Tong Zhuo, Zhai Tianlin, Bian Cheng Why does the star live broadcast overturn?

 Tong Zhuo, Zhai Tianlin, Bian Cheng Why does the star live broadcast overturn?

China News Network reported on June 6 that Tong Zhuo, Zhai Tianlin and Bian Cheng Why does the star live broadcast overturn?

When it comes to the artists in the entertainment industry, it is estimated that many people will focus on Tong Zhuo. On May 28, the hot search of Tong Zhuos previous life changed to the new one was posted on the micro blog, which triggered a series of chain reactions. The hot discussion on the Internet poured in like a flood, pushing the new performer into the spotlight.

The cause of the incident was that in a live broadcast on May 22, Tong Zhuo revealed that he had changed the identity of former students to that of new students when he took the college entrance examination, saying that the university he liked at that time required the identity of new students, so he modified his identity of candidates by some means. Isnt this cheating in the college entrance examination? With the ferment of public opinion, more and more netizens accuse it of cheating in college entrance examination.

In the latest report, a staff member of the Shanxi provincial recruitment and examination management center said that the Ministry of education had stepped in to investigate the matter and the Shanxi provincial recruitment and examination management center was assisting in the investigation. At the same time, careful Netizens found that after the incident, the variety show happy camp and magical Chinese characters in which Tong Zhuo participated had all his scenes cut or mosaic processed.

Star Live

Frequent collapse of human facilities

Zhai Tianlin said, I dont know what Zhiwang is, which makes me fall into the academic fraud storm; and Tong Zhuos previous students changed to new students confused speech was also called Zhai Tianlin 2.0 version by netizens. Its the same rollover in the live broadcast, and its the same thing because of the language. This also makes netizens sigh that in the live broadcast without editing and real-time broadcasting, the stars are facing not only fans but also the public, but also rollovers one after another. Does it mean that their human settings are just shaping rather than real?

It was not only Zhai Tianlin and Tong Zhuo who collapsed in the live broadcast. In the TV series qingpingle which ended broadcasting some time ago, Zhao huirou and Liang HUAIJI, the characters in the play, loved each other rather than each other, which was the meaning is difficult to get even in the hearts of many fans. With the filter of the characters in the play, Ren Min, who plays Zhao huirou, and Bian Cheng, who plays Liang HUAIJI, have also become the Huairou CP that fans pursue. But in the live broadcast of the two, Bian Cheng teased Ren Min about his stinky feet and bad looks, and many times he didnt respect Ren Mins words and deeds, which broke the fan filter. Later, Bian Cheng apologized to Ren Min on Weibo, but failed to eliminate the controversy surrounding his low EQ and disrespect for his partner.

I dont know when to start, live broadcast seems to be the mirror of stars. As more and more stars enter the live broadcast, they hope to strengthen the interaction and stickiness with fans. However, due to improper words and deeds, they cause network disputes and even public opinion storm. Out of the mouth comes evil. Star broadcast disaster year seems to have arrived. If artists fail to be cautious and cautious, it will be easy to make complaints about live broadcast, resulting in the collapse of human setting.

Why did the star live broadcast become the accident prone area? Some netizens said that when the stars went on the live platform, they would face more than fans, but the public. The behavior in the live broadcast will also be carefully examined under the publics microscope, and a little carelessness will cause controversy. What stars need to realize is that the other end of the Internet cable is not only the fans who are very inclusive of themselves, but also countless passers-by. In the eyes of fans, cute and honest behavior, in the eyes of passers-by, is low EQ and open mouth.

In addition, webcast has real-time and irreversibility. Variety shows and TV plays can create so-called human settings by editing and playing roles, so that the public will have a good impression on artists filters. However, in the live broadcast, there is no way to recover the subconscious and real performance through the later stage. Without the so-called filter, can stars human settings not collapse? This may be the test artists will face in the live broadcast.

Source: Mei Yahui, editor in charge of China News Network_ NBJS10286