On the first anniversary of licensing, have we been cheated by 5g?

 On the first anniversary of licensing, have we been cheated by 5g?

5g experience: fast, just one word

What kind of chemical reaction will happen to a 5g mobile phone with a 5g package?

In order to cooperate with the new 5g mobile phone, Chen Yun upgraded his phone fee package to 5g package. For him, 5g doesnt have a strong sense of existence.

Mobile phone mobile phone users are very ordinary, and their daily applications are WeChat, jitter, Iqiyi, tiktok, etc. now, I dont feel any change after using 5G phone.

Mark, another 5g user, said that his feeling of 5g was stuck in speed measurement. when measuring speed, I do see hundreds of megabytes of 5g speed, but I dont feel it when I use my mobile phone at ordinary times.

On the other hand, consumers make complaints about 5Gs value to themselves. On the other hand, half 5G has been used as a fake 5G user for six months, and has been reported in the technology media and forums. 5G users are not alone in the experience of Tucao.

After a year of 5g base station deployment and network coverage, todays 5g signal has made a great leap forward compared with a year ago. Along the way of Nanjing East Road Pedestrian Street, the 5g signal of multiple terminal equipment can keep full scale at all times.

In the most conventional speed measurement process, the performance of 5g network is not disappointing. 5g has an average downlink rate of 457mbps, an uplink rate of 84mbps, and a maximum downlink rate of 720mbps. At present, this rate has made remarkable achievements in the worlds commercial 5g cities.

If the speed measurement is not convincing enough, the reporter compared the real download speed of 5g and 4G networks.

Using 5g and 4G mobile phones to download a 1080p HD video for one and a half hours at the same time and at the same place, it takes about 90 seconds in 4G network, and less than 30 seconds in 5g network, which is three times less than that.

At the same time, in the 5g network environment, pulling the video progress bar at will can realize second feedback, and bid farewell to the prompt of loading.

When downloading an 87.9mb QQ application, 5g can be downloaded in less than a second, while 4G network takes about 10 seconds.

In addition to outdoor scenes, shopping malls are also high-frequency places for mobile phone traffic. Net red restaurant line up waiting number, coffee shop remote office, cashier pay

In a coffee shop in the new world mall of peoples Square, the reporter used 5g network to transmit a 1.44g video editor, the whole process was less than 30 seconds, but under the 4G network it seemed unable to do so, even opening the file required a long waiting process.

From the experience of journalists, 5G can show obvious advantages in large traffic applications, but there are not many similar scenes in peoples lives. The tiktok of WeChat, jitter and video App can not clearly reflect the superiority of 5G at present. Three sets can not be clearly reflected.

618 in the near future, e-commerce companies have already arranged for the preferential purchase of 5g mobile phones. In addition, in the first half of the year, 5g new mobile phones of major mobile phone manufacturers have come into the market. At present, the starting price of 5g mobile phones has reached about 1500 yuan.

More than 10 months have passed since 5g mobile phones were officially sold in China. How about the user experience of these 5g mobile phone tasters? How about 5g mobile phone sales?

Dont regret becoming the first 5g users

I dont regret buying 5g cell phones last year. In August last year, 5g mobile phones were officially sold in Shanghai. Qin Zhiren, a technology trendy man, placed an order for Huawei matex20 at the first time, becoming the first batch of 5g mobile phone tasters in Mordor.

Mr. Qin remembers clearly that at that time, there were only several 5g mobile phones such as Huawei and ZTE on the booth of the business hall, but now 5g mobile phones have fully occupied the counter, and the mainstream mobile phone manufacturers 2020 new phones are almost all 5g mobile phones.

According to the report released by China Academy of communications, 106 mobile phone products applied for access in the first quarter, including 57 5g mobile phones, accounting for 53.77% of the total. The popularity of 5g mobile phones has narrowed the distance between consumers and 5g. The domestic mobile phone market is rapidly transitioning from 4G to 5g, and the number of 5g mobile phone products accounts for more than half of the total.

In the business hall of a telecom operator on Nanjing West Road, 5g mobile phones are placed in a prominent position that customers can see at the first sight of entering the store. The sales ratio of 5g and 4G mobile phones in the near future is about 7:3, the shopping guide told reporters.

