Take daisies with you all over the city

 Take daisies with you all over the city

Using babys method to distinguish, in short, its wild flowers that dont need seeds or water. Its too simple and rude

And the daisy is a small one, white petals, yellow flower center, low body, at first glance, it does look like some roadside wild flowers.

Left: Daisy right: wildflowers

Left: Daisy right: Chamomile

The latest single of pregnant fruit sister Katy Perry is daisies.

Taylor Swifts latest home map is also wearing a small daisy pattern, which is surprisingly consistent with the elements of kp5s new album, and the mildewed fruit can be eaten!

As a fresh flower of literature and art, Daisy is back in fashion this year! And the most decisive factor here is its folk wild spokesmen, Quan Zhilong and Wu Yifan.

Peaceminusone x nikeairforce1


Of course, as a serious patient of daisy, his self-made personal brand peace minusone and cooperative name are all daisies, but this Daisy lacks a petal.

Peaceminusone is composed of three independent words: peace, minus and one, which means the intersection of Utopia and the real world. It can be understood as peace, beauty and imperfection. The so-called imperfection probably refers to the missing petal.

After the establishment of the brand, Mr. Kwon began to cooperate with a series of designers and brands. For example, Fujiwara, Japans fashion industry, and nikeirforce1 and conversechuck 70, the more popular ones behind, naturally placed the customized Daisy without petals, which became a watershed to distinguish tide and common sports items.

In addition to the iconic Daisy logo of Gd, peaceminusone and Nikes series also add a lot of graffiti elements. In addition, the most eye-catching is the shoelaces in the picture. Many stars have got on the train in this upsurge of reverse shoelace.

Wang Yibo and Zhou Yutong both started with this 0.66 second sold out sneaker, and the real name system envied them.

Peaceminusone x nikeairforce1


On the basis of this, peaceminusone also launched some Daisy shaped accessories, such as brooch. Founder Quan Zhilong once mixed Chanels brooch and pinned it on his twill soft cloth coat, just like picking a little flower from the roadside and pinning it on the neckline, which instantly added an uninhibited feeling.

Make a proper ornament with Daisy accessories

In Louis Vuitton 2020 spring and summer mens wear series, Daisy is absolutely the most important element. It has been made into rings, bracelets, necklaces and other accessories. Wu Yifan has performed it more than once.

Louis vuittongardening ring set


In order to match the daisy, Fanfan even made a manicure. You are right about the delicate boy.

Chen Linong and fan Chengcheng also wore Louis Vuittons Daisy ring to show the beauty of flowers and teenagers.

Its true that the rings and Earrings just mentioned are all mens accessories, but how can the fresh Daisy accessories be less than the girls seller show? Zhou Dongyus Daisy hairpin can be lovely and loving, full marks for age reduction ability! All of a sudden, I think of the Little Daisy that Xiaobei planted in front of chennians house

Zheng Shuang uses Daisy earrings with ponytail, which has a girls feeling next door. She has a girls feeling. She looks down, smiles sweetly, is pure and lovely. She is in a real good state~

When daisies as decorative elements appear in handbags, shoes, necklaces and other accessories to do embellishment, inexplicably more of the natural flavor of the countryside, people would like to lie on the lawn in the sun.

Yu Shuxin also incarnated as a daisy girl when she was in the competition of youth with you. Zara red skirt and Daisy handbag are a little charming and stylish.

Zara Beige Daisy printed handbag uffe5 299

Ma Sichuns Fendi Vintage baguette has a relaxed beauty of laziness and randomness because of the little daisy. Its nice to decorate it casually.


Zhixius grey sports suit and black messenger bag are fresh and sweet. Of course, the most attractive one is Daisy Brooch!

Jenny has hung her homemade hair on her byfar bag. She has seen her use this one more than once. She is really in love with daisies!


Jennys love for daisy is also reflected in the case of her mobile phone. The pattern of mobile phone accessories has been bought one after another.

Popsockets Daisy mobile phone holder uffe5 79

The small daisy mobile phone shell of Kaiya also lets people plant grass. Some people only see the small lovers with strength and affection, while Daisy lovers only see the small mobile phone shell.

Just now, I havent finished talking about her topic. She doesnt only have a daisy mobile phone shell. There are many Daisy skirts and Daisy suspenders. She wants to get the same model for each one!

Wu Xins Daisy skirt brings the youth and age reducing atmosphere to the overall shape. No matter its black tee or ruffle shirt, with the daisy skirt, its full of girls heart~

Reform Daisy printed skirt

Ouyang Nana wears the same style in the street photo

Reform Daisy printed skirt

This summers floral elements are already super hot der, so Daisy floral should be popular, full of French rural style, romantic and fresh, song Yanfeis body is beautiful.

Kate Spade casual printed Jumpsuit about uffe5 3900

Daisy dress is really a good hand in the retro world. Before Zhong Chuxis trip to Thailand, this circle God map also has Daisy elements. Purple Little Daisy petal suspender dress is sweet and lovely, right angle shoulder are you sour?

Realizationpar small daisy petal SLING DRESS about uffe5 1360

Joy and Jenny in a daisy halter top. Both are fairies~

Forever 21 Daisy sling about uffe5 168

The Little Daisy knitted cardigan worn by Zhao Ruth and song Zuer has been on fire recently. The fresh green is very white, lovely and playful, and its spring!

Herrian knitted cardigan about uffe5 4445

Moncler x Richard Quinn co OP dress

Because Daisy itself is not many precious flowers, and even some are too easy to get, so it once became the main props for everyone to take hard photos.

Just like Kaia Gerber, you may not have the same legs in Kaia in your life, but you can take photos in minutes with Daisy wreath.

Jennys back! Where is Xiaoni, Daisys wild spokesperson, going to take a picture with little Daisy as long as she sees it? Daisy maniac is worthy of you. You will never miss it when you pass by.

She is also a person who will take a picture when she sees a daisy on the side of the road. She also has exaggerated Daisy earrings. Her smile is super healing.

Daisy as a props shooting, has become the most fashionable photography model this year. As for how to shoot? You can be like Wang Junkai, Zhu Zhengting and Ding Yuxi. Holding Daisy bouquet, you are the prince~

Recently, it happened to be the blooming period of daisies. Chen Yuqi and nazha both competed to be flower fairies. Or a little daisy, or a bunch of chamomile, is a big film.

The super creative tube oak and Yu hazy cooperate with daisy in making up articles, which also tests the painters!

The flower language of Little Daisy is secret love. Its easy to remind people of the freshness of first love. The effect of age reduction is first-class, which is the pronoun of spring and summer! The idols went to help daisy. If you are hesitant, take advantage of this wave of 618~