Live broadcast of the rich dream of the first village with goods: whats red and whats sold? Everyone is gambling

 Live broadcast of the rich dream of the first village with goods: whats red and whats sold? Everyone is gambling

u25b2 the first village of live delivery, Xiazhu village in the north. Photo by Wang Yuqian, reporter of Beijing News

According to the data provided by beixiazhu village office, at present, there are more than 13000 employees of social e-commerce in beixiazhu, with a peak of more than 20000. The average age of employees is about 26 years old, mainly the post-90s. They have created new retail orders of 600000 yuan per day for beixiazhu and its surrounding areas, with an annual transaction scale of nearly 10 billion yuan.

Rich dream

Welcome all the babies, the family members who come in, point out the red heart!

At 19:30 on May 27, at a home textile shop in beixiazhu village, 48 year old three ugly sisters set up live ring lights, sound cards and two mobile phones. She drew her eyebrows, put on gorgeous lipstick, held the microphone in one hand, and twisted her waist and knees with the other arm.

Three ugly sister comes from Changchun, Jilin, and has more than 30 thousand fans on Kwai Chung. In beixiazhu village, she is not wanghong. The host with hundreds of thousands of fans is barely called xiaowanghong.

The first occupation of three ugly sisters was taxi driver. Later, he divorced and went to all over the country to sing with his stereo on his back. A week ago, she smelled the business opportunity of beixiazhu.

The old fellow of iron is not supporting me, I cant get out of the country anymore, and I have to go home to drive a taxi. Even the fans of Mai came in and talked with her for more than half an hour. She could not show any impatience. In her opinion, the network anchor is also online begging.

Although three ugly sisters spent the whole night promoting several summer quilts, ice silk mats and four piece sets. But after the broadcast, she received only three orders.

u25b2 live broadcast of three ugly sisters selling summer quilts. Photo by Wang Yuqian, reporter of Beijing News

Out of the studio, she lit a cigarette and looked lonely. My age and size, whether its clothes or cosmetics There is no advantage in selling anything. There are many young beauties who are better than us. Pots and sheets can only be sold once. No one wants to buy a pot every day. What can I sell tomorrow?

Compared with the three ugly Kwai, Mr. Xing Di has 280 thousand fans on the fast track.

Fans like to hear about how miserable you are and how successful you are. Mr. Cindy, he said.

Mr. Xingdi has sold cosmetics, daily necessities, ornaments, etc. He often went to the jewelry factory to take some vlogs and showed fans the process of designing, casting, processing, testing and packaging an accessory.

Zheng Liuping, a 31 year old Anhui native, was one of the first people in beixiazhu to do live delivery.

Zheng said he and his wife take turns to broadcast live for eight hours a day. We took out a warm hand treasure and shouted to the camera. do old fellow have six, five one?

Zheng Liuping now sells more private brands. He rented an underground warehouse of more than 30 square meters and hired several women workers to assemble the popular luminous dolls, advertising balloons, feather hair hoops, etc.

During the live broadcast, Zheng Liuping was dressed in a black suit, a pink flower style childrens hair band and a unicorn hair band, with three advertising balloons in his hand, and sat on the bosss chair in the office. Todays last welfare package, its only seconds without an order!

u25b2 Zheng Liuping is selling luminous toys live. Picture provided by interviewee

Jin Jingxi, director of beixiazhu village, recalled that in the past, beixiazhu had developed new years calendar, labor and cutting tools and other industries, but they all declined. In 2010, beixiazhu completed the transformation of the old city, built 99 new houses, and introduced the logistics industry, so a group of tail goods merchants gathered around.

In 2018, live delivery began to replace wechat business. In beixiazhu, some wechat businesses have directly become supply chain businesses. They buy goods from manufacturers at low prices, and then sell them with online Red anchor.

u25b2 the shopkeeper selling cosmetics live in beixiazhu village. Photo by Wang Yuqian, reporter of Beijing News

A boutique scarf and hat shop in beixiazhu is called the birthplace of online red fashion. The stores anchor Ali sold 200000 roll caps a month.

In order to fry a hat into a hit, Ali designed a video. She found someone to dress up as an old man, and slowly across the road, and then rushed to a young man, carrying the old man without saying anything, across the road.

The video was popular, and the hats worn by young people became popular. Ali immediately put on the link of hat, opened the live broadcast to sell hats to fans, and sold thousands of hats a day.

The business message here is very fast. Mr. Xingdi told the Beijing News, even if you are not the first one to smell business opportunities, you always follow others to make money. For example, if helmets are hot, you can also follow the trend to connect manufacturers and sources of goods. Even if you earn a little less than others, you can still live in plenty.. Every day in the north is brand new and different. You cant imagine what tomorrow will look like.