Compared with the optimism of retailers, affected by the epidemic, the first quarters 5g mobile phone shipments of channel providers were still affected.

The employment market is in a recession, many people will not change their mobile phones if they can make do with it, said the head of a county mobile comprehensive store in Shanxi. In the past two months, the sales volume of mobile phones here is about 120, of which 5g is about 50 or 60.

A Shanghai operator familiar with the channel also expressed a similar view: affected by the epidemic, Shanghais 5g mobile phone sales in March accounted for only 25% of the total mobile phone sales, but compared with January and February, the data in March has been increased, and we expect that the data in April and may will be improved a lot.

According to IDCs quarterly mobile phone tracking report, in the first quarter of 2020, Chinas smart phone market shipped about 66.6 million units, down 20.3% year-on-year; domestic 5g mobile phone shipped about 14.5 million units, accounting for 21.8% of the overall market, up 64% month on month.

If you want Internet speed racing, change 5g

Since using 5g mobile phones for more than half a year, Qin Zhirens biggest feeling is that he has benefited from more and more 5g base stations built by operators, and the 5g network in Shanghai is getting better and better. Compared with last year, it has obviously made a qualitative leap. Last year, it was only an island like 5g network, and now the island has been gradually connected, and there are fewer and fewer places without 5g signal.

Qin Zhiren also pointed out that 5g has achieved continuous coverage on the main roads in Shanghai. Sometimes when you go out and take a taxi, you can continuously connect 5g signals and enjoy the high-speed Internet experience brought by 5g anytime and anywhere.

In addition to faster downloads, like Qin Zhiren, Gao thinks that there is not much difference between 4G and 5g mobile phones from the perspective of users. However, with the price of 5g mobile phone decreasing gradually, Qin Zhiren still suggests that friends who want to change the phone should choose 5g mobile phone as much as possible.

Before this years 618, the major domestic mobile phone manufacturers have released the latest 5g mobile phones, making this mid year promotion the best publicity node.

On May 20, glory released the 5g mobile phone glory X10 with a starting price of 1899 yuan, which immediately became the cheapest 5g mobile phone; four days later, Huawei Changxiang Z released the 5g mobile phone, which lowered the starting price to 1699 yuan. However, since May 26, the redmi10x series mobile phone with a price of 1599 yuan has been released, creating a new low price of 5g mobile phone again.

Network speed cant support 5g application awareness improvement

Sun Jinghui, senior analyst and customer director of GfK, said: from the current main selling points of 5g mobile phone manufacturers, none of them can drive the replacement of 5g mobile phones. In the future, it still depends on whether there is a new breakthrough on the application side; in the case of insufficient drive on the application side, the replacement is more following the upgrade of hardware at present.

So, how to achieve the breakthrough of 4G mobile phone switching to 5g mobile phone?

At present, IOT devices such as smart watches, bracelets, smart glasses and mobile phones are still in a single link state. In the future, if 5g is used as the support to realize the joint application of multiple devices, it may increase users perception of 5g.

For example, if you make bracelets and watches into body feeling feedback devices, and then use glasses as the screen and mobile phones as the host to interact with each device, you can experience the next generation scenes of future body feeling games and virtual tourism brought by device interaction anytime and anywhere. She imagined.

200 billion yuan, which is the sum of the costs of the three major communication operators and the planned 5g construction of China Tower in 2020.

It is also rare that such a large sum of expenditure is put into the global 5g construction. However, compared with the cost of 5g construction, C-end consumers may be more concerned about the package charges. Due to the faster data transmission and the larger cost of traffic, is 5g package expensive?

However, despite the huge investment, Chinas 5g package is cheaper than many countries.

In 2019, several operators in Taiwan region of China discussed 5g construction plan together, and almost all of them were complaining: the price war in 4G era made us have no money to earn, even the cost has been confiscated back. Im afraid by 2025, none of our operators will be able to make money on 5g. When it comes to indignation, some operators have even started their business.

