6-year-old boy skydiving, the truth is surprising (parents will see if they are busy)

 6-year-old boy skydiving, the truth is surprising (parents will see if they are busy)

These days, I was shocked by a piece of news.

Changsha, Hunan Province, a 6-year-old boy jumped from the fifth floor without thinking.

How do you jump?

The reason is that the boy said naively:

Watching cartoons.

A word thunders all.

It turns out that on that day, he was locked at home by himself and wanted to go downstairs to play with his little friend.

Looking at the characters in the cartoon, they can land smoothly by jumping from a high place with an umbrella.

I have a kind of learning style and imitate it.

Netizen fried pot:

Family education, not a good animation this level.

Some cartoons cant be read or imitated!

Nowadays, many parents are busy with their work and have no time to accompany their children.

Just throw the kids to the TV, computer, cell phone.

Gradually, all kinds of cartoons and short videos have gradually become magic tools to coax children.

Curiosity drives children to see some false plots and dangerous actions. Without judgment, they begin to imitate.

Over the years, there have been more and more similar tragedies.

Zhezhen, a 14-year-old girl from Zaozhuang, Shandong Province, made popcorn in an easy-to-use can, imitating the Internet blogger.

Results the explosion occurred, the girl was severely burned, the area reached 96%, and her life was in danger.

Anhui, a 4-year-old boy, who imitates red boy to spray fire, actually burns his home with a torch.

There is also an 8-year-old boy who imitates the cartoon cat and mouse and lights firecrackers in the gun.

Throwing children to electronic products seems to be a win-win situation. The children get a short-term happiness and their parents enjoy a moment of peace.

Destroy a child, throw him into the colorful virtual world.

According to the National Research Report on Internet use of minors in 2019:

Among them, watching short video accounts for 46.2%, watching video accounts for 37.5%, and watching animation or comics accounts for about 33.2%.

We have to admit that more and more children are becoming electronic dolls, addicted to all kinds of video animation and so on.

Behind this data, a more terrible phenomenon is:

Some children are inevitably misled and hurt by the three views.

Bestie make complaints about me.

She repeatedly admonished her son, but every time he didnt care, he blurted out unconsciously in life.

Whats more worrisome is that his sons behavior is also starting to go wrong:

The exam even began to cheat, while the teacher did not pay attention to peek at the same desk papers.

But the son is still indomitable, but he thinks its cool to do so.

This makes her friend worried, and at the same time, she wonders where her son got these bad ideas.

Until one day, the son took the tablet to watch the cartoon with great interest, and his best friend came to see it, and it became clear.

Where is this cartoon for children?

An episode of 15 minutes, 10 minutes of love;

If you look at the screen full of indescribable bullet screens, its no wonder that my son has been swearing recently.

Search the history of his sons watching, and find that even his son cheated in the exam, but also from the animation.

CCTV news once disclosed:

On a popular video website for minors, bad animation is one of the childrens favorite contents.

In these animes, the characters are exposed in clothes, ambiguous in action, and even set up the plot of brother and sister love. The picture is vulgar.

In psychology, children aged 3 to 10 are in the confused period of concept formation.

In this period, children dont have independent consciousness and personality, and many ideas come from the outside world.

Such vulgar bad animation, if the child carefully watched, the impact on the childs three views can be imagined.

Dont belittle the power of these cartoons. Thats the soil of childrens growth.

In the age of Internet, its impossible for children to access electronic products.

And too much indulgence in childrens addiction will harm them.

At this time, what parents say and do will play a key role.

Professor Qian Zhiliang once said:

Now, the phenomenon of recessive excuse is becoming more and more serious.

Parents seem to accompany their children, but their spirit and mind are on other things.

Such as playing mobile phones, playing games, watching TV, thinking about work or other things.

If parents dont do their duty to accompany their children, they can only enjoy and pay attention to electronic products.

During the epidemic, his son was addicted to watching cartoons and squatted in front of the TV as soon as he finished eating.

Later, I thought of a way.

Every time after dinner, let my son and I clean the dishes, wash the dishes and find work for the children.

While chatting with children, chatting about the daily life of online classes, and talking about the trivia of life.

Originally, my sons time spent watching cartoons became an interesting time for our mother and son to talk.

In fact, sometimes, company doesnt need to be too deliberate, and sometimes correction doesnt need to be too blatant.

Get along with children happily, divert their attention, and gradually, their dependence on electronic products will be reduced.

Psychologist Li Xue said: the real company is physical and mental presence.

Knowing how to accompany a child solves half the problem.

Second, parents are filters to filter healthy Animation videos.

Even for the common film and television works in life, parents need to do timely filtering to screen the animation videos suitable for children to watch.

Lu Yufei, doctor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has rated 10 popular childrens films and TV Plays:

It is divided into five levels.

Among them, tv-k (2-6 years old), tv-g (6-7 years old), tv-7 (7-10 years old), tv-pg (10-14 years old), tv-14 (over 14 years old).

Third, parents are supervisors to cultivate childrens good viewing habits.

Some boys cant hide their admiration for heroes after watching such cartoons as Nezha and pig man.

Often learn to do martial arts with a stick, and imagine that you are the protagonist in the film, attacking others everywhere.

At this time, parents should not stand by coldly. They must do a good job as supervisor, stop and tell the children clearly in time:

The real world and the virtual world are different.

Most children lack the ability to distinguish right from wrong.

Only when parents do this well can children enjoy the beauty of their childhood world carefree.

If you can get kids to stay away from TV until theyre 12, theyll benefit all their lives.

Although we cannot completely isolate children from these animation videos, we must also know:

The happiness of childhood is not necessarily inseparable from electronic products.

Never let a moments carelessness cause a childs regret for life.


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