Li Zongsheng: start with talent, fall into emotion, marry 33 year old young model in 60, how long can emotion package?

 Li Zongsheng: start with talent, fall into emotion, marry 33 year old young model in 60, how long can emotion package?

Li Zongsheng is no exception.

The only difference is that the romance of the talented people is called romantic, young and thin clothes, full of red sleeves. For example, Tang Bohu, empress Li and Xu Zhimo.

Its not decent, but its also a good story. Its very simple. People like to see such stories. The world is packed with feelings.

And incompetence is the crux of men. They lack the right to talk directly with the world, so they have to be criticized - dross men, promiscuity, central air conditioning.

So, the man who has no ability, advise you to live a good life, be kind to your wife, abide by rules and regulations.

As Gao Xiaosong said to him: maybe Li Zongsheng is the biggest well in Chinese music, which has moistened too many singers.

People who eat melon also feel that they dont know what is in the tune at first, and they are already in the tune.

As for Li Zongshengs talent, I really dont need to elaborate too much. Anyone with eyes can see it. Xin Xiaoqi accidentally talked with Li Zongsheng about her emotional situation. The next day, Li Zongsheng wrote her the song come across the sea to see you and felt the lyrics and melody at will:

In the sandstorm / watching you go away / I am so sad that I cant help myself / hope to send you a thousand miles / till the end of the mountain / my whole life depends on you

Li Zongsheng, Zhang Aijia

Zhang Xinzhes love is like the tide, which is a song Li Zongsheng lost casually. It was picked up and sung as a classic by a Zhe, and then became popular.

However, in terms of emotion, Li Zongshengs marriage and love history is really not flattering.


Holding the microphone, she recalled his past in a gentle voice. The music flowed slowly in the performance hall, like the Kuang Valley and Youlan, bringing people from afar, from the old back to the young.

Zhang Aijia looked at Li Zongsheng with emotion and aggressiveness, like a young girl at the beginning of love Dou, and asked him: have you ever really loved me?

Li Zongsheng, Zhang Aijia

Li Zongsheng avoided answering, but Gu left and right said otherwise.

In the appointment of Lu Yu, Lu Yu asked the same question, but still there was no answer. It takes courage to be sure or not.

Although later Zhang Aijia said: our story, they all guessed wrong.

But if you can ask such a question publicly, its either the emotional package or the true expression, which result seems to be not good.

Zhang Aijia once said that Zongsheng loved me when he wrote busy and blind, but he didnt love me so much when he wrote love and price.

To this end, Li Zongshengs response is: when I write this song, I think about what you wrote and why you married others. This is also one of the few songs that I write and cry when I write.

So I would rather believe that Zhang Aijias question is an expression of the truth, rather than a prior arrangement.

In the early 1990s, Hong Kongs music industry was in a state of fatigue. With the withdrawal of Zhang Guorong, Xu Guanjie and Mei Yanfang, there was a temporary gap period.

So, he loved it. Even then, he and his wife, Zhu Weiyin, had not divorced.

Some people say it was Lin Yilians involvement that broke Lis marriage.

In fact, Lin Yilians talent has not been discovered in rolling stone, and Li Zongsheng has removed her surprise and squeezed into tenderness. Why use the word squeeze is because Lin Yilians ability is far more than emotional.

If you have heard Lin Yilians first English album openup, you can understand how powerful a female singer she is. The album integrates funky, hip hop, jazz and other elements, with Japanese, English and Cantonese running through it.

This is what the amazing Lin Yilian should look like, and this album is the only one that Li Zongsheng didnt participate in.

Everyone knows that singing Li Zongshengs songs can make a fire, but whoever sings Li Zongshengs songs has Li Zongshengs shadow. Lin Yilian was wronged in the rolling stone years, and the music style is selling feelings.

So their marriage didnt come to the end. I think it was Lin Yilian who made her go further on the way of singer.

As for Li Zongshengs saying that after Lin Yilian, he will not marry again, just listen to it. Recently, the media has not exposed the intimate photos of Lao Li and 33 year old young model Qianhui, and pointed out that they had been secretly married as early as three years ago.

Li Zongsheng and model Qianhui

Leaving Li Zongshengs Lin Yilian, the music style is more and more free and easy, and also more lively and sexy. In 2006, she launched breath, and in 2012, Gaia. People saw a real and best Lin Yilian.

She is no longer the woman who deliberately loves a man who doesnt go home.

However, its incomprehensible that from the divorce in 2004 to 2014, the whole 10 years have passed. Li Zongsheng is still trying to sell Lin Yilians feelings to the audience at the concert, singing to each other across the air and crying.

I dont know whats touching about the consumption of my ex-wife. At least their daughter is Lin Yilian.

For example, if my father cared more, my daughter Li Xi would not join the party, boycott my classmates, bully and become a little sister.

Mans talent can be appreciated and favored by the world, but I never think that talent is love.

Even if he was a poet and a composer.

In 2020, Zhou Huajian gave an interview to Lu Yu and talked about the songs that were once popular, such as friends, making me happy and worried, swords like a dream, and kissing my baby.

So Zhou Huajian has produced very few films now, and he has been making a big dish for nearly three years. He said that the more things that are created by feelings, the less they can find their own direction, and then they will fall into a bottleneck.

Zhou Huajian also takes Michael Jackson as an example to say that his late works are mostly shouting because he cant find new elements himself, which is a terrible thing.

He also said that brother Zong Sheng also encountered such a situation, which lasted for a long time.

Whether its Qu Zhongyi or the person you like, looking back, you will find that life or the original life, nothing has changed.


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