Going to see a doctor is like going to a show. A 48 year old single mother wears clothes in hospital is popular in INS

 Going to see a doctor is like going to a show. A 48 year old single mother wears clothes in hospital is popular in INS

Especially like Qian Songyi, who had appendicitis at that time and had to bear the pain to finish makeup before going to the hospital, this is probably the stubborn of fashion people (I dont deserve it)~

The 48 year old French blogger, who still cant give up on fashion, is probably what many people long to look like when they get old: calm, elegant and frank.

Its hard to imagine such a person suffering from chronic leukaemia a year ago if they dont do what they should do at their own age, but love Stinky beauty and show off their clothes!

Shes Valerie Ribes.

At the beginning of the disease, Valerie Trebes was very depressed because of frequent blood tests and long-term treatment.

So she decided to go to the hospital with the beautiful clothes every day, so that she could fight against the disease with a better mental outlook.

I didnt expect to record the clothes uploaded at will, but one shot and one shot, which put her on the road of fashion blogger.

Now nearly half a hundred years old, she has successfully become an ins7w fan with the French style of age reduction. On the contrary, she is more popular than her beautiful younger sister!

With the accumulation of years, such a fashion sense has developed its current fashion.

Valerie tribes is actually a law student. After graduation, she did not become a lawyer, but joined the journalism industry.

After more than 20 years of work experience, from news reports to fashion magazine columns, Valerie tribes decided to quit his job and start working on his own in 2017 - to become a freelancer.

So she opened her own podcast Chiffon before the media industry became so hot in 2017.

Invite the industry leaders and audience to discuss fashion from all angles, open the door of fashion, and listen to more anonymous voices.

Even when she was diagnosed in 2019, she didnt stop her work and published a book called labase in September.

It conveys her original opinions on fashion. With an open and inclusive attitude, she praises all fashions that are not subject to dogma. Once released, it is very popular.

Valerie tribes, who blossoms in all walks of life, is simply a slash youth.

Maybe Valerie tribes face is full of wrinkles, but her temperament and connotation are the height that those young and beautiful faces cant reach.

You may have been immersed in the mature charm of Valerie brands, but her dress is more top. It turns out that even if you are old, you can still be exquisite and fashionable!

Where can I see a 48 year old man just by looking at his back? Its full of girlish feeling that people will believe it when they are 20 years old!

Play with colors

Valerie tribes never loved black and white and gray, instead she was a good color person.

A colorful pant with loose knitwear is the most basic item, but it exudes the charm of elegance and simplicity.

Although I love color, I have a good sense of proportion. Valerie ribbes never has more than three colors!

She also accepted the trend of young people.

The overall black tone is most suitable for playing with fluorescent colors, simple and not easy to make mistakes!

If you want to ask Valerie tribes about her favorite item, cola guesses that jeans will definitely be the top three essential items in her wardrobe! Her matching skills for jeans have reached the level of perfection.

Girlpower full suit jacket with jeans, a pair of small white shoes, not too fastidious but chic, just kill me!

Cowboys bump into cowboys, use high-heeled shoes to neutralize, mom man balance.

Although wide leg pants are good-looking, they are easy to make peoples vision shorter. With high heels, you can instantly grow tall and be sexy in sharp fall.

The same shirt with jeans, but also wear the same style, momjeans more and younger feeling!

Valerie tribes has a different energy from her age, not losing out to some good taste young people.

Converse spokesperson

A lot of middle-aged women dont try canvas shoes. Valerie tribes also loves wearing them. All kinds of colors are included in the bag.

White Jumpsuit with converse classic high top, lively but not childish at all, cokes heart wants the same style!

Who says walking a dog must be unkempt? Valerie tribes teaches you how to walk your dog without affectation.

Wear the Shanghai army striped shirt, and even converse can show you the artistic style!

Going to see a doctor is like going to a show. A 48 year old single mother wears clothes in hospital is popular in INS

Some people may think that fashion is superficial and useless, but in Valerie tribes, fashion has given her strength and become an indispensable part of her resistance to disease.

Its hard to imagine such a 48 year old single mother still full of a positive, sunny girl.

Valerie tribes has never been kidnapped by the word should. No one has stipulated that people should wear conservative and rustic clothes when they are old. No one has stipulated that patients should be low-key and despondent.

Valerie tribes, which breaks through the boundary between age and secularity, is always too moving and beautiful.

I hope that we in our 40s can still be confident, still love stink, and hope Valerie tribes can be healthy and happy~