cat fight. He is worried that his cat cant beat Lin Huiyins, so he helps in the middle of the night. Does it have emotional value?

3) There is a suspense.

As for the last digit, boys call one by one to try it out.

The hard-earned phone number was memorized by the boy immediately, which was a very emotional interaction. The other side is constantly thinking about you when they put a lot of energy in you.

There are a lot of discussions about emotional value. This article mainly reviews three misunderstandings of emotional value based on examples to help you avoid them. In addition, it provides three reliable ways to open them. You will surely think of more emotional value methods if you are smart.

People around us have different experiences and like different emotional values. Combined with their characteristics and needs, we should do a good job of personal customized emotional value consultant.

The technique of providing emotional value can be used for reference from he Xuan at the beginning of the article: for Ouyang Nanas beautiful girl, she should not praise her beauty and music, because too many people praise her. Its not a label that she doesnt know how to act.

Of course, theres no saying that she can act. Its only from the perspective of He Jis praise for Ouyang Nana that he Ji is highly appraised.

In fact, its not necessary for him to take such a low attitude with his current reputation, but he still has his original mind. He will not feel that he is unwilling to condescend because of his status, but will be more disciplined and lenient. Such talents are the representatives of high Eq.

Its so clear to ask the canal, only the source of fresh water comes. If we always repeat the thinking of the past, we cant update our knowledge system, let alone cultivate the emotional value.

Not to copy a certain method, think more, read more, ponder more, slowly you will find yourself practicing the emotional value transmitter, special love for special him.

Lu Meiran is good at emotional management, long-term relationship management and self-improvement. We are already the best ourselves on the way to overcome one sexual weakness after another.