Is oral collagen IQ tax

 Is oral collagen IQ tax

This article will answer these questions one by one.

Todays article is from Stella of clinical medicine, Cambridge University. Please rest assured~

What is collagen

Collagen, also known as collagen in English, is the highest protein in human body.

The aging of our skin is that the collagen fiber inside is damaged, lost, the skin is loose and wrinkled.

On the market, oral collagen is basically extracted from animals and marine organisms.

However, as an old aunt who has learned biology and medicine courses, I have always been full of doubts about the theory of oral collagen to keep young forever:

How is the collagen absorbed and then distributed to the face automatically?

In those days, before the outbreak, I sat in the classroom and learned that any kind of protein, no matter from chicken, beef or fish, could not escape the digestion and decomposition of protease in the small intestine during digestion.

After passing through the small intestine, it has been broken into small single amino acid structures, or dipeptides (short chains of two amino acids holding hands) and tripeptides (short chains of three amino acids holding hands).

We need a picture explanation here

These individual amino acids, or small protein structures, are then absorbed into the blood by the small intestine. They are then transported by the blood to various organs of the body, where they are recombined into various new proteins.

For example, our gut is like a factory that splits parts. No matter whats coming in, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz and Audi wont give you back the basic elements of iron, copper and titanium, and they will tear them up into small parts that mom cant recognize.

Collagen, as a protein, how do other organs and tissues of the body know how to reassemble the collagen automatically, and it has to be mainly inserted in our skin???

But I dont give up. After a search, I was shocked. The collagen I ate was really useful.

2 collagen eaten

Can I go to the skin

First of all, conclusion:

After digestion and absorption, oral collagen can reach the skin and cartilage tissue.

Lets first take a look at what collagen we take orally is.

Natural collagen, the collagen in our skin and joints, has a spiral structure.

This spiral structure is composed of three different amino acids in a group of short chain repeated.

One group of three amino acids is glycine-X-Y, most of which are proline, while y is hydroxyproline.

Because of this unique ingredient, the spiral structure of collagen is very stable. Thats why collagen supports the soft tissue and keeps our skin from sagging.

It doesnt matter if you cant understand these amino acids. Knock on the blackboard and draw the key points:

Glycine, proline and hydroxyproline are important components of collagen.

As mentioned before, the dipeptide (pro Hyp) can be directly absorbed and utilized by the small intestine, which is why hydrolyzed collagen will be promoted, because the absorption effect is better than eating natural collagen directly.

In the experiment, these hydrolyzed collagen are inserted with special markers, so that we can track their whereabouts.

That is to say, after these mice are fed with the labeled hydrolyzed collagen, they will be irradiated, and we can know where the collagen is absorbed.

It was found that after 30 minutes, these collagen components were found in a large number of body tissues, especially skin and cartilage.

At the same time, the researchers also found that these markers exist in many collagen related cells, such as the fibroblasts that make collagen.

That is to say, the molecular structure of the absorbed collagen will indeed come to our skin and joints, which are already in great need of collagen.

Moreover, these small molecular structures can be re synthesized into the natural collagen in the body through the cells that are originally responsible for collagen production:

Another similar study also found that although the collagen components taken will be utilized by various tissue structures, they will stay in the skin for the longest time, up to 14 days.

Thats another side of why collagen makes skin good.

Sisters, see here super excited have not!

First, dont be excited. I want to find a hammer for collagen to make skin better. Ive looked up a lot of literature, and I have some tips!

Oral collagen can really improve the skin

In one study, dozens of women aged 40 to 65 were given collagen extracted from fish or pigs once a day.

After four to 12 weeks of continuous use, the researchers analyzed their skin changes and found these benefits:

01 oral collagen improves moisture in the skin

We know that the aging of the skin is closely related to the moisture content of the skin. If the skin is hydrated enough, it will appear elastic and glossy, while if the skin is dry, it will wrinkle and darken easily.

02 oral collagen effectively increases the density of collagen in the dermis

In this study, researchers regularly used ultrasound to monitor changes in collagen in womens skin during the experiment.

This shows that when we take collagen for a period of time, the basic content of collagen in the skin can be improved for a long time!

