Why dont I like microblogging?

 Why dont I like microblogging?

When you say, the weather forecast says that its going to rain in most parts of the country today, someone will say, dont tell me, I have a big sun here, its sunny in many places, fans are so amazing, you say its going to rain when its raining, its going to snow clearly here, OK, so dont bring rhythm to the building owner.

When you are going to get some serious knowledge of weight loss, someone will tell you Apple weight loss method, banana weight loss method, yogurt weight loss method, hamburger weight loss method, skin tendon weight loss method, chopsticks weight loss method, drinking boiled water weight loss method.

When you want to start a game and go to sleep, you will always be sprayed 360 degrees by your teammates who are smelly of food and mouth.

Surfing the Internet is really a technical work. There are always people who regard keyboard as a weapon, weird as frank, and false as true. In reality, we have gradually learned to tease and get used to it.

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