Girls wear 4 big minefields with skirts. They are fat and rustic. Have you got a chance?

 Girls wear 4 big minefields with skirts. They are fat and rustic. Have you got a chance?

There is also the following pleated skirt. Sisters try not to wear it well. Layers of pleated design not only make people feel fat visually, but also make people feel vulgar. The most important thing is that this kind of skirt is really everyday. I feel that few people can control it.

There is also the skirt made of shirt material, sisters should also choose carefully, because this material is really easy to wrinkle, if you have to wear it, then you need to iron the skirt before you go out every time, so that you can send out the elegance and competence of the skirt.

The design of skirt really determines its fashion level. Generally speaking, its too cumbersome to design, so its really out of luck with the word advanced sense. Too dense floral design like the one below shows not only the old but also the rustic style. Its really not for everyone to control. The pleats on the right are too messy and have nothing to do with fashion.

There are also the following exaggerated Ruffle design and exaggerated bubble sleeve style skirts, sisters should not easily try, because when they are worn on the body, it really looks super cumbersome, fat and strong, the whole person in the visual, it is really big.

Many sisters feel that they have more dew on their body, so they always choose some skirts without waistline and loose to wear in the dress selection. They always fantasize that they can cover the meat on their body through it. Although it is undeniable that it has a certain effect on covering the meat, it will not really show thin, but will show more fat.

Even if you have a perfect figure, when you wear a skirt without waist line, the whole figure is easily dragged down by the skirt, and you will wear the skirt into pajamas accidentally. Are you sure you dare to go out?

Many sisters only pay attention to the style of the skirt, but ignore the length of the skirt. Different length of the skirt also has different feelings for the height. If the length is too awkward, it is really super pressure.

Generally speaking, when choosing a skirt, its better not to be stuck in the knee or the calf, so its easy to show short legs and thick legs. Oh, by the way, the length of the skirt, sisters do not easily try, because it is really a little hard to say.

For the sisters of X-shaped legs and O-shaped legs, knee length skirts are really embarrassing, not long and not short, which are the most likely to expose leg defects. If you dont believe it, sisters can look at the following comparison chart. Is the dress of the same style higher on the right than on the left? This is the result of cheating the eyes.

For the sisters with small and thick legs, if you choose the length just stuck in the calf thick style, minutes can show the shortcomings of the leg thick.

Well, todays content is here. Sisters must avoid the minefields of these kinds of skirts in the choice of skirts. If you dont understand anything, please leave a message under the article. Then well see you next time.

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