Its a long-standing problem that the profit model of theme park just started

 Its a long-standing problem that the profit model of theme park just started

In fact, the single profit model is also a big problem in front of the domestic theme park.

The domestic theme parks profit-making structure is dominated by ticket revenue, accounting for 70% - 80% of the total revenue, while the foreign theme parks revenue mainly includes three parts: ticket, shopping and derivatives, in which derivatives rely on strong IP to realize realization.

From this point of view, creating unique IP has become the core of competition in the second half of theme park operation.

According to the 2018 theme park and Museum report jointly released by AECOM and the themed Entertainment Association, 12 theme parks in the top 25 theme park total tourist growth rate list belong to Disney, including the top four, which can be seen from its strong IP traffic driving force.

However, the IP incubation path of domestic theme parks is not smooth, and their own IP is often lack of fan base. Changlong spent a lot of money to create Kaka tiger and shoot animation works for it. Happy Valleys cookie Sheriff also gained good reputation on Douban. But compared with other cartoon characters at home and abroad, kakahu and chief cookie have not successfully opened their popularity.

In 2007, the domestic theme park entered a stage of rapid development. Wuhu fun world under Huaqiang Fangte opened, and began to use special films to incubate IP and integrate into the construction of theme park.

The first way to combine with animation, Huaqiang Fangte set an example. Huaqiang Fangte has produced a series of films such as the bear haunts and the legend of the Chinese Zodiac. Offline, it aims to create a theme park of the bear haunts for parent-child families, leading interactive entertainment and all-round immersive experience. The cultural derivatives of bear haunt also brought rich benefits to Huaqiang Fangte. In 2017, the revenue of cultural derivatives reached 115 million yuan, accounting for 2.97% of the total revenue.

Changlong chose another IP Road, deeply cultivated its own characteristics, focused on animals, and took the road of differentiation. Chimelong wild zoo has produced the only surviving panda triplets and koala twins in the world, and Chimelong has built the giant panda triplet panda park with the triplet panda element as its own IP.

In terms of IP operation, Chimelong tries to explore the upstream of IP content production, and becomes the recording place of large-scale talent show youth has you in early 2020. Previously, in 2012, Chimelong cooperated with first-line satellite TV to produce content and participated in the tour and shooting of multiple programs.

In the process of exploring and building its own IP, the domestic theme park has the natural advantage of grounding gas. However, how to build an IP with certain spreading value and broad market space is still the core of competition in the future.

Source: 21st century economic report author: Huang Xueping editor in charge: Wang Xiaowu_ NF