Hu Xijin: it will be very difficult for us to set too high a goal for China Policy

 Hu Xijin: it will be very difficult for us to set too high a goal for China Policy

There is no doubt about its military advantage, but this advantage can not offset the unbearable risks it will take in the military showdown with China. Chinas nuclear deterrence and inshore combat capability have become a barrier that the United States cannot cross. Chinas agricultural and industrial bases have been established, and the self-improvement capacity of science and technology has been formed. Chinas market is huge and growing, which provides us with the tension to attract external response to the opening up. Therefore, China has become the worlds second largest and unstoppable country. The United States can neither conquer China nor suffocate China. This is the same important dimension of the strategic situation between China and the United States as that between the strong and the weak.

Third, although the United States is strong, its front line is too long, its policy toward China has set too high a goal, and it has adopted a decoupling approach to fight against globalization and reverse.

In a short period of time, the United States has suddenly increased the overall uncertainty, at least in the next year or two it will be more uncomfortable than China.

In China US relations, China is a strategic defender. We will not take the initiative to deteriorate China US relations, but will always adopt a prudent and realistic attitude.

It is a long-term consideration for China not to damage Sino US relations from our perspective. At the same time, China does have the ability to stick to the bottom line of national core interests. China has the ability and space to engage in long-term exchanges with the United States.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u6056789,container:ssp_ 6056789, async:true }Hu Xijin: increase flights between China and the United States. Theres no politics in it. Hu Xijin: the moral highlands of the United States basically fall down. We have to press us hard. Hu Xijin: the United States tries its best to use China on the Hong Kong issue. Source: editor in charge of global network: Li Chao_ NB12814

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