Romantic and high-end Japanese skirt look, loved by elegant women, will become beautiful if you learn one

 Romantic and high-end Japanese skirt look, loved by elegant women, will become beautiful if you learn one

In addition to matching with the off shoulder sleeveless top, the skirt and shirt are also excellent partners. The hard and strong fabric version of the crisp shirt is just right to neutralize the soft beauty of the skirt, achieving a balanced state, simple, elegant and generous. Black and white plaid shirt is retro and introverted. It matches with blue high waist skirt. Loose skirt has a great tolerance for body and is very friendly to fat women.

The umbrella skirt has the largest tolerance for the body, no body, no person, and the hide meat is thin. The loose skirt sways freely and shows the light body of the female all the time, which is elegant and romantic in vision. This high waisted umbrella skirt is rich in half skirt styles with printing elements. It also breaks the monotony of solid color items and is recognizable enough.

When wearing half skirts, older women can try some gentle and purposeful color combinations, such as gentle beige and lemon yellow, advanced white and rust red, advanced white and dark green, which can often produce wonderful chemical changes when combined. This rusty red high waist half skirt is made of umbrella skirt with length over knee. It looks tall and thin. Its matched with a white thin shirt with seven quarter sleeves. Its romantic.

When matching a skirt with a shirt, its better not to button all the buttons on the collar of the shirt. Its more casual to untie the two buttons, and the sleeve rolled up along the arm is more casual than folding, neutralizing the professional sense brought by the shirt. Light blue with black skirt, skirt waist with flower bud design, add a little feminine charm.

The parachute skirt is elegant and romantic. Its advantages lie in the effect of hiding meat and the romantic and elegant side of women. The straight tube skirt requires a higher figure. The smooth line feeling of the skirt body can modify the line of womens legs and look more slender and smooth.

Black shouldered sleeveless top belongs to the basic item, simple and generous, with apricot color high waist half skirt, to create a short up and long down shape, effectively improve the body proportion, so that she looks well proportioned.

In the Japanese style half skirt wear, the waist line is often raised by tying the bottom of the coat into the waist. If it is matched with a long coat, the belt may play a role. The basic smoky purple top is matched with the white umbrella skirt, and the waistline is hooked out of the belt, adding elegant and feminine taste.

When matching half skirt, the top can also use the folding technique. Haze blue knitted short cardigan is equipped with basic white T-shirt, and apricot pleated umbrella skirt is used for the lower body. The cardigan of knitted fabric is gentle enough, and the combination T-shirt has clear layers.

Short cardigan + basic built-in + Half skirt is a very common Japanese style half skirt wear, blue knitted short cardigan with white basic white T, with apricot color is gentle enough, with blue and white vertical pattern umbrella skirt, it has elegant and advanced feeling.

White top with printed umbrella skirt, easy to wear. The top is made of chiffon fabric, which falls naturally. The wide sleeves with ruffles can not only cover the fleshy arms, but also balance the width of the upper and lower body.

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