I just want a decent wedding

 I just want a decent wedding

Worried about love, the hostess looks forward and backward

In August 1994, she Jian, 20, was at a turning point in her life. With a fluent Mandarin and flexible hosting style, she was absorbed by the TV station and became one of the top beauties in the station. As soon as she left school, she got a decent job, and often appeared on TV, which made her face full of bright smiles, wherever she went, laughter would be brought.

Beautiful season, love is the most gorgeous color.

Such an excellent she Jian has cloud like pursuers, among which there are outstanding backbones in Taiwan, children of rich families, senior officials, and college students, but none of them can win her heart. She Jian, who had just left the school, thought that they were either impetuous or vulgar, cunning or pedantic, or too copper smelling or too scholar smelling. She rejected them one by one.

She Jians close friend revealed that they had discussed what kind of man to look for as husband together. She Jian seemed confident, romantic and idealistic at that time. She said that she must find a mature and stable prince charming with a successful career and a dedicated love. The wedding must also be done in a decent and beautiful way.

She Jians sister also told reporters that because there are many pursuers, Yu Jians spirit is also high. A male colleague loves she Jian very much. He often invites her to coffee, concerts and bowling However, she felt that she was not mature enough or romantic enough to turn her away. A former classmate kept thinking about her. When she learned that she had no boyfriend at the age of 25, she wrote love letters, sent flowers and gifts to her But she couldnt move her heart

Although she Jian has also been in love, after a brief contact, she finds that the other person is not the one she wants to find.

Love is too idealized, which is a prominent feature of she Jians mate selection. On the other hand, when she saw that her girlfriends were getting married one after another and soon parted ways for various reasons, she had a lot of worries

Seeing she Jian about to cross the 30-year-old threshold, her mother nagged her and said, youre old, dont delay the marriage, you cant ask too much, just live! She Jians aunt also said, you havent seen one of the people my aunt introduced to you. Dont look at the mountain from here! She Jian replied, dont worry about me. Marriage is a matter of life. I will find the right one day. The family can only shake their heads and sigh.

In late October, a leader from Taili was entrusted by others to introduce a local entrepreneur, Zhou Jing, to she Jian. Later, I learned that Zhou Jing, 11 years older than she Jian, is the general manager of a large company, with tens of millions of family assets and several sets of real estate. He is a good man with a successful career and love.

When we met for the first time, Zhou Jing showed the advantages of maturity, steadiness and understanding. But when she Jian learned that Zhou Jing had two failed marriages, she was in a state of uncertainty for a long time. The impression she Jian left to Zhou Jing is very good, young and beautiful, but also temperament. So he started the love attack.

In early winter, its rainy and cold. She Jian has to change buses three times from home to work. It only takes more than an hour to take the bus. Such a beautiful girl, its very painful! Knowing that she Jian is coming and going in the wind and rain, Zhou Jing drives a BMW to pick her up every morning, which makes she Jian grateful. At the same time, in order to win her heart, Zhou Jing invited her colleagues at both ends to play, eat and drink. In the process, he showed a gentlemanly and delicate side, which moved her colleagues. The colleagues around gradually become Zhou Jings love lobbyists.

She Jian also gradually accepted the boutique man.

On October 24, 2007, she Jian led Zhou Jing to see her parents. In the face of the old mans reluctant expression, Zhou Jing said again and again that he was opening up a new career, there was no problem in economy, and he liked she Jian very much. He hoped that the old man would make her a happy life.

The news of she Jians love spread quickly on the stage. Her colleagues envied her and were happy for her. They all said that she Jian had waited so many years and finally came to a boutique man. Immersed in love, she Jian said happily to her friends, Zhou Jingxin bought a villa and is going to get married after decoration. The marriage period is set for April 2008. He promised me that he would buy me a BMW and hold a grand wedding ceremony in the hotel! When she said this, she Jians face was full of happiness.

