May the years come back and be gentle in this life

 May the years come back and be gentle in this life

This is uncles note. Its 9:30 every night

Accompany you through your years, cure you in between the lines

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Socializing is as hard as math.

Life is just a few decades, love and eat these two things, can not make do with dont make do with, your heart and your stomach are very small, dont owe them.

I just miss those days when I dont have pressure to live.

It would be great if I could share my daily experience with you.

May the years come back and be gentle in this life.

In my opinion, all problems can be solved by making more money.

Nostalgia is good, but also learn to put it down. Cant put down is to pull back and forth with the past. Put it down, think through, past, think about it again is nostalgia.

u2014u2014Liu Tong

Return all the night to the Star River, return all the spring light to the sparse hedge, return all the languid and addicted to the past to me. Tomorrows me, there are hills and gullies in my heart, I will immediately shake mountains and rivers.

There are readers messages in the background. The girl who grew up together is more close than her relatives. She died in a car accident two days ago. She is very young. She has two lovely daughters. Its too sudden. Its a fatal blow to her. She thinks this kind of thing is far away from her. I didnt expect it would happen to the person closest to her.

Yes, life comes and goes. Tomorrow is never long. We never know which comes first. Life is really fragile. What we can do is to cherish the body and try to ensure health.