Guo Jiahaos special role in Trident challenges the role of police again

 Guo Jiahaos special role in Trident challenges the role of police again

Netease Entertainment reported on June 19 recently, directed by Liu Haibo, starred by Chen Jianbin, Dong Yong and hao ping, starred by he Dujuan, Xu Shaoying, Hu Ke, Wang Xiao, Wu Gang, Zhai Xiaoxing and Ding yongdai, and the detective TV series Trident, which was specially performed by Tao Hong, Guo Jiahao, Zhao Ziqi and Hou Yansong, was on the air, according to the post-80s public security writer and Jin dunwen The adaptation of the novel of the same name by Lu Zheng, the winner of the academic award, tells the story of three old policemen who once dominated the world, facing the new crime, working together to innovate the detection means and finally smash the financial criminal group at one stroke. Guo Jiahao, who plays the role of Chen Yang, is one of the representatives of the provincial economic investigation team supporting the peace economic investigation team. He treats the case with great enthusiasm. Many netizens call it the trident of the young version. Facing a lot of old actors, Guo Jiahaos performance is remarkable.

Make complaints about the provincial economic investigation team, Guo Jiahao played Chen Yang in the analysis of the case, quite a style, Xu Guozhu Tucao played by Dong Yong vigorous, while Hao Ping playing Pan Jianghai in the play is more to listen to Chen Yang can think of his primary school teacher, the Chen Yang in the play for Wei Li, in the plenary meeting, the three masters were lost. And played a video of them pretending to be street people to get surveillance, so that the old three could not get off the stage in front of so many people. In the follow-up plot, Chen Yang once asked the old three to withdraw from the special case group of Juli industry, and many audiences directly called out that Chen Yang Tai has a mind set.. Maybe this is the way to survive in the workplace. Chen Yang is meticulous in the face of the case. According to the assignment of tasks, he enforce the law impartially. During the investigation, he learned about the thinking and actions of the old three Trident jumping out of the organizational arrangements. It seems that Chen Yangs actions to ensure the orderly progress of the case can also be understood. With the development of the plot, Chen Yang apologized to the three Trident elders because he didnt learn to change his mind for justice, which was also a breakthrough in his life.

Guo Jiahaos role as Chen Yang is to challenge the role of the police again. In the movie action in the Red Sea, Lu Chen, the medical soldier played by Guo Jiahao, has the courage and the sense, and some ghosts and horses, which is impressive. Compared with Lu Chen, a medical soldier fighting in the front line, Chen Yangs work is no less difficult and dangerous than him. For Guo Jiahao, who has been a literary and art soldier for ten years, whether he plays a soldier on the battlefield in the play or the peoples police, he can interpret it very well. Guo Jiahao felt that his special performance in the TV series Trident was of great significance and an indescribable feeling.

It is reported that Guo Jiahaos ancient costume drama Tianyake has been launched in Hengdian recently, in which he plays Shen Shenyi. Facing the transformation of different roles, Guo Jiahao is trying to show his best state and try more performance styles, which makes us see more possibilities of him and expect more wonderful performances of actor Guo Jiahao in the follow-up works.