03 oral collagen can effectively reduce the fragmentation of collagen structure

Collagen, as a structural protein to maintain the structure and shape of tissue, needs a stable spiral structure.

In the process of skin aging, not only the content of collagen becomes less, but also the quality of a lot of collagen in the skin becomes worse. The structure of collagen will be damaged for various reasons, resulting in protein breakage.

In the long run, the support ability of collagen for skin will continue to decline.

Compared with the control group and the women taking collagen, after 12 weeks, the collagen structure in the skin of the women taking collagen was larger, indicating that the degree of structure fragmentation was smaller, which was 31.2% less in the control group.

In the following confocal micrograph, the black part represents the distribution of collagen network structure in the skin.

Obviously, there were more gaps in the group of eating nothing (right column of the two pictures), while the group of taking collagen (left column of the two pictures) had dense and better collagen network.

04 oral collagen increases the synthesis of collagen in human skin

In dozens of women who took collagen, it was also found that long-term oral collagen can accelerate the synthesis of collagen in the skin.

In the range of experimental application, the increase of collagen in skin increased with the increase of oral dosage until reaching a peak.

Let me first explain what glycosaminoglycan is.

Glycosaminoglycan is an important component in the cell stroma. Its very hydrophilic and plays an important role in helping you keep moisture in your skin and other tissues.

The following four pictures show the distribution of glycosaminoglycan in the skin of the experimental subjects.

A is nothing to eat, BC is to eat more and more high doses of collagen nine days after the effect.

Apparently, women who ate collagen had more glycosaminoglycan in their skin.

This also explains why oral collagen can enhance the moisture content of the skin.

After 8 weeks of daily use, the amount of wrinkles around the eyes of women in the experimental group decreased significantly.

The picture below is from the original paper. On the left is the appearance of two participants before taking collagen, and on the right is the appearance after taking collagen for 8 weeks.

And its amazing that this change can be long-term, because the reduction in wrinkles can still be observed four weeks after the experiment stopped.

06 oral collagen can also improve skin elasticity

In one study, 64 volunteers were divided into experimental and control groups. The experimental group was given 12 weeks of good absorption of small molecule collagen, and the skin moisture, elasticity and other properties were measured regularly.

The measurement method of skin elasticity is to measure the elasticity of the skin by the degree of skin deformation through suction and then relaxing the long fishtail line at the corner of the eye.

After 12 weeks, the degree of skin deformation in the experimental group was significantly improved than that in the control group.


Collagen is good for others

In addition to skin, collagen can also improve many other parts of the body.

Oral collagen can increase the toughness of nails, making them not easy to break.

In a clinical study, 25 participants were given oral collagen supplements for 24 weeks. The results showed that the growth rate of nails increased by 12% and the frequency of nail fracture decreased by 42%.

80% of the participants said that after oral administration of collagen, their nail appearance improved significantly.

Also in an experimental control study, 95% of the participants felt that the dry hair and luster were significantly improved after taking collagen for 8 weeks, which was more significant than the improvement of nails.

Collagen can improve injured joints.

In a study, Penn State University recruited 147 athletes who had participated in sports competitions and divided them into experimental group and control group. The experimental group was given 10 g of collagen hydrolysate once a day.

After 24 weeks, the joint pain of the athletes in the experimental group was significantly reduced.

Collagen can accelerate wound healing.

Patients in the experimental group were given a large amount of collagen (1000kcal) every day, while those in the control group were given other foods with the same amount of calories.

At the end of the second week, 50% of the experimental group taking collagen had recovered completely, while only 6.7% of the control group had recovered.

Studies have shown that collagen can accelerate the healing of skin wounds and reduce the length of hospital stay.

See here, the oral collagen pill in my hand is more fragrant!

Although I have listed a lot of scientific research supporting the efficacy of collagen today, you should understand that in these studies, women participating in the experiment take a lot of collagen every day.

In real life, it may require us to eat more than 10 collagen every day. Although a lot of collagen is written, it is recommended to take three capsules three times a day. But how many people can really do it? How many people can bear it?

So, we should also treat collagen correctly and accept our maturity in body and mind happily.


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