Weekend, I want to talk to you seriously

 Weekend, I want to talk to you seriously

In addition to the lack of mental strength, there must be problems with methods and experience in the past. For example, its useless to just envy others in writing. We must admit the gap, find the right way and practice constantly.

For example, speaking on stage. I can also write a draft every day, but Im worried about it, so Im worried about it. Worry about gain and loss is worry.

What we think and do in a day is completely controlled by this I, but we seldom realize that we are free to do anything.

There are two brothers who practice on the mountain. One day, younger martial brother went down the mountain and stayed in an inn at night. It was too deep to meditate at night, and the next day was still in the middle of the settlement. As a result, the shopkeeper thought that the man was dead, felt unlucky, and was afraid of trouble, so he was burned. This trouble, this person came out of the decision to find that their body is gone, not anymore, so all kinds of trouble. Elder martial brother has a deep way of life. He feels it on the mountain and goes down to spend it. This younger martial brother keeps looking for me? What about me? Where the hell have I been? Elder martial brother said that in the fire, younger martial brother went in to look for no. In the water tank, no. Younger martial brother is crying. Finally, elder martial brother slapped the head. Now you can get in the fire and the water. You are free. What do you want me to do?. Younger martial brother is now enlightened.

From this point of view, its not easy to do anything well. If you shout slogans at random, youre easy to get slapped. When the ability is not reached, the goal set is too high, which is often not a good thing, and it is easy to lose confidence.

There is a famous saying in Buddhism: cultivate slowly and quickly. It is not only practice, but also work.

Its not good to be ambitious. Its not advisable to be greedy for speed. Its better to be honest and build up step by step.

Slowly, on the contrary, its a steady, fast and earlier achievement. Thats what it means.

One is to be stable. The foundation must be solid. To build a ten story building, there must be a ten story foundation. Just prepare the foundation of the three-story building, hurry up and build it until its half finished. Its not good. We have to push it back. Its going to be reworked. We must have a long-term plan and a solid foundation, which is our basic skill. This is too critical.

The second is to be constant. On the one hand, its very brave, on the other hand, its downbeat, on the other hand, its exhausting. Its easy to be discouraged. Its just that theres no strength. Usually this is due to our lack of preparation and willingness. We didnt have any guidance from others and didnt know how to tighten properly. Every day to do a little, uninterrupted, far more than there is a period of endless blind diligence.

Third, we need to decide. Certainty is not to be tempted, not greedy, not quick, not messy. In practice, the most important thing is quality, quantity and order. The quality should be pure, the quantity should be sufficient, and the next time should not be disordered. If you go astray, you will fall short. Whats more, thats what its all about.

The above is my serious understanding. I would like to share with you! have a nice weekend.