The account of construction cost is clear. The cost of 5g single base station is 2-3 times that of 4G. In the case of covering the same area, the base station to be built for 5g is 1.5-2 times that of 4G.

But the more difficult it is for the three operators to calculate this account is electric tiger. From the perspective of operation cost, the average energy consumption of 5g base station is about three times of 4G. With the increasing number of base stations, this operation cost will be multiplied, and this is a long-term expenditure.

As soon as the 5g package of the three major operators was launched in October last year, people in the industry lamented that in some areas, the electric charge of 5g base station is about ten times as much as that of the tower rent paid by operators to China. For a long time in the future, the electric charge income of 5g package will not cover the electric charge cost of the base station.

Now, on the first anniversary of 5g licensing, many 5g base stations are running fast for a year. Shanghai Tower people roughly estimated to the IT times that even in a high rent city like Shanghai, the electric charge of 5g base station will be higher than the rent that operators need to pay.

In addition to the power consumption and base station density of 5g base station are larger than that of 4G, 5g base station mostly uses power conversion, which results in high price increase. There are two main power supply modes for 5g base station: direct power supply of power grid enterprises and third-party power supply. The power cost of power supply is 61% - 120% higher than that of direct power supply.

At present, there are 189000 5g base stations built in the operation area of State Grid Corporation of China, of which about 70% are directly powered by power grid enterprises and about 30% are powered by third-party transfer. However, in some cities, the power conversion ratio of 5g base station is as high as 70%.

Transforming power supply into direct power supply is an immediate way to save money. In Shenzhen, the Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau of China Southern Power Grid completed more than 2000 transformation of 5g base station to direct power supply in early May, saving 5g operators about 100 million yuan of annual electricity cost.

To solve this problem, Quan Shengming, a member of the CPPCC National Committee, suggested at the just concluded two sessions that telecom operators can participate in large user transactions and spot power transactions of power grid companies, and package and reduce the electricity price of 5g base stations by market-oriented means.

Before the release of 5g package and smart phones, Chinas three major communication operators have received more than 10 million booking applications, although not all of them have been converted into actual users. By the end of 2019, the number of 5g connections in China has reached nearly 5 million.

Chinas population accounts for one fifth of the worlds population, and Chinas 5g base stations will reach more than 550000 by the end of 2020, equivalent to half of the global 5g base stations.

At the same time, it means that in the world of information and communication, each Chinese has far more housing area and highway lanes than the world average.

But in contrast, Chinas 5g tariff is far lower than that of other countries around the world, that is, the cost of house price paid is lower.

This is also the main reason why Chinas network is able to support the epidemic before the global network test. Everyone has a wider driveway and fewer natural road jams.

According to data from the Ministry of industry and information technology of China, during the epidemic period, Chinas mobile Internet traffic increased by 36.4% year on year.

In terms of the overall data, it is comparable with Spain, Germany and other major European epidemic countries. However, Chinese users did not experience a large area of network paralysis during the live buying and live online classes, while Europe returned to the era of standard clearing overnight.

Does the expectation of Chinese users for 5g mean that they are generous to the package price?

According to the China Mobile economic development 2020 released by GSMA in March this year, nearly 80% of Chinese users who plan to upgrade 5g package are willing to pay higher fees than the current 4G package, accounting for the highest proportion in the world.

Among them, 50% of Chinese users think that the increase of 5g tariff by 10% is still acceptable, and 28% can even accept the increase of 20% or more.

American telecom operators have launched 5g package since 2018. At & T announced that it was the first to open 5g network services in 12 cities in the United States on December 21, 2018.

But because 5g technology is not perfect enough, its 5g network needs to be connected through hot spots, and the price of hot spot equipment is $500 (about RMB 3500), the price of 5g package is $70 / month (about RMB 500), and only 15GB traffic per month.

In April 2019, 5g network was commercially available in South Korea. Korean Telecom, SK Telecom and LGU + provided 5g packages in different gears, with monthly rates ranging from 55000 won (about 325 yuan) to 130000 won (about 769 yuan).

Take a package of 55000 won as an example. The monthly traffic volume is 8GB. If it exceeds the limit, the speed will be reduced. If you want no speed limit, you need a higher package.

