Which is more painful to break up or be broken up?

 Which is more painful to break up or be broken up?

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I think which love deeply which will be more painful, no break-up and be broken up which is more painful. Because some people dont love you and dont tell you. At last, you cant stand cold violence and break up. Who will be hurt at this time? When the object is derailed, you break up, who is more painful at this time? This is a premise. Who loves lowly who knows, who hurts who knows.

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Its more painful to break up. To make a decision to break up is to experience and endure how much sorrow, how much helplessness, how much disappointment, and how much reluctance to make up your mind not to turn back

I think I love him more, or he loves me more. I love more, be broken up more pain, I love less, break up will hurt less.

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Whether its breaking up or being broken up, its the most painful thing to pay more for your feelings and take them seriously.

One is active pain, the other is passive pain. It hurts.

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How to say, it doesnt depend on which party it is, or whether it likes it when it breaks up. If you dont like it, it doesnt hurt.

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Break up, generally speaking, most of them are girls. When they encounter many cases, they are too cold and violent to bear, so they take the initiative to break up. Then the one who was broken up told everyone, you see, I was broken up, I am the victim.

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Whether its breaking up or being broken up, the one with heart hurts, the one without heart, doesnt matter.

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Its more painful to be separated. One is planning the future, while the other is thinking of leaving.

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Be broken up should be more painful, break up is already ready, before breaking up to do psychological construction. To be separated is to have a good idea of walking with him for a lifetime, but to be told that your idea is a joke.

I think its time to break up. I dont know anything. Last second, I was very happy thinking about which skirt I would go to find him wearing today. Would he like it or not? Then I went to eat hotpot and watch movies together. Next second, I suddenly received a message saying goodbye. The whole person was stupid, and then I was at a loss.

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Uncle said: what should be said should be said well, and what should be considered should not be persistent. Once some injuries are caused, there may never be a chance to heal. Once some regrets happen, there may never be a chance to make up for them. Its not easy to meet. Dont give up easily.