In a relationship, some things are only suitable for heart, not for sharing with your partner

 In a relationship, some things are only suitable for heart, not for sharing with your partner

If you really like a person, you should pay attention to keep a proper balance with him. On the one hand, you need to be honest with him. On the other hand, you should also be good at protecting your personal privacy. You should not tell your partner all your inner secrets.

When you realize that something may hurt your feelings, you should learn to manage your mouth.

For example, you should not lie to your partner easily. Once you lie to your partner, your relationship is prone to all kinds of cracks.

Generally speaking, some things in the relationship are only suitable for the heart, not suitable for sharing with your partner.

Its good to know your past love experience. You dont need to share it with your partner often. If you often mention the past emotional experience in front of your partner, it may make your partner jealous.

Now that you have started a new relationship, you should learn to cherish and treat the people in front of you, rather than indulge in the past. Let bygones be bygones. What you really should cherish and grasp is the present time.

Past feelings, no matter how beautiful, have become the past style. If you really miss your ex so much that you cant get out of the past, dont rush to start another relationship. Otherwise, its not fair for the present.

One should not only be able to hold but also be able to let go of feelings. When a relationship disappears, you should learn to accept and face it calmly, instead of thinking and reluctant to give up. Otherwise, it will be hard for you to embrace a happy life.

In particular, be careful not to mention your ex often in front of your partner. If you often talk about your past emotional experience with your partner, even if you often compare the current one with the previous one, your partner may turn against you if he loves you again.

2. All kinds of negative emotions

You dont want to be a negative person in front of your partner. If you are full of anxiety and uneasiness, you can talk to your partner, but you should be restrained.

Some bad emotions are suitable for you. You dont need to tell your partner all about your inner depression.

Especially for the complaint or dissatisfaction of your partner, you are suitable to stay in your heart, and you are not suitable to share it with your partner. You should remember that no one will live with a person who hates himself for a long time.

Since you are dissatisfied with your partner, or even full of disgust and dislike for him, you should break up decisively instead of living with someone you dont love.

In a relationship, you can occasionally vent all kinds of negative emotions accumulated in your heart to your partner, but nothing is too much. If you think of your partner as a trash can for you to vent your negative emotions, you only think of your partner when you are unhappy, and you turn a blind eye to your partner when you are happy, then your partner will gradually alienate and neglect you.

3. Complaints about friends and family

Even if you are full of complaints and dissatisfaction with your partners family, please keep these things in mind and dont tell your partner.

If your partner loves you again, he also hopes you can fully respect and tolerate his family. If you dont want to embarrass your loved ones, youd better not tuck your way or make complaints about his family.

The so-called true love is that once you fall in love with a person, you will love him all, including his shortcomings and shortcomings. You will not only love him, but also the relatives and friends around him. You will also give him the necessary respect and love.

If you cant tolerate his family, you always look at his growth environment with different eyes, and you are picky and critical of his family, then no matter how much a person loves you, he cant help turning against you.

Therefore, you may as well put the blame on your partners family in your heart. You should give your partners family more warmth and tolerance. Only in this way, your partner will love you more, and your feelings will be more sweet and happy.

You can share some happy things with your partner, you can also tell your partner about your recent achievements and changes, etc. However, youd better not share your past emotional experience with your partner, and you should not always blame or blame your partner, especially you should not scold his family and friends in front of his partner.

For example, if you keep mentioning your ex in front of your partner, even if you often compare him with your ex, then your partner will be unhappy after hearing that. He will think that you have not completely let go of your ex in your heart, and you do not really love him.

As the saying goes, silence is gold. Sometimes, its a virtue and a protection for your feelings to learn to keep proper silence.

When you know clearly that once something is said, it is easy to cause unnecessary injury or misunderstanding, and your partner may be sad or sad, then you should not say it easily. These things are only suitable for your heart.

Of course, feelings need to keep close communication and interaction. When you get along with your partner, you may as well pay more attention to listen to your partners voice, or you may take the initiative to share your inner joy with your partner.

However, you should pay attention to the scale and distance between the two people, and you should learn to be close to each other. Once you talk about things or topics that make your partner uncomfortable, even embarrassed or embarrassed, you need to know how to stop.