In November of the same year, the Korean government convened three major communication operators to discuss the price reduction of packages, which was unanimously rejected. Sk Telecom CEO said it was too early to talk about low-cost 5g package, because 5g network construction period still needs large investment.

In addition to the mainstream package price is more favorable than that of foreign countries, Chinas communication operators also launched 5g upgrade package. 4G users can apply for upgrade package without changing the package. The lowest upgrade cost can be as low as a few yuan per month, or even free.

Liu Yi, vice president of research at Gartner, made a calculation for it times. At present, the 5g tariff package launched by Chinas three major telecom operators is relatively cheap in the world, with 1GB traffic of 4 yuan, which is equivalent to 4G traffic tariff.

This also means that in the process of 4G to 5g, Chinese operators have not added too much tariff burden to communication users, and Chinese consumers can smoothly transition to 5g in tariff.

Compared with consumers, 5g industry chain people naturally play the role of optimists. In their eyes, when will 5g applications break out? How long is the road to full 5g? How long will it take for 5gs comprehensive technical characteristics to enter into life and society?

From 3G, 4G late to 5g leading

I still remember the first time I got a 4G cell phone many years ago. It was too fast! Xu Yu, director of Qualcomm China R & D center, recalled.

Communication users feel that the iteration and upgrading of communication technology often need a perfect carrier, such as smart phones. At present, about half of 5g mobile phones in the world are beating 5g chips from Qualcomm. The application terminal is the interface between technology and human beings. Touch screen and other new human-computer interaction technologies and modes are applied on mobile phones, so that the elderly and children can easily experience communication The transformation of information technology.

Xu added that, for example, some people live on the edge of the community, and 5g network coverage is not perfect, so 5g peak rate cannot be achieved. In every corner of the city, operators will also determine the layout priority of 5g network according to the positioning of different communities.

China make complaints about 5G network, some users Tucaos current 5G experience is not as fair as 4G. 4G network has undergone nearly ten years of evolution, and its maturity is far higher than the current 5G network. Any technology has an optimization process at the initial stage of deployment. Base stations and terminals need to adapt constantly. 5G is no exception. Chinas 5G network is deployed at a very fast speed, and China 5G. Users have the opportunity to experience the revolutionary changes brought by 5g first. Said Xu.

In the age of 5g, once we change the situation of falling behind in the past, we will become the worlds leading SA (independent Networking) country. 5g construction is in the forefront of the world, and there are not so many ready-made 5g applications for reference. The explosion of 5g applications requires the integration of multiple technologies and industries, which is a gradual process.

Compared with the requirements of 4G base station and network construction, 5g construction is more difficult in technology, and energy consumption, cost and other factors should be taken into account. The construction and popularization time will naturally be extended. Core smart said.

Technology, industry and application still face challenges

At the beginning of 5g development, with the characteristics of 5g high bandwidth, low delay and wide connection, the industry generally believes that AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), driverless and other important application fields of 5g. Nowadays, these applications are iterating rapidly and gradually infiltrating into the daily life of consumers.

At the technical level, 5g terminal has some problems such as immature experience and poor stability. 5g bandwidth has jumped from tens of megabytes to several gigabytes, which requires a very high processing capacity of terminal chip. Augmented reality (AR) is considered to be one of the typical 5g applications. People related to the bright wind platform, an AR service provider, said, the cost of chips is limited by the scale, which will ultimately affect the price of 5g terminals. In the short term, 5g terminals will still be dominated by mobile phones, and in the future, they will be diversified.

Take the consumer application MR (hybrid reality) glasses nreal as an example. Since its establishment in 2017, nreal glasses have experienced several generations of updating iterations, and until its official release in 2019, the products of nreal have been streamlined to the greatest extent, with a product weight of 88 grams. Through the deep combination of glasses and mobile phones, nreal is the closest Mr glasses to consumers so far.

Wearing nreal glasses, consumers can use it and nail app to work together, experience Ultra HD video and Mr games, and also use it to do in-depth integration with virtual idol concerts. At present, the development of related applications continues to make complaints about AR, VR and MR remain at the demonstration stage.

