The derailment disappeared, and Ma Yili lived like this

 The derailment disappeared, and Ma Yili lived like this

How beautiful can a divorced 44 year old woman with two children choose to live?

Ma Yili once again tried to tell us.

The two were drinking and chatting, the atmosphere was dense.

During the period, there are also touch the head to kill, pinch the face to spoil and other things that lovers like to do.

Later, it was revealed that the mysterious man is likely to be Wu HaoChen, the character Ying Qin in Ode to joy with Yang Zi.

Wu HaoChen, born in 1994, is 18 years younger than Ma Yili!

The little gangster loves sun Fang and is willing to suffer countless crimes for her. The chemical reaction on the screen is full.

In fact, it doesnt matter who his boyfriend is.

Whats important is that at the age of 44, I finally came out of my last relationship.

Its really nice to be single and free again!

In May last year, Ma Yili and Gao Weiguang, seven years old, cooperated in a new play. The film flowers often let them sing and play together on the spot.

Even when the work is over, there will be private parties.

Wang also likes to play with her sister. She calls her elder sister ma.

And the old know BaoJianFeng, for many years, the relationship has been very iron.

Sometimes when I am drunk, I hold BaoJianFengs neck and laugh.

Single she, and sisters meet more and more time.

Put on light make-up, dress well, make great efforts to prepare dinner, drink slightly drunk and wanton.

Sometimes too lazy, put on slippers, girlfriends play guitar shallow singing, spend cicadas afternoon.

I still remember that Ma Yili, who was divorced, released the first microblog content to accompany the children to visit Japan in their summer leisure time.

Its my dream to be a sister who can ride the wind and break the waves!

It is worth mentioning that in this year, Ma Yili is different.

For example, the most attractive thing about this suspected exposure is not so-called brother-in-law love.

Its sister Mas temperament, state, and past subtle changes.

In my memory, Ma Yili is a big womans, firm and tough one.

But the burst out love map, even if a little paste, but can not restrain her now sweet body.

The real smart is that I can afford to lose!

The marriage infidelity, which was hotly discussed by tens of thousands of people, and Ma Yilis saying do it and cherish it were watched and laughed at by the audience.

She was derided:

But after the public thought that she could never be separated from the article, she chose the most decent way to declare divorce last year.

When you love it most, the article will say:

I was born to look for Mayi.

He said:

If one day two people want to give up their career, if they have to choose, it must be me.

They also really wanted to mend the rift in their marriage.

Just toss and turn again and again, a few years of entanglement, or in the day after day of examination and finally face the truthu2014u2014

Not satisfied with their love and marriage sacrifice for so many years, but in exchange for failure.

Looking back at her choices in recent years, we can see how she changed her self-esteem from never give up to I can afford to lose.

She is beautiful, of course.

It has something to do with the background of her growth.

Unlike other girls growing up in the rich family, she is a girl coming out of the Shanghai alley.

However, her parents provided her with a relaxed education environment, encouraged her to do anything she wanted, and taught her to work hard in the face of difficulties.

So, Ma Yili, who had an actor dream since childhoodu2014u2014

At the age of 15, I went to Shanghai TV station to do dance accompaniment. At the age of 17, I was admitted to Shanghai drama academy and began to receive films at university.

Xia Lin in struggle is one of the real aspects of Ma Yili.

She firmly pursues what I want, a modern independent female benchmark. There is no word defeat in her life dictionary.

Until the derailment happened.

In the hustle and bustle of entertainment circle, she disappeared for many days.

Before that, she despised such characters:

Luo Zijun is such a useless role. I couldnt see it in my twenties.

I think women should have special self-esteem, even higher than others.

And this change reflects her choice of life.

Ma Yili chooses to use a more open mind to see the possession and loss in life.

Then I found that it was too bitter and unworthy to measure everything with sacrifice and win or lose.

In 2018, the first half of her life started broadcasting, and she won Shanghai Magnolia TV for several months, and then became one of the most amazing actresses of the Mesozoic era.

Shes on the big screen, too.

Sun Fang in find you is more capable in peace.

Low to the dust of the cry, tears, weathered face.

When I came out of the cinema, I understoodu2014u2014

On her 43rd birthday, she took a selfie on Weibo, which was very big and casual.

She also accepted a real self, a self who can not be perfect, unable to do what she can, and give up to the years.

Peoples temperament really goes with the fate.

Her goal is clear, pay how much gain how much, I love you five points, you also want to love me five points.

Now she is soft and charming.

Love is to love wholeheartedly and enjoy the process. Why bother if he gives me something back.

Ma Yili, 44, has entered the age of no doubt, but ushered in the best second half of his life.

Because, whether she is divorced, or not afraid of the result of brave fall in love with her.

Finally, I can afford to lose..


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