Can a man really forgive a woman for cheating? I interviewed 100 men

 Can a man really forgive a woman for cheating? I interviewed 100 men

Later, she also begged his forgiveness, saying that it was the man who took the initiative to seduce her.

So, can a man really forgive a woman for cheating?

This time, the deep studio interviewed 100 experienced men. Lets see what they saidu2014u2014


@Big gray wolf gnaws carrots 25 years old confidential coordinates Tianjin

Usually I treat her very well, everything depends on her, after all, she is also married to me.

I dont want to be told that she married the wrong person. I promised her parents that before I got married.

The moment I knew that she had cheated, I was confused.

But Im so good to her. I think of her first for any good things. I also try to make money to make our life better and better. Why does she do this to me?

Originally I thought that if she confessed her mistake and promised me never to do such a thing again, I would give her another chance.

But she said she seemed to fall in love with the man

What can I do?

I want to forgive her, but her heart is no longer with me, so let her go!


@Anonymous 27 year old confidential coordinates Dalian

I met her through a blind date.

At that time, she was very fond of her. She also thought that I was pretty good. After three months of contact, we got a license to get married.

But I also have a clear conscience. I will prove it with practical actions.

A few months before we got married, we had a good life. I thought I was so lucky to marry a good wife.

But reality gave me a slap in the face. She cheated on her ex boyfriend, who had hurt her ex boyfriend before.

forgive? I want to, but I cant, and shes not worth it!

I can get divorced if I dont love you, but I cant bear to go out and mess with my ex behind my back.


With the seven-year itch of marriage, there are serious problems in our marriage.

I dont think this kind of thing will happen to me. I usually tease other men about wearing green hats. I didnt expect to wear them myself first.

After thinking about it, I forgave it. Its for the family and the children.

But the life behind is much more difficult than I thought.

I became reluctant to touch her. Sometimes I would refuse her to touch me. I would resist having physical contact with her.

Because, I always think of the way she talks to other men. If I didnt find out in time that they were all in bed.

So after more than a year, suddenly one day she filed for divorce, saying that such a day she really cant go on, very tortured

Well, Im on the verge of collapse.


But it wasnt long before I got married that I found out she was cheating.

I didnt expect that such a gentle and pure woman would do such a thing. I didnt expect that she had two faces.

I was very angry but I held back. She cried for my forgiveness, and I pretended to forgive.

Then I also play with women outside, I also cheat, ha ha.

I cant pretend. Ill let her know and she wont say anything.

Whats more, I want her to have a taste of it. Whats the taste of being betrayed and hurt?

The more painful she was, the more revengeful I felt.

When Im tired of playing, lets talk about it.


@Anonymous 32 year old editor coordinates Zhejiang

Yes, I forgive her.

At that time, I thought that my son was less than two years old and needed my mother most.

If I do get divorced, I will definitely fight for custody.

I thought men and women would be different, and she promised me not to do it again.

Although she made a mistake in this matter, it is undeniable that she is really a good mother.

And I promised her that I would spend more time with her in the future.

I thought she would change. I really thought that as long as she didnt commit me again, she would not be blamed or embarrassed by this matter.

But she still went to meet the man behind my back.

Just because the man said he was lonely and thought about her, she would have the heart to hurt me again. Ha ha, its ridiculous.

But now I understand that there are only zero and countless infidelities. It turns out that this is a common law for men and women!


@Coca Cola 36 year old project development Co., Ltd. Guangzhou

Because of my work, I run around all the year round, often not at home for two or three months.

I know its not good. I owe her a little, but I cant do anything about my work.

I was also planning to shift the focus of my work to the local level next year.

Once I didnt say hello to her when I went home in advance, I wanted to surprise her.

To my surprise, she gave me a big surprise first.

She was sleeping with a naked man. Their clothes were all thrown on the ground, but she thought how hungry they were.

Wake them up, I hit the man a few punches, let him get rid of me.

Then Ill tell her about the divorce.

I never thought that such a bloody thing would happen to me. It turns out that the TV plays are real


Most of the reasons why some women cheat are that their husband is not good enough to ignore her or that man is more interesting and humorous than his husband.

Anyway, that mans character is quite different from his husbands.

Physical infidelity may be just boring or lonely, if spiritual infidelity, it is a complete denial of their own men.

But no matter what kind of derailment, it is very disrespectful and hurtful. Men and women are no exception.

There are problems between husband and wife can be spread out, are they husband and wife still so implicit? If it cant be solved, we can consider divorce.

If you dont communicate or divorce, its very unwise to have to cheat. In the end, it will only hurt those who really love you.

Its like Sanmao said:

Can you really forgive each other for cheating? It wont be. Ill read the newspaper. GZH: Xiaoan Leon