Frank Lampard will attack 2 more players after Werner! Keep changing face: 7 players may leave the team

 Frank Lampard will attack 2 more players after Werner! Keep changing face: 7 players may leave the team

Due to the transfer ban, Chelsea have been unable to recruit for nearly a year, which greatly limits the chance of Chelsea to improve their quality. This summer, Chelseas transfer ban came to an early end, and Abramovich immediately revived and gave the team enough checks. Chelsea have already signed zieh ahead of time. Yesterday, a number of media said that the blues had booked Werner again.

Werner is regarded as the strongest No.9 player in Germany at present. He has scored 25 goals in Bundesliga this season, and the number of goals in all competitions has reached 31, which is more than twice the number of goals of any player in Chelsea this season. At the moment, the most goals Chelsea have scored this season are from abrahame, who has scored 15 goals. For a long time, it was thought that Werner would be Liverpools man, but Chelsea succeeded in overtaking in the corner.

How did Chelsea finish the cut? Is it really just money? Its not that simple. The Daily Telegraph revealed that Cech played an important role in the process. It is reported that Cech accompanied Frank Lampard to meet with Werner and his team recently. Their visit impressed Werner. Because Lampard cant speak German and Werner cant speak English fluently, Cech showed off a lot at this time. The Czech goalkeeper, who speaks fluent German, acted as Frank Lampards interpreter, lifting the communication barriers between the two sides and making great contributions to Chelseas success in winning Werner.

In fact, Chelsea can take Chieh ahead of time has Cechs credit. According to the daily telegraph, Cech has been involved in almost all the negotiations between Chelsea and ziyeh, and he has maintained telephone contact with him for a long time. Cechs charisma conquered both zieh and Werner. When he plays, Cech serves Chelsea on the pitch. After his retirement, he continued to serve Chelsea off the pitch.

Frank Lampard has been plagued by the problem of his weak ability to seize opportunities. In many games, Chelsea have the absolute advantage of the field, but they cant score goals, and finally they are robbed by the opponent and swallow the defeat. With Werner, Lampard should be a lot happier next season. However, Chelseas plan to strengthen the front line is not over yet, and the Daily Mirror says Lampard intends to sign borga, who currently plays for Italys sasolo.

Boga himself is a player going out of Chelsea. He was brought up by Chelsea youth training and has played for many years at Chelsea U18 and U23. Boga joined sasolo in 2018 after failing to play in Chelseas first team. This season, Boga has played 24 times in Serie A, scored 8 goals and assisted 4 times. The mirror revealed that Chelsea had Bogarts buyback terms.

In addition to borga, Chelsea will bring in Leicester City defender chilwell. The guardian said Chelsea have already negotiated with Leicester City and chilwell would like to join the blues, but Leicester Citys current price is too high, reaching 60 million pounds, and Chelsea hope the other side can reduce the price. Yesterday, a reporter said Chelseas psychological price was around 45 million pounds.

Cleaning up redundant players is also an important plan for Lampard this summer. According to the mirror, Pedro, William, Alonso, ruozinho, Zuma, Barkley and basuai are all likely to leave the team. Pedro and William are free to leave after their contract expires. If Lampards above plans can be carried out smoothly, Chelsea next season will be almost equal to a new team, and the fighting capacity will be different.

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