Can you handle it? 5g package price is loose! Minimum 89 yuan per month

 Can you handle it? 5g package price is loose! Minimum 89 yuan per month

Recently, some users reported to CNNIC that they had received a call from a telecom operator to promote 5g package, and were doing activities. The lowest 5g package was reduced to 89 yuan per month.

The reporter of called the customer service of three major operators respectively and confirmed that there was a discount activity. Each operators 5g package has a different degree of discount price.

Customer service of China Mobile said that in the previous period, the 5g package had a 70% discount, and the minimum 128 yuan per month package of China Mobile was converted to 89 yuan per month. Now, users can log in to the official app to see if they can enjoy the price of this activity.

According to customer service of China Telecom, there are also activities recently, with a pre deposit of 100 yuan of telephone charges and a guarantee of continuous use for 24 months. You can enjoy the contract price, for example, the package price of 129 yuan per month is 103 yuan per month.

According to the customer service of China Unicom, the 5g package of 199 yuan per month is offering a 70% discount, that is, 139 yuan per month, but only for users who receive the outbound call from China Unicom.

For ordinary users, the customer service of China Unicom said that with a pre deposit of 200 yuan, the price of 5g package can be reduced by 70% for 24 consecutive months, covering 5g packages of all gears. For example, 129 yuan per month is 90 yuan per month. However, this activity can only be handled in the offline business hall. If the user cant use it continuously for 24 months, he has to pay liquidated damages.

Domestic 5g mobile phone shipments and proportion. Photo source: screenshot of China Academy of Communications

5g mobile phone price down to about 1500 yuan

Maybe some netizens will ask, how about the quality of such 5g mobile phones? In fact, Xiaomi 10 youth version and Huawei nova7 released in the first half of this year have successfully applied the periscope camera to the 5g mobile phone of 2000 yuan.

From January to April, the domestic market shipped 30441000 5g mobile phones and 65 new models, accounting for 33.6% and 47.4% respectively. Through data comparison, it is not difficult to find that 5g mobile phone new products basically account for half of the new models in the mobile phone market.

Infographic: visitors watch 5g indoor router at close range. Photo by Jiang Qiming, reporter of China News Agency

Add 10000 5g base stations every week

On May 25, Miao Wei, Minister of industry and information technology, said that at present, China has added more than 10000 5g base stations every week.

According to the plan of three major operators, by the end of 2020, the number of 5g base stations is expected to exceed 550000. Three major operators and China Tower have invested 1973 billion yuan in 5g this year.

Among them, China Mobile strives to achieve a total of more than 300000 5g base stations by the end of 2020, basically achieving 5g coverage in urban areas above the city level; China Unicom and China Telecom strive to complete the new construction and sharing of 250000 5g base stations in the third quarter, covering all cities and regions in the country.

With the rapid opening of 5g base station, 5g users have a certain scale. According to the latest data released by the three major operators, by the end of April, the number of 5g package users of China Mobile was 43.745 million; that of China Telecom was 21.7 million, with 1.97 million new users in the same month; and that of China Unicom was not separately announced.

Here comes 5g! Are you going to get in the car? (end)

Source: Wang Xiaowu, editor in charge of China News Network_ NF