Hong Kong Customs inspects 2500 metric tons of smuggled frozen meat half a year, exceeding the sum of the past 11 years

 Hong Kong Customs inspects 2500 metric tons of smuggled frozen meat half a year, exceeding the sum of the past 11 years

Since the beginning of this year, the Hong Kong Customs has taken a series of law enforcement actions, focusing on combating the smuggling of frozen meat in the western waters of Hong Kong, and has carried out a special law enforcement action code named mine clearance since the beginning of May. In the mine clearance operation, the customs arrested 31 men between the ages of 18 and 65.

As of June 17 this year, the Customs has cracked 23 related cases and seized about 2500 metric tons of suspected smuggled frozen meat, including beef, chicken feet and pig hands, with an estimated market value of about 90 million Hong Kong dollars. In terms of quantity, the number of seizures so far this year has exceeded the total of the past 11 years.

Hu Weijun, senior supervisor of the organized crime investigation division of the customs, said that since the beginning of this year, smugglers have changed their tactics and started to use barges to commit crimes, first placing a large amount of frozen meat on barges, and then driving to the waters of Western Hong Kong. At night, the lawbreakers take delivery of frozen meat on barges in speedboats or freighters, and then quickly deliver it to the mainland. He described barges as floating warehouses at sea when smugglers committed crimes.

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Hu Weijun also said that barges, speedboats, etc. do not have any refrigeration equipment, and the frozen meat involved in the case is exposed to room temperature and humidity for a long time, so it is easy to breed bacteria, if eaten, it may have health risks.

The Customs said that this years law enforcement action against smuggling of frozen meat by sea has achieved remarkable results, and the law enforcement action will never be slackened. The customs will continue to crack down on the smuggling of frozen meat at sea, actively use risk management and intelligence led law enforcement strategies, timely carry out targeted anti smuggling actions, and strengthen information exchange with local and overseas law enforcement agencies to fully curb illegal activities.

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