Grandma also has spring. Japanese 70 year old bloggers simple dressing has become a female model

 Grandma also has spring. Japanese 70 year old bloggers simple dressing has become a female model

Beige is gentle and elegant, eye-catching and comfortable, which can enhance womens temperament most. The beige pants with rattan are simple but not simple in style. The gentle color sets off her elegant demeanor. The V-shaped collar has the effect of modifying the facial line, stretching the neck line, deepening the vertical feeling in the vision, and making her look more elegant and upright.

Look at the half skirt of Endo. There is no design sense or eye-catching items for wearing the half skirt of Endo. Simple basic items can be combined together, but it gives people a comfortable and tidy visual sense. Dark blue polo shirt with white high waist skirt, black high-end atmosphere, the basic style also brings more room to play.

Elegant and simple women are good at using accessories to improve the completion of modeling, the same is true for endo. Pearl necklace decorates the white area of the neck and adds a sense of luxury. Pearl earrings and necklaces echo each other, and the accessories are coordinated once.

Dramatic accessories, bright boots and bags have a relatively high rate of appearance in the wear of rattan, which makes her wear more eye-catching, age reducing and personalized. White printed short sweater with apricot lace skirt, red ankle boots are bright and eye-catching, forming a color contrast with blue handbag. Black hair bands and exaggerated dramatic Earrings add points.

Naito regards dressing as a pleasant and time-consuming thing, which can be seen from her exquisite dressing. In the combination of single items, endo tends to be simple but very advanced in wearing methods and styles, and dramatic accessories will not give people a sense of exaggeration, which is always just right and unique. Black top with khaki half skirt, top with blue edge, echo earrings, strapping thick heel sandals can not only have a high effect, but also no pressure on feet, even grandma can easily do it.

Khaki shirt is very broad, very linear, elegant color. Fluffy lantern sleeves are full of design sense. They are matched with high waist short skirt. The landscape painting of skirt body is full of poetic and modern. Black pointed ankle boots add a lot to his elegance. The printed chain bag is fashionable and playful without any sense of disobeying. Look at her accessories, sunglasses to enhance the aura, gold ear drill echoed the top, fashionable but not pompous.

Dress is one of the necessary items for women. Compared with trousers, it is more elegant, romantic, appropriate and gentle. When it comes to grandmas dresses, many people may think of black and white and gray. This blue print dress of Endo is elegant and beautiful. Its a metal waist button Kungfu skirt style. Its fashionable and elegant with gold pointed high heels. Look at the design of the dress again, long sleeves cover loose arms, high waist enhance temperament, loose skirt is soft and gentle.

With his actions, Naito told many women not to stop dressing up because of the age limit. Those who dress with their heart and live with their heart will be rewarded with the passage of time. Now that Naito has 70 +, the pursuit of beauty and fashion still keeps her charming and pleasing to the eye. Whats your opinion?