They sell once again! Seahorse car huge loss one-off sale of 145 sets!

 They sell once again! Seahorse car huge loss one-off sale of 145 sets!

Haima motor sells 145 properties

The 145 suites are all residential, with only one 329 square meter large apartment, and the rest are 27 square meter small apartments. The original book value of 145 properties is 4.3771 million yuan, with a net value of 175100 yuan. Among them, the original value of the large family is 341500 yuan, and that of the small family is 28000 yuan. According to this price, the price per square meter is 1038 yuan.

The house for sale is near the office address of FAW Haima Co., Ltd. to check the second-hand house information from the chain home online. The neighborhood where 145 houses are located has no information about the second-hand house supply, but the price of the neighborhood is more than 15000 per square meter.

This is not the first time that Haima has sold its real estate to the developers. Haima sold houses twice last year, and took out 401 houses in total, so she boarded the hot search.

In April last year, Haima Motor announced that it planned to sell 36 sets of idle real estate in Shanghai (with a total area of 4339.5 square meters) and 81 sets of idle real estate in Haikou City, Hainan Province (with a total area of 6280.6 square meters) in the second-hand housing market through intermediary agencies according to the market price, with the original book value of 33.8617 million yuan.

Among them, there are 269 residential buildings (total area 14685.04 square meters) and 15 shops (total area 2729.12 square meters). The original book value is 3089943 yuan, and the final disposal price is subject to the transaction price.

In total, the two seahorse cars took out 401 suites, worth about 440 million yuan.

Only 5200 cars sold this year

Behind the continuous sale of houses is the deteriorating business situation of Haima automobile. On the evening of June 5, Haima automobile released the production and sales data of May. In May, only 1239 SUVs were sold, MPV sales were 0, and 3 basic passenger vehicles were sold. These three basic passenger vehicles are also the first three sold this year. In terms of annual sales this year, seahorse has sold 5206 vehicles in total, of which 5203 are SUVs. Sales fell 51.45% year on year.

According to the first quarter report released on April 27, Haima motor achieved a revenue of 440 million yuan in the first quarter, a year-on-year decrease of 37.85%; the net profit loss attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 99.186 million yuan.

Selling houses once saved Haima car, but how long can Haima, which sells houses again, rely on real estate to support?

Since then, Haima has started a real estate sale. In addition, Haima automobile has repeatedly sold its subsidiaries equity, divested loss assets and other ways to help itself.

However, after the shell protection, the main business of Haima automobile continues to decline. The more cars are sold, the more losses are made. Selling houses and raising cars of Haima automobile deserves attention in the future.

In December 2019, Haima automobile was disclosed that FAW Haima, a subsidiary, issued an internal document to establish a transformation research office, or it will quit the automobile industry. In response, Haima automobile said that the establishment of the transformation office is to actively develop overseas markets and expand product exports; and in order to comply with the development trend of automobile four modernizations industry, its products will be transformed from traditional fuel vehicles to high-tech vehicles.

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How many Suites does Haima have?

After throwing out 401 sets of real estate and selling 145 sets, netizens were deeply shocked by this kind of large-scale operation? How much is left?

Source: Yang Qian, editor in charge of China Fund News_ NF4425