2019 China Basketball good news award announced three works of Netease

 2019 China Basketball good news award announced three works of Netease

News feature meet in the West Hall of Shougang tells the story of Ji Zhe, a famous CBA general, who is deeply remembered by Beijing fans after his death; character feature Li Meng: female Zhan Huang has no steel core tells the story of Li Meng, the main force of Chinas womens basketball team, struggling with injuries and fate in the process of growing up; special report China wheelchair basketball from real to real on Chinas disabled basketball The current situation of development has been described in detail, showing the difficulties, contradictions and hopes of this group in the social and sports circles.

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This selection is jointly sponsored by China sports journalists association and China Basketball Association.

The 2019 China Basketball News Award has made fine-tuning in the category of awards. The professional awards include five categories, namely, text, photography, TV & video, Radio & audio and integration innovation. In addition, we will continue to set up popular works awards for non media professionals. And Kwai Tai short video, Baidu sports (100), headline sports, Tencent sports platform (Penguin) and other 4 public manuscripts official recommendation platform widely solicited contributions. Finally, a total of 467 contributions were collected, including 153 written contributions, 100 photographic contributions, 56 TV & Video contributions, 15 Radio & Audio contributions, 27 innovative contributions and 116 public contributions.

This years manuscripts have been improved both in quantity and quality. After careful evaluation by the evaluation team, 39 winning works were finally selected, including 10 excellent written works, 8 excellent photographic works, 8 excellent TV & video works, 3 excellent Radio & audio works, 5 excellent fusion and innovation works and 5 excellent public works.

Affected by the new crown epidemic, the 2019 China Basketball News Award was changed to an online award, which was presented through the animated H5 simulation group chat. The theme video interviewed some media representatives and told their working experience and thoughts during the epidemic. At the same time, make posters for each winner to show respect for media reporters.

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China Basketball News Award is an annual news selection activity sponsored by China Basketball Association and jointly sponsored by China sports journalists association. The Chinese Basketball News Award aims to pay tribute to the media reporters who publicize and report Chinese basketball, encourage them to tell Chinese basketball stories well, and encourage and guide them to spread more positive basketball energy.