Compared with Lin Zhiying and Zhang Ruoyun, we found that women need to find husbands according to these four points

 Compared with Lin Zhiying and Zhang Ruoyun, we found that women need to find husbands according to these four points

Mom Lin: why dont you zip up? Chen ruoyi: no, this is the design. mother Lin: do you want to change it Chen ruoyi: but I didnt bring formal clothes. mother Lin: its not polite to come to our house without these shorts.

Just a few words of dialogue, mother-in-laws strength, Chen ruoyis embarrassment, exposed at a glance.

See here a lot of netizens cant help shouting, this is what time, this kind of mother-in-law can be really terrible!

Its true that as a woman, she is more or less uncomfortable in the face of her mother-in-laws criticism. I can understand Chen ruoyis breakdown in the later program!

Lin Zhiyings mother is really domineering, but Chen ruoyi is also suspected of secretly attacking her mother-in-law, because after ten years of marriage, she is more or less able to understand some of her mother-in-laws preferences and temper.

And she also said in the interview that her mother-in-law doesnt like to wear exposed clothes, but she still knows why.

Some netizens analyzed that she was afraid to resist because of her mother-in-laws temper, so she got public opinion support in this way.

Whether the public opinion is true or not, Chen ruoyis behavior has not brought her any help, because her situation at home has not changed.

My mother-in-law is picky about housework, which shows that she deeply feels that she is not worthy of her son and expects her to undertake more housework.

And Lin Zhiying didnt mean to help, not to mention what was wrong with her mother.

Chen ruoyi defeated thousands of young girls and won the title of God of mans wife, but the treatment made people feel uneasy.

When she was fighting with her mother-in-law, her mother-in-law showed off her strength and let her learn to do housework and set rules.

Maybe the daughter-in-law who will come will not be hard pressed. She may also praise her mother-in-law in the relay. You guide me more. I really should learn more in this field. Its really my blessing to get such excellent female guidance as my mother.

After all, good people grow up in their mouths. As for what they are made of, whether they are good or bad, Ill follow my mother-in-laws advice.

In contrast, Chen ruoyi responded, Im not so good at housework, but Ill try my best to learn.

Combined with what she said in the previous interview, Im afraid Im wrong.

Lin Zhiyings mother hasnt been photographed yet, and the audience has preconceived the impression of her: stern and domineering.

Netizens speculated that Chen ruoyi said on the surface that she was worried and anxious, but in fact, she told everyone that her mother-in-law was not easy to get along with, and she was very poor.

After several programs, Chen ruoyi caused many netizens heartache, but lets not forget that this is Chen ruoyis choice.

Usually a handsome and humorous husband and a strict mother-in-law appear in pairs.

Many people will say that with such a mother-in-law, no matter how excellent her husband is, she cant get happiness without one chicken feather.

Zhang Ruoyun and Tang Yixin, the model couple in the entertainment circle, are good examples. As the favorite wife in the entertainment circle, Zhang Ruoyuns performance is really remarkable.


Through Zhang Ruoyun and his wife, we can compare Chen ruoyis forbearance and analyze the characteristics of men who can make women happy?

If a man is more excellent, he does not put his lover on the top of his heart, then he should be prepared for the heart plug after marriage.

And the man who puts the girl on the top of his heart will do a good job in the role of double-sided tape: either to help, to show that he and his wife are on the same front, or to advise his mother not to let his daughter-in-law do this, he will clean, then the mother-in-law will be afraid, and will not dictate to her daughter-in-law.

Both of them are women who love him. Men on EQ online would rather suffer losses than hurt any one of them.

2) Be protective to your lover.

At this point, Zhang Ruoyun has achieved full marks.

In 18 years, it was said on the Internet that Tang Yixin and Wu Xiubo had an ambiguous relationship. Zhang Ruoyuns boyfriend burst out and bullied back: the children of the rumor family are killed by rumor, and they are also killed by rumor.

Really love your high-quality man, see his partner injured, will stand up for her first time. It is not like some bad guys who are in a rush to get rid of their relationship or suspect their girlfriends cheating.

She is a nurse. Her boyfriends relatives are in hospital. She wants Xiaolan to help introduce the doctor to her acquaintances. In the middle of the night, her boyfriend asked her to go to the hospital alone, but he didnt say to accompany her.

