Want to get rid of the bad influence of your original family? There are two ways. The second one is the most healing

 Want to get rid of the bad influence of your original family? There are two ways. The second one is the most healing

So I now a primary bad mentality is to see the happy rich, the heart is very jealous, see will think how they havent bankrupted unlucky?

I am very painful, so I lost a lot of people who should be friends.

There is also a bad mentality is that when someone praises me, I will vigorously refute it to prove how miserable I am.

For example, if someone says, your husband is very good to you, I will try my best to prove to others that my husband is not good to me, and tell her all the ugly things about our family until she says that my husband is not good to me.

But lead to the family scandal exposed again and again, cause great trouble to my life and work, I am too painful, these two mindsets torture me crazy.

Cold love reply:

I feel very sorry to see your story.

It can be imagined that in such a state of mind, you are going to be tortured, crazy, anxious and desperate. You dont know how to get out, as if you are hitting walls everywhere.

In the same desperate environment, why do different people make different choices and make different judgments? Why can some people stand up?

I think there are two key words:

First key word, experience

What is experience?

For example, when someone is in the most desperate moment, he may cry loudly and pour out all the sadness in his body.

I had this experience myself. Once, I cried all afternoon in a very sad state. When all my tears came out, I felt that all my emotions were released.

I felt that I accepted all this: yes, I am miserable, I am so miserable, I am suffering from this. But I accept, I believe I can change.

This experience is very important.

Do you have the experience of allowing all your emotions to flow out?

In my opinion, these experiences in your heart are not released.

You are affected by her negative energy, and you project this hatred on those happy rich people. I hope that they will go bankrupt soon. Thats in line with what your mother said.

However, this hatred, this pain, is just what your mother passed on to you, you just need to let these negative energy, these emotions flow out.

For example, when your mother talks about these negative energies to you again, you directly say to her, no, Im bored when you talk about them to me. I dont want to go on like this. Im going to be tortured crazy..

When you say to her one day, no, I dont want to do this anymore, when your emotions flow out, as long as you have such an experience, this emotion, this repression, this template, this fate will not happen to you again, because you let it flow.

If one day you can break the situation and come out, it must be because of a new relationship.

Whether you go to a good counselor, establish a good relationship, or you bring your children, or you manage the relationship with your husband.

All in all, you need a safe, reliable, trustworthy, and trustworthy relationship.

In such a relationship, you get love, learn to love, you can recover in such a relationship.

I hope that all people in adversity can see what the real problem is.

In fact, the real problem is not how jealous you are of the rich, or how miserable you are to prove yourself, but that you have not found the things that should be accepted or the people that should be resisted.

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