From the perspective of nreal, at present, because 5g industry environment is not fully mature, our solutions are mainly end-to-end, such as solving some problems on mobile phones through SLAM algorithm.

In the 4G era, mobile phones are the carrier of mobile Internet access, but in the 5g era, things are different, Xiaomi said. In the future, 5g is interconnection and cannot be understood too narrowly. 5g is certainly not only reflected in mobile phones, but also will bring great changes to peoples lives, including Internet of vehicles and other applications.

Will there be 5g +?

From the standard formulation to the freezing of the first 5g standard R15, and then to the first 5g commercial construction, 5g basic network will be integrated with cloud and AI end-to-end, and one network will enable intelligent transformation of hundreds of lines and thousands of industries. According to the plan of 3GPP, the maturity of 5gr16 standard is near.

5g standard R16 has new improvements and supplements in terms of high bandwidth and ultra-low delay. For example, in terms of reducing delay, mobile phone, air port and network delay should be reduced, which needs to be built by different partners in the ecological chain.

For example, in R16 version, the 5g Internet of vehicles standard of v2x is worthy of attention, which will greatly promote the application and landing of 5g in the industry. In R16 version, 5g can achieve a high-precision positioning of 3 to 10 meters, but in the future R17 version, the positioning accuracy will be upgraded to centimeter level, which has a revolutionary impact on the logistics storage industry and home life scene.

It can be seen that 5g itself is also constantly upgrading and iterating, and the range and change are very large. 5g met with good partners such as AI, cloud computing, edge computing, big data at the intersection of the times, and 5g has a long way to go.

Higher, faster and stronger is the motto of the Olympic movement, which represents the infinite pursuit of the strongest voice of human life.

In the long run, we cant find any reason to refute 5g, and we believe in every step we have taken before.

In 2G, 3G and 4G before 5g, which time did human beings not rush into it.

There is no prediction of the future, no comparison of such changes with steam engine and Internet, but there is no doubt that we have opened a new era of mobile Internet.

At present, the market is full of 5g mobile phones, which greatly promote the enthusiasm of consumers. Operators spare no effort to promote network coverage and prepare the best environment for 5g applications. The belated consumption and enterprise class 5g applications eventually subvert our life and society again.

5g terminal leads 5g network construction and 5g network construction leads 5g application popularization, which is an unavoidable reality for 5g users and industrial chain at present. In the era of PC, large-scale games and other applications have forced the rapid upgrading of chips and other applications. But in the era of 5g, if there is a race between 5g applications and 5g networks, the winner should be terminals and networks rather than applications.

For consumers, the strongest perception is the application layer.

Maybe you cant brush out 1Gbps of super Internet speed anytime and anywhere in todays city, maybe you will be dizzy when wearing VR glasses, maybe your mobile internet life has not changed even a little due to 5g

But we firmly believe that mobile phone will continue to upgrade to the direction of personal mobile computing application center under the 5G networks support. We can also make a definite expectation that the future is a world of driverless reality, because the 5G driving system is safer and can save countless valuable lives. There will be an AI robot playmate of its own. The intelligent brain of the robot is connected to the cloud through 5g It is very important that the above world is very close to us, but we are still as ignorant as when we hit 3G and 4G times. But if we go back to the past by time machine, who can guess todays dream. To believe 5g is to believe in human beings. Extended reading: NTT has successfully revealed for the first time the mathematical universal structure behind quantum indirect control, speaking with data! Bloomberg reported that it is difficult for the UK to abandon Huawei. The US State Department: if Canada allows Huawei to build 5g, the US will reassess the intelligence sharing relationship. Source: it times editor in charge: Xue Jingyu_ NBJS10393

But we firmly believe that mobile phone will continue to upgrade to the direction of personal mobile computing application center under the 5G networks support. We can also make a definite expectation that the future is a world of driverless reality, because the 5G driving system is safer and can save countless valuable lives. There will be an AI robot playmate of its own. The intelligent brain of the robot is connected to the cloud through 5g

It is very important that the above world is very close to us, but we are still as ignorant as when we hit 3G and 4G times. But if we go back to the past by time machine, who can guess todays dream.