How many true meanings of life have we got in our busy days

 How many true meanings of life have we got in our busy days

What is the value of our lives? The answer is to give happiness to others.

Happy life may be different, but lonely people are the same, only care about themselves. What role do we play in other peoples lives. Weve really cared about, warmed and sacrificed for others.

Tell two little stories.


When I work as a volunteer in the temple to serve porridge, I want to smile all the way. Hello! Please have a cup of love porridge, wish you a good day! Bow and smile, for everyone passing by. There is a girl in the bus back suddenly tears, a companion asked, why. I never smiled at my family, said the girl.


In the supermarket, the young mother pushed her car to the cash register, followed her husband with her baby. She shouted angrily at her husband. Can you hurry up? Is it a man who is a mother in law? Turning around with a lady like smile, he said to the cashier, would you please take a bag for me? thank you! You see, we always give our best temper and smile to strangers, and discharge our anger and dissatisfaction to the people closest to us.

I believe this story is true.

This is actually everyones story. We say we are proud of our parents, but they just want to make you happy and never stop worrying. We want to be role models for our children, but we cant even take them out for a weekend. We say we love each other. What we want to exchange is to make each other care more about me.

What is love? Its not that I love you, so you should love me. Its me who gives my love and doesnt ask for return.

When there is me

Theres no real love.

The whole world.

There is never a lonely person, the old love late at night, accompanied by the moon, happy new people look forward to the dawn, there is sunshine. If there are 24-hour shops in this street, you will feel warm everywhere you go. Guandong cooking, fish ball noodles, shrimp wonton, burping and burping are more comfortable.

The sad heart, dont let the mouth to bear, eat such an important thing, other, can put first!