Xiaolan is busy and helps arrange it. Her boyfriends relatives feel that the medical expenses are expensive and complain about it. Her boyfriend blames Xiaolan for not saving any money.

After listening to her story, I took a breath of cool air. If a long-term relationship between boys and girls is not protective, boys do not love girls enough.

The boy who loves you is not willing to let you be human for him in the middle of the night.

3) Long term commitment.

I came across a case where Xiao Lings boyfriend was tall and handsome. They lived together for five years. They had seen each others parents and furniture, but her boyfriend always said that he was not in a hurry to get married, and so on.

Boyfriend also said: if two people love each other, the marriage certificate is just a piece of paper. Isnt it ridiculous that two people need marriage certificates to prove their love?

I suggest Xiao Ling to ask him: if its just a piece of paper and the relationship between the two people is so good, is there still a difference between this piece of paper? Why not take it?

Here, I also want to remind all readers that a boy can show us the house, see his friends and parents, and even talk about his life after marriage does not mean that he is going to marry us. Therefore, a girl may think of her childrens school, so she must be alert.

For some love field veterans, these are just the psychological defense line for girls. They didnt want to give up the whole forest for a tree.

4) Single.

Some girls are brainwashed by some scum men. Men are playing tricks on occasion outside. Theres no way to work.; I just play with her, but I love you.

These are all excuses that men are making for their own playfulness. These are the evidences of the disclaimer.

If we accept his temptations, we should be prepared for each others non-specific.

Any girl has the ability to choose a single man as her partner.


Girls can dress themselves in this way, less make-up, pure nude make-up can arouse boys desire for protection.

If you are not cute, you dont need to wear hard clothes. You can dress appropriately without revealing.

Dont be too cold, smile, listen and give them the chance to pursue.

But note that girls should not back track, do not take the initiative to express their love, let alone over take the initiative to propose a date with boys. Straight men will be scared away by this move, but will attract some short-term players with bad intentions.

2) Get to know each other through various channels.

Its hard to find the right person to stay at home all day.

If you like it male, go to it forum to speak actively.

If you like sports type boys, you can take part in more activities, long-distance running and mountaineering, etc.; dont exclude the introduction of acquaintances, the long-term selection of the objects introduced by the people around you is very possible, so in the past, there was no limit to online search.

Of course, online dating is also a channel, but we need to do a good job of most peoples unreliable expectations, carefully identify, and then decide whether to contact.

We can also go to work in an environment with more men and less women, and meet high-quality men in places with fierce male competition.

There is no necessary connection between the marriage object with a small girl friend or neighbor and the marriage object.

Because everyones family background, personal appearance, knowledge, work, personality may be very different.

Everyone has a ceiling to choose a mate. The key to a long-term relationships lasting happiness lies in: balance of power.

Dont be disturbed by the outside world. If we think of the ugly person next door who is so handsome, our mind will be unbalanced, which will affect our mate selection.

Some people find people who seem to have good conditions, but they may not support their families, or they may be girls who have made money in this relationship, or they may be boys who are not specific. We just need to open our eyes and choose the right person for ourselves, and others can comment.

4) Provides high emotional value.

Take Zhang Ruoyun and his wife for example:

On a program, the host asked Tang Yixin what to bring when she was on a desert island? She blurted out: boyfriend! Boyfriend is everything, boyfriend is everything.

Imagine a beautiful girl cooking for her boyfriend. Let her boyfriend know that he is everything. How can such a girl boyfriend not love her?

5) It has certain economic strength and strength.

Women should have their own economic strength and confidence, especially for 30 + girls. They need to have certain economic strength, which is also your confidence.

The essence of anxiety is loss and pain. Learn to get along with anxiety, decompress yourself and enhance self-confidence.

Then only when we can rebuild energy, self-improvement and touch the better circle, the excellent one is waiting for us.

Leo Tolstoy said:

Happiness is not the luck of buying lottery tickets, but the result of two people who know how to manage happiness meeting each other.

Understanding the characteristics of high-quality men can help us identify them, and then avoid them and embrace happiness.

When we try to manage ourselves to become beautiful and soft and strong inside, happiness has quietly come to knock on the door.

Lu Meiran is good at emotional management, long-term relationship management and self-improvement. On the way to overcome one anothers sexual weakness, we are already the best ourselves.