How is the boy with a monthly salary of 8000 and a Rolex?

 How is the boy with a monthly salary of 8000 and a Rolex?

I think those who spend more than 100000 yuan to buy watches and have to save for a year are brainwashed. I feel that I am smart and dont want to be a slave of material desires.

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Until after working for many years, many people (including myself) are more and more eager for luxury goods. Now, in the circle of friends, when you see the photos of the same ages life in the sun, you will inadvertently zoom in and look at the watch on his hand. If you see that the watch on his hand is hundreds of thousands, you will immediately count it as lemon essence.

So someone saved a long time to buy the first Rolex before the age of 30, even if the fund can only support one oyster type constant motion entry-level fund.

Many white-collar workers prefer to postpone the car purchase plan, or even squeeze the subway every morning, or they would like to buy the same Longines as Peng Yuyan.

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After the epidemic, it seems that the excessive consumerism that everyone is calling for now is more and more tenable. But there are still many people drinking such chicken soup, and they still think about the Rolex water devil, Abby Royal Oak and Omega seahorse in the counter. It seems that as long as they are armed with them, they will have a high configuration and open life.

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You and your party are both 30 years old.

The sworn party likes to buy famous watches, while you wear a fruit smart watch all day long, with at most one more bracelet. The party is the advertising dog, and you are the procedural ape.

One day, when you go shopping with your sworn friend and he considers whether to start with a 30000 meter, and asks you for your opinion, as a procedural ape, your minds account is as follows:

A small watch of 30000 yuan can be worn for about two years (tired of wearing it) and 360 times in a month. In the past two years, if the 30000 yuan is invested in other places, it will be 39000 yuan in terms of the annual yield of 15%, and the cost of each appearance will be 108 yuan.

It is equal to whether I would like to wear such a watch at the price of 108 yuan per time. You may not want to follow your thinking pattern.

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For the dead Party of advertising dog, he measures this table by opportunity cost:

The chance for a famous watch to gain a customer worth 1 million yuan may increase by 50%, the confidence will increase by 20%, the work pressure will decrease by 10%, and the key point is that the probability of getting a girl will increase by 20%.

Although we all despise people who only look at appearance, this is the way of real life. Many people only look at appearance, but I just want to express that I dont want those external things to pass away the possibility of our success.

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In fact, everyones mental algorithm for a thing is different. Some from the perspective of price, some from the perspective of opportunity cost. When you can measure a watch purely from the perspective of value, the luxury is meaningless to you. When you have started to consider the opportunity cost, the luxury is valuable to you.

Some people say what to do when young people earn their first wage.

A woman should buy a bag that looks very valuable at a glance. A man should buy a watch.

Monologue of an enterprise executive: when I was on a business trip with the boss, we had to entertain customers. The boss drank a little more. I talked about why I was promoted at the beginning. He said that every time you hold a meeting or make a presentation with a client, you are LV briefcase, Hermes belt, and the universal Portuguese plan. You are all armed when meeting you in an important occasion, and your temperament is always pinched to death by you.

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But the word armed is very precise.

In the society of judging people by their looks, what you wear represents who you are.

Meet customers, talk about plans, go on a date, the first thing others see is your equipment. The more advanced and reliable your equipment is, the more people will know how expensive you are.

The watch is a mans equipment, although it is very expensive, but it is worth it.

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As long as I sit in the car for a minute when Im about to be blown up by the air, and look at my watch - Im all wearing 100000 watches, and Im a tiger opener. What else do I care about with you? When I get off the car again, I feel calm again and put myself into the next round of fighting.

On the premise of not overdrawing yourself, pay some effort to buy a watch that matches your own, which can enhance your courage, but also constantly motivate you to strive to get a high deserve life, why not?