U.S. stocks rebounded sharply. NASDAQ set a new high in intraday trading. Lucky rose more than 36percent

 U.S. stocks rebounded sharply. NASDAQ set a new high in intraday trading. Lucky rose more than 36percent

Netease technology news on June 6, according to foreign media reports, on Friday, U.S. time, U.S. stocks closed higher on the whole, as the U.S. employment data in May was unexpectedly strong, so that investors increased the hope of economic recovery.

The Dow Jones index rose 829.16, or 3.15%, to 27110.98; the standard & Poors 500 index rose 2.62%, to 3193.93; and the Nasdaq composite rose 2.06%, to 9814.08. Among the three major U.S. stock indexes, the tech dominated NASDAQ index rose to a record high of 9845.69. By Fridays close, the NASDAQ had risen 9.3% in 2020, after plunging 25% earlier this year.

In Friday trading in US stocks, leading technology stocks generally rose, with Apples share price rising 2.85% to $331.50; alphabet, Googles parent company, rose 1.86% to $1438.39; Amazon, up 0.91% to $2483.00; Microsoft, up 2.34% to $187.20; Facebook, up 1.98% to $230.77; Oracle, up 2.14% to $53.98; IBM, up 2.14% It rose 2.46% to $132.06, 1.27% to $419.60, 2.46% to $885.66, 3.41% to twitter, 2.14% to Uber and 7.03% to LYFT.

Most Chinese stocks listed in the US rose, with Netease closing at $425.37, up 5.03%; Alibaba closing at $219.55, up 0.69%; JD closing at $59.04, up 4.46%; Baidu closing at $114.40, up 4.90%; pinduoduo closing at $69.70, up 5.18%; BiliBili closing at $34.50, up 2.80%; tal closing at $65.84, up 4.08%; IQI Yi closed at $18.06, up 1.75%; learn from who, down 2.13%; Weibo, up 2.56%; Sina, up 2.91%; Sohu, up 2.83%; Sogou, up 1.45%; Ctrip, up 3.49%; 51job, up 2.40%; Auto home, up 7.49%; 58 Tongcheng, up 1.59%, Weilai, down 6.37%, jinshanyun, down 1.94%.

Ruixing coffee closed at $5.51, up 36.05%, with a market value of $1.395 billion. Ruixing rose 56.98% in the last trading day and has risen for the fourth consecutive day. This week, it has gained more than 155%. Previously, the companys share price plummeted due to the exposure of fraud scandal, and it is still facing delisting.

This week, the Dow is up 6.8%, the standard & Poors 500 is up 4.9%, and the Nasdaq composite is up 3.4%.

Drew Matus, chief market strategist at investment management firm MetLife investment management, said: the unemployment rate is stable; the labor participation rate is rising further. So while the employment reports of the last few months have been terrifying, theres nothing to be surprised about - its a mistake that can be ignored. If anything, it shows that we should look for more good news next month.

The May jobs report boosted investor confidence in the rapid recovery of the U.S. economy, leading them to buy stocks that would benefit the most from a full reopening.

(Liu Chun)

Source: Zhang Zutao, editor in charge of Netease Technology Report_ NT5054