In the face of this matter, the body and beauty should be a little later

 In the face of this matter, the body and beauty should be a little later

I still remember Ni Ni Ni had a circle drawing before. She took an umbrella in the rainy night, and she looked up and smiled casually. The atmosphere was absolutely unique.

It can be said that the whole persons temperament and posture have a strong correlation. When you stand there confident and steady, you win.

Ni Nis textbook posture is what we call the standard posture, which is the most ideal state - the whole body is in a straight line.

Intuitively speaking, from the front or side, our head, shoulder peak, pelvis, knee joint and foot are in a straight line after they are connected in sequence.

Because no joint of human body is independent.

All joints affect and are affected by other joints, like gears. So in fact, the problem of posture is to pull one hair and move the whole body.

(picture source: Yang Yi, doctor of sports medicine, Beijing Sport University)

Good posture has many advantages:

If the joint position is not symmetrical or the center of gravity is shifted, there may be problems such as high and low shoulder with naked eyes, which will affect the appearance.

energy conservation

Abnormal posture will consume more energy to keep balance. A good posture can save energy.

As a qualified social animal, sitting in front of the computer for an unlimited time, and watching mobile phones for a long time is inevitable, which will aggravate our body problems. It can be said that most of the body problems are acquired.

For example, Taylor Swifts photo with little KK is a bit abusive. In fact, her neck is also tilted forward because of her high childhood and her guitar practice.

(source:@_ ParisSONGuff09

There are several common posture problems:

Containing the chest is also the round shoulder, the upper part of the body forms a semicircle arc, it looks like the shoulder is more round. It is basically accompanied by a lighter hunchback, and can even develop into a more serious hunchback.

The easiest way to check if you have a round shoulder is to stand up straight and hang your arms down naturally. Then extend the two thumbs and look at the direction of the thumb.

(source: )

If the two fingers are opposite, it is the problem of some round shoulders.

(source: )

The most direct consequence of the combination of the two is to make the body look very indecent, the whole person has no temperament, and the consequences of not properly corrected are chronic cervical spondylosis, and even shoulder and neck pain.

u25cf sleepers stretch

If our thoracic vertebrae stretch out, our body will recover soon. So the first move starts with stretching the thoracic spine of our back.

Then raise one arm and extend it 45 degrees in the opposite air, keeping the chest open as you rotate.

u25cf arm pronation

The third is for the subscapularis. First, find a reference (wall or column), pose the throwing hand, place the arm on the reference in front of you according to the picture style, and then tilt the body to the other side for 30 seconds. Repeat on the other side.

As in the previous action, put the arm on the reference, and then gradually raise the arm against (the column). In this process, you can effectively contract the scapula and stretch the pectoralis minor muscle. Repeat on the other side.

Because of long-term sitting, desk study, and lack of exercise, pelvic anteversion should also be a common problem for many people.

If you feel in sleep, its hard to look up for a long time. And when standing, the body leans forward a little, can appear lumbago, and learn to beat the waist habitually Its probably a matter of the pelvis leaning forward.

Its not difficult to correct the pelvic forward tilt, as long as we stick to it, but we should pay attention to the pelvic forward tilt stretching and exercise is mainly our hip muscles, followed by the waist and abdomen muscles.

In order to improve this problem, we also found three actions:

u25cf lunge with elbow on instep

Three groups on each side, each group for 30 seconds.

u25cf stretch the quadratus psoas

Many movements can pull the quadratus psoas, as long as the pelvis does not move, the body to one side of the curve (not rotation) can. Its also good for treating low back pain.

Inside, the elder sister likes to do this movement very much. It can relieve fatigue and relax the whole spine.

C. False crotch width

The width of the false crotch usually has something to do with the habit of walking and sitting in our daily life, for example, we sometimes walk on foot and drag, or wear high-heeled shoes will turn into the internal eight characters unconsciously, and so on.

In addition to paying attention to these walking postures, there are also some exercises that you can do every day.

Clam opening and closing

Lie on the cushion, fix the upper body and pelvis, and drive the legs to open and close by hip force, 20 in each group, 3-5 groups.

(source: Google)

u25cf breaststroke stretch

(source: Google)

Pay attention to all the actions described above, do not try to stretch with inertia (generally speaking, the feeling of throwing out), and never hold your breath, otherwise it is easy to pull.

By the way, when it comes to the problem of legs, Im sure everyone has been reminded that you cant cross your legs!

But have you ever thought about why we like to kick our legs so much?

Long term walking on both legs will make the sacroiliac joint of pelvis unbalanced on the left and right, and increase the joint pressure, which will affect the stability of pelvis and spine, lead to the asymmetry of body, and induce the numbness and pain of lumbosacral joint and lower limbs.

Finally, in addition to external exercise methods, there are some psychological tips:

Because good-looking body is more like a stable temperament and aura.

In addition to body type, there are many bonus points brought by self-confidence.

(picture source: @ Zhang Zilin)

In addition to body language, the eyes also need to be steady in daily conversation. When talking with each other, you can look at each others eyes and nod appropriately to give feedback to others and make yourself more calm at the same time.

The display of posture, on the one hand, is to make a good impression on others, on the other hand, is also to be more generous and more comfortable. Therefore, it is the most important thing to correct posture.

On the premise of comfort, with some attention and correction, we can get rid of wriggling, be more generous and shine more.

In addition, bad posture has been with us for so long that it cant be corrected in just a few days, but as long as we stick to it, we should pay attention to walking, standing and sitting posture, and we will definitely see the day of qualitative change.

I hope we are not only light but also beautiful! Come on!