Apple launched a new open source project to help develop a better password manager

 Apple launched a new open source project to help develop a better password manager

Netease technology news on June 6, according to foreign media reports, on Friday local time, Apple announced a new open-source project to help password manager developers create a stronger and more compatible password management system for users.

The so-called password manager resource initiative is one of several open source projects for apple, which allows password manager applications to integrate site-specific requirements used by icloudkeychain password manager into their own applications. Apples goal is for password app developers to collaborate on developing resources to improve quality, document site-specific behavior, and increase user trust.

Some of these resources include the sites behavioral quirks, such as specific password guides and credential backend. For example, for poorly designed websites, after users try to enter a password, they may only tell users that they have a specific maximum password length or special character requirements, which can make users feel frustrated. The regular password manager also does not know the rules of the site, so the strong password they create may be rejected by the site.

As an example of the projects goal, apple is gathering data on certain site-specific password rules, such as using special characters and length requirements, and allowing developers to integrate that data into their own applications.

Every time the password generated by the password manager is actually not compatible with the site, people not only have a poor experience, but also have reason to try to create their own password, Apple said Other aspects of the project include sharing data on the single sign on system Web site and web pages where users can change their passwords.

Apple is encouraging developers to integrate the projects data and other resources into their own applications, with the only stipulation that they must share their own data and discoveries with the project. The full details of Apples new project, as well as the actual code used, can be found on GitHub. (small)