At the end of November, the couple, who had been in love for less than a month, actually got a marriage certificate. A colleague recalled: I asked she Jian, are you two a little too fast? She Jian replied, if you meet a good man, you must catch him to death. You cant let him run away! Later, she Jian moved out of her parents home, lived in zhoujings home, and began to wait for the wedding ceremony promised by zhoujing.

After getting the marriage certificate, she Jian and her husband agreed: no matter what difficulties they encounter in the future, they will not divorce. She also gave up all social activities, she wanted to give him a sense of security. Because Zhou Jing once told her that his second wife had betrayed him and hurt him deeply.

What she Jian cant imagine is that all her promises have been fulfilled, while zhoujing has changed a little. First, he delayed the wedding. Facing the questioning of her Jians parents, he said that all the money had been invested in the business and the money was in circulation. Later, he said that he would plan the wedding as soon as possible. But they didnt know that she Jians painful life was just beginning.

In February 2008, she Jian was pregnant. Considering that there is no wedding ceremony yet, she Jian refuses to give birth to the child because it is impossible for her to talk about the child in front of her colleagues and friends. Zhou Jing, however, believes that weddings are just a form and there is no need to give up children. The two had an unpleasant quarrel about it, and she Jian finally killed the child. When she entered the countdown of life, she Jian said in her suicide note that she regretted it very much.

She Jian abortion on the second day, Zhou Jing on a business trip, which let her heart suddenly cool. She began to doubt Zhou Jings previous carefulness and consideration.

After the suspicion, she Jian began to secretly check Zhou Jings mobile phone call records. She found that Zhou Jing contacted women several times, so she immediately called or sent a text message to ask

Although no evidence was found at first, she Jian subconsciously felt that her husband must have another woman outside. Since then, she Jian has made some irrational actions: urging Zhou Jing to make up for the wedding and asking him to implement a BMW car he promised as soon as possible

At this time, what Zhou Jing did to she Jian was very inflamed, and he no longer hid some things.

She Jians heart is like a fire. She never thought that her husband, who has been searching for more than ten years, was so unruly. But even so, she Jian still didnt want to leave zhoujing. She told her sister that the longer she loved, the more inseparable she was from him. Sister and family members in understanding the situation, urged she Jian and Zhou Jing to break up, but she Jian said nothing, she said to stick to their original promise. On the other hand, she Jians life has changed qualitatively since she found zhoujing. Her envious eyes and continuous praise from her colleagues have made her feel the pride that a woman dreams of. Now, once the marriage breaks down, it is difficult to accept the vision of people around you, and it is more difficult to get married after divorce. When she Jians sister talked about this, she said: my sister looks like a fashionable girl, but she is very traditional.

She Jians sister said she found a woman who was close to her husband and asked her to meet and talk with her husband, urging her not to destroy her family and leave her husband early. What moved her was that the woman promised she Jian that she would never contact Zhou Jing again and wished them happiness. But the next day, Zhou Jing and the womans unbearable scene let she Jian catch it. Whats more difficult for her to accept is that her husband let her choose to acquiesce, or divorce.

Divorce! When she heard these two words, she Jian felt that the sky was falling apart. According to her elder sister, she Jian couldnt eat, sleep or get into a trance at that time. Her relatives advised her to divorce again and again, but she texted her sister again and again, saying that she loved him and could not live without him.

Exhausted, she Jian offered to resign and go home for rest. Zhou Jing said she would not agree to anything, saying that if she had no job, the divorce would be over. But she Jian had to go to work, but even so, she didnt give up persuading Zhou Jing, hoping that he could hold a wedding with himself and give himself a chance to wear a wedding dress as a beautiful bride.

The fragile mind cant bear the heavy flash away of weeping blood

She Jian, who used to be proud of herself, is now at the point of being rejected. She cant tell people about this pain. She can only tell Zhou Jings second sister by text message: second sister, I dont want to divorce. I want to have a good life with him, but he doesnt even have the minimum sense of responsibility. I cant help it. I dont even have a womans self-esteem...

