When you get married, this is the best state for a woman to marry

 When you get married, this is the best state for a woman to marry

This is a problem that young girls and children will pay special attention to when they are getting married.

Handle it well, everyone is happy. If we dont handle it well, we will become enemies.

Tell me about me.

When I got married, the house was bought by my husbands family before marriage. They have already decorated it, which is his prenuptial property.

I didnt pay for it. Naturally, I didnt ask for my name. I also told them frankly: you dont need to add my name.

My parents said: the amount of the bride price is for your couple. We dont want a cent. You can decide how much the bride price is. We respect my meaning.

I asked for 131400 yuan to ask for auspicious omens.

Dowry, my parents and my brother gave me another 88000 dowry, what household appliances and daily necessities to buy, they let me decide by myself.

Probably also think, the house did not write my name, in the gift can not be too stingy.

I can support myself with a monthly salary of 15000, so I am quite clear about money.

I put the money from the bride price and the dowry from my parents together to buy a scooter.

Now, we have been married for more than two years, and we are very happy in both big and small families. My parents in law treat me as well.

Here, I also thank them for cultivating such a good son. I can meet my husband. Its really fate from heaven.

After my parents in law retired, she had her own old-age circle and had fun in life. Occasionally, she would buy some good wine and food to visit our small family.

On Chinese New Years day, as children, we will also buy gifts for our parents. We can be filial and they are happy.

Lets talk about the sensitive issue of house.

The house only wrote my husbands name. We never had a quarrel.

Because the house is bought by their family, I have no reason to ask for an addition, but I am not afraid of divorce, I am not afraid of marriage variables.

Because the economy is independent, the ability to work is recognized, they have savings, food in hand, not panic.

In the future, if one day I have a bad marriage, I can also pay a down payment by myself, so as not to let myself live in uncertainty and look at peoples faces.

Just because I have the ability to make money, I have a high sense of security in marriage, and I will not be overly sensitive because of some agitation.

Our plan is to have a child in two years. At that time, we need to change a bigger house, which is the property after marriage. Naturally, I have to write my name.

Therefore, the issue of house is not enough to be a reason for quarrel, nor will it affect our feelings.

A woman depends on her mothers family before marriage. When she gets married, whether she can get the value of her partner depends on her own.

After getting married, we need to rely on the joint efforts of both parties to maintain the relationship.


The root of all problems is often from the man whose attitude determines whether you will be valued by your mother-in-law in the future.

So everything that seems irrelevant is actually a big thing in marriage.

However, no matter what kind of man is married to, only when love and bread are realized, can love achieve holding the hand of the child to grow old with the child.

The life without love is boring, and the life without bread is worth the curse of poor couples sorrow.

Marry what kind of man, often need to consider carefully, before marriage more calm period, after marriage also less a regret period, different men, bring you different fate.

When you get married, what do you do with the house and the bride price?

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