183 black platforms were exposed

 183 black platforms were exposed

Multiple local securities regulatory bureaus prompt capital allocation risk

On June 1, Heilongjiang announced the blacklist of three off-site funding platforms. Heilongjiang securities regulatory bureau said that the over-the-counter capital allocation lacks the proper management of investors, with high leverage ratio and great risk. Once the market falls by a large margin, investors will burst their positions instantly and lose their lives.

Xiamen securities regulatory bureau said that the next step would be to continue to carry out the verification and clean-up work of over-the-counter capital allocation through Internet search and other means. On the basis of continuing to shut down the relevant illegal platforms, it is proposed to invite the companies suspected of engaging in over-the-counter capital allocation platforms to the local market regulatory authorities to be included in the abnormal list of enterprises, and jointly maintain the healthy development of the capital market in the jurisdiction.

It is the belief of many shareholders to invest and speculate. Many people think that A-share bull short bear long, bull market opportunity is rare, it is worth adding leverage.

However, in the past year, there have been a number of fund allocation platforms running away. On April 11, 2019, hundreds of investors were cheated out of the capital and profits of the off-site capital allocation platform Hainan beigefupao Road, and the platform was fake from the stock trading software to the registered address and marketing promotion. Then, a platform called Changhong capital allocation was reported by many people, involving more than ten million yuan.

Industry insiders said that in fact, many of the running platforms are virtual disks, and the transaction records can not be found in the securities companies.

Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau reminds investors that over-the-counter capital allocation institutions do not have the qualification to operate securities and futures business and cannot engage in margin trading.

On November 14, 2019, the minutes of the civil and commercial trial work meeting of the national court issued by the Supreme Peoples court made it clear that credit transactions in the securities market were included in the scope of unified supervision by the state. Without legal approval, no unit or individual may illegally engage in capital allocation business.