The Indian Air Force will take over the first RAF fighters by the end of next month

 The Indian Air Force will take over the first RAF fighters by the end of next month

[global network reporter Xu Luming] according to the Asia Times website on June 3, the Indian air force is likely to obtain the first four French developed Rafale fighters by the end of July.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is facing challenges from the new crown pneumonia epidemic, but France said it will deliver the gusty fighter to India in India on time, according to the India times website.

Indias defense chief went to France to receive the first Rafale fighter, but it has remained in France since.

French defense minister Frances parley conveyed the message in a phone call to Indian defense minister rajnat Singh. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is reaffirmed by its commitment that despite the challenge of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, France will ensure that the gust fighter is delivered on time, the French defense ministry said in a statement issued by the defense minister.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia is likely to have won the first 4 gust fighters in France at the end of July, the 4 fighters should have returned to India in May, but the flight was delayed due to the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia outbreak, the report said. The India air force was probably the first to be released from France. Restrictions imposed by France to fight the outbreak have led to the closure of Dassault airlines, the manufacturer of Rafale fighters.

In September 2016, India urgently ordered 36 Rafale fighters from France. According to the delivery schedule, the first 18 fighters will be delivered to the Indian Air Force in February 2021, and the rest will be delivered from April to may 2022.

According to Indian media, the Rafale fighter is described as the game changer of the Indian air force, because it will significantly enhance the combat strength of the Indian air force. This fighter is equipped with a series of advanced and powerful weapons, including meteor over the horizon air-to-air missile and scalp long-range cruise missile developed by European missile group.

In addition to advanced missile weapons, the Rafale fighter has a number of specially customized improvements for India, including equipped with an Israeli helmet display system, a new radar warning receiver, a low band jammer, and a new infrared search and tracking device.

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