Easy one moment voice version: set up a stall and earn 70000 in two months! What are you waiting for?

 Easy one moment voice version: set up a stall and earn 70000 in two months! What are you waiting for?

What kind of stall do you want to put on, regardless of cost??

Last issue: whats the craziest thing youve ever done? Leave us a message~

Wechat netizen stands higher and urinates farther said:

When I was in college, I wrote a diary for my future,

Now I want to slap myself.

When I was a child, I fought with my children. Accidentally broke grandpas head with it.

Red rice wife, a netizen from France, said:

The national flag of the school was changed into a white flag.

Wechat user Jonny wants to order a song

Every time I hear the emotional place, I will also discuss whether Dabo is so poor, and whether there is a girlfriend or not. Just like this, two people are giggling along the way, and they will not feel tired no matter how far away they are.

Today, Id like to order a little cute show from yuchengqings love has to be done. Id like to say to her, its hard to forget that although I saw you for the first time, its a pair of charming eyes, but Ive been deeply in love with you. I always believe that this is Gods arrangement for us to meet, so I especially cherish every little bit that Im with you every day. Ill be with you for the rest of my life Use all my to protect you, to love you, to grow old with you, baby, marry me!

Ask Dabo to go up the wall, she will hear my confession. After that, I invite you to eat happy candy. At last, I wish you all the listening friends and all the members of the program team have thick hair, good sleep and meet the other half of your life as soon as possible!

@@VIDEO= https://mobilepics.ws.126.net/9eJq997Tjtf3ZAZ4Vk1WvwvRpYz09QJm%3D%3DH6OALDT4.mp3 , https://mobilepics.ws.126.net/9eJq997Tjtf3ZAZ4Vk1WvwvRpYz09QJm%3D%3DH6OALDT4.mp3 IMG= https://cms-bucket.ws.126.net/2020/0604/8a341c8bj00qbdhoo0014c000g0006kc.jpg ALT = necessity broadcast = in size [email protected]@

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Old rules, I wish everyone can have thick hair, good sleep, emotional stability, wealth and freedom, see you next time!

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