Children with cerebral palsy are drowned by their fathers and grandchildren drowning in the media: poverty is not a reason.

 Children with cerebral palsy are drowned by their fathers and grandchildren drowning in the media: poverty is not a reason.

But some ugly, even despicable to make it difficult to face, such as killing sons of evil.

In July 25th, the dead body of the unknown girl in Jiangning, Nanjing, was widely discovered. According to the official micro-blog of Nanjing Public Security Bureau, Pingan Nanjing issued a news report. After review, the girls grandfather and father confessed the crime of drowning in the Jurong River in the evening of June 23rd because of the childs cerebral palsy.

The picture comes from the micro-blog safe Nanjing.

Ho ho, a 9 year old child, was brutally murdered by his father and grandfather because of illness.

In news reports and media interviews with their families, we never know the names of the children. This may also be a signal, meaning that even in the eyes of her loved ones, she is just a nameless person. Cerebral palsy seems to be the whole meaning of her life.

I dont know if this is in line with the standard of comment writing. I want to give her a name called Jen for the time being.

Through media reports, we may be able to comb Janes short and bumpy life.

Jane is 9 years old. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at a very early age. When I was little, my parents took her to many places to see a doctor, which cost around 100 thousand yuan, but they could not be cured. By the age of 3, Janes mother and father divorced, mother did not want her, and went away. After that, Jane was also abandoned by his father. Only grandma couldnt give up her. She took Jane to Huaian and raised her alone.

Under the care of her grandmother, Jane is far less happy than ordinary children, but she is sure to be loved by her family. Until last month, grandma was diagnosed with intestinal cancer and returned to Wuhu for surgery. Jean was also brought to Nanjing to find Grandpa.

Unexpectedly, this visit the road, but eventually become a journey of death. The father and grandfather who had never met for 6 years did not care about the law and human relations, and killed blood relatives by hand.

Two of Jens remains are special: the Jade Buddha hanging around the neck and the brick with shoulder bags.

The statue of Buddha is the rare warmth and hope of Janes life, and the brick is the cold and hard reality in front of her, which will fall into the bottom of the Jurong River and have no refutation.

Police issued a picture of the clothing of the girls remains.

Indeed, born in rural families not rich, for children with cerebral palsy, it means that the treatment condition is worrying, and the gloomy life is almost visible.

With the improvement of medical level, cerebral palsy is no longer a fatal disease. According to the relevant experts, through the early intervention + surgery + rehabilitation training comprehensive treatment, the clinical cure rate can basically reach more than 80%. In 2017, Ding Ding, a child with cerebral palsy, was inspired by his mothers careful care from Harvard to Harvard and received the Harvard Juris Masters story, which inspired many families.

But Janes father, grandfather (even including mother) is not only poor disease, but also a naked malady - poor is only the fuse, evil is a deadly cancer.

It is true that we can appeal to social security and the protection of childrens rights and interests to be perfected and perfected so that similar tragedies are not repeated. But this is the following, the premise is that the childrens relatives do not abandon, do not give up, and actively think of ways; instead of breaking through the moral bottom line, the bottom line of the law, with the mean means to dump the burden.

Fortunately, in the face of the law, Jen is equal to everyone else. Fathers and grandfathers have now been captured, and they will be punished by law.

In retrospect of this tragedy, we have no words but condemnation. Only this article can be transformed into an elegy, so that the innocent child will no longer be afraid in another world.

Nanjing Jiangning unknown child body identification killer is a girls father and grandfather.

After a month of investigation, police arrested a criminal suspect, Yang, (male, 36 years old, Wuhu people in Anhui, the father of the injured girl) and Yang Mousong (male, 65 years old, the grandfather of the injured girl) in July 25th. After examination, two suspects initially confessed the crime of drowning the victim into the Jurong River in the evening of June 23rd. The police announced a previous autopsy revocation.