Tiktok University, a forenoon building with 5G less than 1 kilometers below the North level, was at 9 a.m. on May 29th. Over 50 students were attending the course of how to use short video to shoot short video.

u25b2 yaoshiji e-commerce students are in class. Photo by Wang Yuqian, reporter of Beijing News

You play tiktok, others are making money. Play and major are two different things. We just make them more professional. Maybe the live broadcaster in the future will be the marketer now.

The students who came to the class included Baoma who came to Yiwu with two babies to start a business, the boss who started a factory, the early childhood teacher who wanted to transform, the Henan farmer who learned to live broadcast the goods and so on.

I hope to meet my classmates in the future. A male student said, this year is Dafengkou with live broadcast and goods. I live in Suzhou, shop in Wenzhou and factory in Guangzhou.

Zhou Meide set up a mobile phone demonstration and said, when facing the camera, never use the tone of reporting to the leader. You should treat fans as a child, teach and feed them patiently. For example, Hey, babies! Today, Id like to share with you some tips on eggs. This is much more natural.

Recently, Zheng Liuping rarely does live broadcast. He transformed himself into an entrepreneurial tutor, giving lectures to the new Xiaobai entrepreneurs, generally on the history of success. I often tell them that Yiwu is not covered with BRICs. Every industry is the law of 28. 20% of the people do well, 80% of the people dont do well.

We are in charge of the company, and the company is in charge of the network. Lou Chun, director of the revitalization community of beixiazhu village, said, we have drawn up ten red articles of care network and ten red articles of convention network , including oath taking, etc. every new batch of anchors should follow this process.

Yiwu Municipal government and a vocational and Technical College of industry and Commerce set up a training course to organize students to take part in the employment certificate examination of live broadcast personnel. Those who pass the examination can obtain the special professional ability certificate of e-commerce live broadcast issued by the human resources and social security department. In the future, if you want to be a anchorman, all platforms should be standardized. If you dont have a qualification, you wont be allowed to go. A training director said.

Everyones betting

Nowadays, the rise of rent is too outrageous, which is the biggest headache for Jin Jingxi, the village director.

Its hard to find one here. Jin Jingxi said, today, there are several foreign businessmen who are chasing me for a house. I said, there is really no house.

Jinjingxi said that 1200 stores in beixiazhu had already been saturated. In order to get the storefront, some merchants tried their best to steal away the original merchants and raised the rent.

The random increase of rent is not necessarily due to the landlords reasons, but also the merchants reasons. Some of the merchants who deliberately raised prices did not come to do business, but went to the hospital in a hurry. Yu Hanbing, executive vice president and Secretary General of Yiwu social E-Commerce Association, said, from another point of view, the rent is rising dramatically every year. The money earned by merchants in the first year of distribution was originally intended to create their own brand next year, but it was all taken away by the landlord.

Liu Yanfei, an Internet analyst, spent more than half a month in beixiazhu. Liu Yanfei found that the goods sold by Li Jiaqi and Weiya could be found in the north of Xiazhu in a few days, and the price was lower.

In any store, the online Red anchor can gather 10 to 20 online red products. What they are looking for is nothing more than the latest concept, which can be satisfied by Zhu in the north.

The shopkeeper is broadcasting the goods. Photo by Wang Yuqian, reporter of Beijing News

The development speed of this new business is too fast

Follow the trend to do money, all to the pursuit of profit mentality, such a phenomenon makes the basic level officials of beixiazhu worried.

Live delivery is a new industry, and everyone is worried about the future. Lets invite some big guys to talk about the policies to be introduced.

Huang Qi, a member of the Party Working Committee of Futian street, also believes that many stores are following the trend of Taobao, which makes it difficult to occupy the commanding height in online red goods.

In any industry, there must be some pains along the way. Yiwus model is that the government is like a shopkeeper. We have seen the vitality and future of this spontaneously formed market, and we have the responsibility to guide and regulate it correctly and let it go on healthily, Huang Qi said. To be honest, the development speed of this new business is too fast. We are still in the stage of starting and operating a lot of work. We are trying while walking.

I didnt say that what I left behind in the North was all the rage all over the country, which had a cheering effect. Of course, this may be related to the small net red of beixiazhu and the small net red of more than 5 million fans.

Huang Qi said that brain drain is another pain point for the north to Zhu. Once he has influence, he will immediately move to Hangzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other big cities. Hatch one and go one.

When it comes to the future of beixiazhu, Huang Qi and Lou Chun both believe that in the future, e-commerce towns must be planned with high standards.

Lou said that in the future, according to the concept of wanghong Town, they also want to build a Star Avenue in beixiazhu. Maybe a lot of people will come all the way to punch in.

In the night, with heavy rain, he and four friends stood in front of the signboard of beixiazhu e-commerce town, holding a crumpled billboard and shouting, we have integrated more than 1000 stall product manufacturers to serve the stall people.