It is recognized that there are four ugliest lip shapes, and the face shape can no longer be beautiful and delicate, especially the third one is the most obvious

 It is recognized that there are four ugliest lip shapes, and the face shape can no longer be beautiful and delicate, especially the third one is the most obvious

First of all, when it comes to sausage lips, I think you should all be clear. The biggest feature of this lip shape is that the lips are thick. Whether its the upper lip or the lower lip, it has the feeling of expanding outward. Its like two sausages hanging on the lips, which greatly affects the low quality of the face value. But when it comes to thick lips, its still controversial, because in the eyes of many people in western countries, they think that this kind of lip shape is fuller and more temperament, and even a symbol of sexuality. But in the eyes of our Asians, we are generally not so optimistic about this lip shape, because most of our Asian facial features are not as three-dimensional as those in Europe and the United States, and they are basically in favor of the soft type, but if they are matched with a thick sausage lip, it will be a little more abrupt, which makes the whole person less delicate.

Big lips

As we all know, cherry mouth is more in line with the traditional Chinese aesthetic since ancient times. Generally speaking, it is believed that girls have delicate, three-dimensional and small lips, which can better set off the beauty of their facial features to a great extent and make the whole person more beautiful. In ancient times, cherry mouth is often used to describe a lady or a girl who looks more beautiful All the women are still like cherry lips, and Dudu lips are still very popular. On the contrary, if you have big lips that are exaggerated when you smile, it will appear that the whole persons delicacy will be greatly reduced. Even if the face shape or other parts of the facial features are so delicate, it is difficult to control.

Pendulous lip

Drooping lips are not so common in life, but as the name suggests, they can be associated with the most typical feature, which is the downward corner of the mouth. When it comes to drooping lips, people always think of a lyric, that is, Miss Dong, you look beautiful with your mouth down.. But in fact, few people can control the downward drooping lips like this. Even if this kind of lips is not so thick, but often a downward appearance of the corners of the mouth will give people a feeling of always unhappy, very sad. Therefore, it is not so pleasant in life. No matter what kind of face it matches, it is not so beautiful. Therefore, if you belong to this kind of lip shape, you can only practice smiling more to make this drooping lip disappear, but it will be so as long as there is no expression.

Grandmas lips

Well, thats all the lip shape that Xiaobian shared with you today. I dont know if you can tell which lip shape you belong to after reading it? It doesnt matter if you take these lips. After all, no one is perfect, and everyone cant be perfect, but only confident women are the most beautiful. Do you have any other related questions or opinions? Welcome to leave a message below the comment to discuss ha!

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