Two beauties: five good things (recorded on June 5, 2020)

 Two beauties: five good things (recorded on June 5, 2020)

2. On the night of June 1, I ran to Beijing to have a good night view. Although I cant afford a tile in Beijing, I can feel its prosperity. I like those tall buildings that can see the scenery very much. When I stand on the tall buildings and see the world, I suddenly feel that I have a broad vision.

In 2017, I brought two nieces, Tiantian and Fanfan, to Beijing to play. I also took them to Beijing to have a night view and let them see the splendid Beijing city. As a child in a mountain village, he may have a narrow vision when he was a child due to environmental factors, but when he grows up, he can still make a breakthrough and see higher and farther scenery.

3. On June 2, with the help of the poets Laochao teacher, I got in touch with the poet he Sanpo. Of course, he is not only a poet, but also a literary critic, screenwriter and director. Its not that hes got a reputation. Hes just so talented.

One day in September 2019, I saw two poems on wechat reading app: under the stars and hillock. These two poems give me a wonderful feeling, that is, the feeling of seeing treasures. I was very curious about the poet who wrote these verses, so I began to search all about him, and then I opened a huge treasure house and became addicted to it. I am addicted to it until I can communicate with Mr. He Sanpo. I feel like a dream, a beautiful dream. Its the magic of good words. It makes me wonder.

Having said so much, I want to say that friends who really love words, dont miss the poetry of Mr. He Sanpo, which is the treasure of words. I think Mr. He Sanpo should have won the Nobel Prize for literature, but I dont think so, and he may not have won it himself.

4. In recent days, friends, readers and relatives from all walks of life have supported me very much. Its a lot of happiness that some people buy books by themselves, some buy books for friends, some even throw red envelopes at me. As a new writer, its not easy, but it also reaps great happiness. This is the happiness that writing brings me. I will continue to write.

5. Now, Im sitting in the yunku bar on the 80th floor of the International Trade Hotel, turning on the computer, opening the word document and typing. I came to yunku bar with my book. In the book, I told the story that I wanted to come here before, but I didnt dare to come in.

This time I really came in to spend some money. Apart from the embarrassment that I cant understand the ink English of the foreign brother at the bar, its not so scary. There are very expensive wines here. I cant afford thousands of them. There is also a wine with a price close to the people. For 68 yuan, you can order a glass of wine and give away peanuts. Most of the time, we are just bound by the ideas in our minds. Come out and have a look at the beautiful world.