In August 2008, she Jian found that she was pregnant again. She seemed to see a glimmer of hope in despair, thinking that her husband would change his mind for the sake of her children. Who knows, Zhou Jing still cold as ice to her, ask her to kill the child. She Jian was stimulated again, and the tense relationship between the two was further intensified and upgraded. She Jian wrote in a text message to Zhou Jings second sister: he is too vicious...

In spite of this, she Jian finally gave in. On September 21, she Jian went to the hospital to kill the child. However, the next day Zhou Jing left her Jian at home and never returned to her. She sent a text message begging: husband, I hope you dont do too sad, after all, we are still husband and wife. But the sad tears of walking could not be exchanged for a reply from her husband.

She Jian is heartbroken and cold. Her message to her husband reveals her inner anger: you are shameless, irresponsible, and play with your marriage... You are not human! My wife is pregnant. You dont care. You force me to divorce! Having an affair outside! I see who can look up to you! There is no basic moral character. Who does business with you? Zhou Jing still didnt reply to her.

On the afternoon of September 23, her aunt suddenly received a phone call from Zhou Jing, pleading with her to persuade her to choose divorce. My aunt immediately called she Jian and said, now that your relationship has broken, dont make unnecessary sacrifice, and leave him. Ive figured it out and want to end this life as soon as possible, she told her aunt

My aunt knows that she Jians heart is very fragile. She thinks that the longer the matter is delayed, the greater the damage to her Jian will be. We should deal with it as soon as possible. On September 28, aunt and she Jian contacted Zhou Jing, who said he would go to Guangxi and deal with it when he came back.

On the National Day holiday, she Jian stayed in the house all day, thinking that her husband must have taken the woman out for fun, she was in a bad mood. On the evening of October 2, she went to see the villa that was originally intended to be used as a new house for the last time, and found that Zhou Jing had changed the door lock of the villa. Her heart was so cold, so miserable and humble. Whats the point of living? She thought of death, only death

Its the best relief. In her letter to her husband, she wrote:

She Jian was devastated by the fact that a beautiful hostess who had been admired by countless people could not even realize her dream of wearing a wedding dress and a wedding ring. But she was still unwilling to let her husband keep his promise, even to heaven:

Husband, you promised me to have a decent wedding. Until now, you havent cashed in. Please put on the wedding dress and wedding ring after I die, OK? Husband, in fact, I really want to stay. I really want to be a bride and a mother. I thought I could have a pair of children with you and live happily, but this is already a dream, a dream that will never wake up 4:28 am, October 3

She Jian bit her finger, let the blood drop on the signature at the end of the note, then swallowed the pesticide used for sterilization at home, and lay down quietly

An enviable beauty editor and director left all the people who loved her with her unfinished wish.

After she Jian took poison to commit suicide, her husband Zhou Jinglu went missing. In response, Zhou Jings eldest sister explained: the real situation is not like the rumors of the outside world, whether or not to ask, but dare not, because the personal safety can not be guaranteed, if you go again, you may be under house arrest.. Only with the intervention of the government and with 100% guarantee of personal safety can he show up.

On the evening of October 23, she Jian waited in the cold room for 20 days. Zhou Jing bought her wedding dress and ring. On the morning of October 24, it happened to be the first anniversary of she Jians meeting with Zhou Jing. She Jian finally put on white wedding dress and platinum diamond ring. In the tears of her relatives and the laments of countless citizens, she went to heaven to her beautiful wedding

She Jians parents, two more than 60 year olds, never dreamed that her daughter, who had been so beautiful before, would commit suicide because of her marriage defeat with a man. In front of their daughters soul, they lamented: a man who has been married many times is not responsible for the marriage. If we had insisted on opposing the marriage, it would not have happened! She Jians mother cried to death. She Jians aunt is also deeply sad: she Jian looks optimistic and strong, but her heart is too fragile and naive. If she would listen to my advice, know how to give up and start a new life, the result would not be like this.