Wang Zijian: holding the red birthday, being raped by his wife, suffering from depression, three ups and downs of life are more wonderful than drama

 Wang Zijian: holding the red birthday, being raped by his wife, suffering from depression, three ups and downs of life are more wonderful than drama

So in the past, there is a program that we cant help but say, thats Wang Zijians talk show of the post-80s tonight.

In a sense, it is the happy base camp of many people. It is a TV program that cant be ignored in retrospect.

[01] its nice to have you this night

On the evening of August 17, 2017, Wang Zijians closing words in the post-80s changed from its nice to have you this night to its nice to have you in these five years, and I hope you will have a good time in the future.

Then, in the era of the post-80s, it turned a page completely.

The following make complaints about the world of Li TSE, Wang Jianguo and Chi Chi, and the weakness of the late 1980s proves a truth: there is no lasting thing in this world.

It also tells us that the world is magical.

As make complaints about Wangs self serving guests, he was changed by the countless eggs he had Tucao, and became the successor of the Wang Zijian era after the laughing fruit culture.

Or blue is better than blue.

So make complaints about make complaints about tonights 80 after tonight is the reality version of Tucao assembly, or Tucao conference is an upgraded version of tonights 80s.

In a word, the current situation has changed and the stars have changed. It belongs to Wang Zijians talk show era, and the sky has changed.

This is the law of nature, and where there are people, there are rivers and lakes.

Just like Guo Degang, when he was in Waterloo, Wang Zijian did not make complaints about I love Guo Degang. In the second class and the 80 after tonight, Guo Degang was Tucao several times.

Double rabbit walking, the entertainment circle is originally confused, who first serious, who lost.

Fanruo always advertised that my values are all right, all right, and all right. Li Tan became the biggest winner in the end.

Time, luck.

This is the same way as Zhou Libos departure from Oriental TV and Wang Zijians success in getting on the computer. He is not wrong, neither is Li Sheng.

[02] life is like a play, play like a life

No one would make complaints about Wang Zijian who had been tucking his wife in the Post 80s tonight. In real life, he was often beaten by his wife.

Like those who say they have fanned 500 or 800 ears of melon seeds, its just a fabrication.

So, its true that he was raped by his wife, but its not true that he was injured or maimed.

However, Wang Zijians wife is really a fierce person. In the early stage of divorce, she transferred her family property first and changed the legal person of the company under his name.

After the divorce, Wang Zijian, who had been attacked by his wife for many times, replied: ha ha, I dont want to say more; dont disturb me..

Such as this, let the audience eat melon people feel, Wang Zijian when can you stand up?

(brother Honglei is very kind.)

[04] transformation of men

In 2018, after a period of silence, Wang Zijian came back to the stage of a good book. He told everyone with a calm typhoon and a little big tongue that the little Lord is still the little Lord, and your big Lord will always be your big Lord.

This is a program with a Douban score of 9.3.

Then the audience knew that the book could be read in this way, and reading was so interesting.

Wang Zijian is a talented person, just like Li shengfens query to Wang Zijian. Didnt Li shengfen write those jokes at the beginning?

Yes, Lis birthday is more popular than Wang Zijian, and the program has a good reputation. However, Wang Zijian, who fights alone, has not lost his humorous cells. He can still support a program by himself.

This is the case in the Jianghu. Different ways lead to different things. If you can continue to be friends, read about the past.

Therefore, the Buddhist philosophy that Li Tan later advertised is not believed. If he is not worth more than 100 million yuan now, he is still an unknown storyteller. How can we say that the world is not worth it.

You can do whatever you want, you can do whatever you want. Buying a suite in Beijing has been enough for him to fight for 20 years. The so-called Buddha system needs the capital of Buddha.

On the contrary, I prefer Wang Zijians kind of encouragement which pretends to be exquisite and constantly seeks for progress and breakthrough.

For example, Wang Zijian is addicted to acting again.

[04] young, frivolous and open-minded

At the beginning of 2020, there are two major operas, one is settling in by Sun Lis partner Luo Jin, the other is perfect relationship by Huang Xuan and Tong Liya.

It can be said that if there is no Wang Zijian in this play, its ratings and scores will be greatly reduced.

So, after the play was finished, everyone saw that Wang Zijian was able to perform in addition to crosstalk and monologue.

Of course, Wang Zijian, a semi monk actor, may always be a supporting actor, but this does not affect the happiness of Little Wang Ye.

However, in the end, Wang Zijian survived and stepped on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala again.

He was also young and had made choices, from standing at Guodegang to meeting Guodegang, which was not well done. But people are not sages, who can do nothing wrong.

Come on, little Lord. Im looking forward to your next play.


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