Trump was asked how to make complaints about police violence CNN Tucao: again.

 Trump was asked how to make complaints about police violence CNN Tucao: again.

In fact, Trumps interview on relevant issues goes back two days.

The new crown epidemic is still not over. The protests caused by the violent execution of white police by black African Freud swept across the United States. The fire and anger against racial discrimination continued to burn for many days in the United States.

Trumps interview with Foxs Bryan Kilmeade show

Kilmead asked Trump: according to the Axios Ipsos poll, 70% of white Americans say they trust the local police. Only 36% of African Americans are. How do you solve this problem? How to change this situation?

I think its a very sad question. Trump first replied.

You know, as a Republican, Ive done well on African Americans and votes - especially in polls and everything. I havent seen such a thing recently because of the epidemic This has changed everything, but we have the best economy ever. Trump said.

On the African American side, we have the best employment (high) and unemployment (low) data in history, he continued. (they have) the best houses have their own (level) - the best of everything. We have the best data on all fronts - not just African Americans, but the data on African Americans is fantastic. .

CNN anchor don Lemmon said on his program that the presidents answer was to brag about his public opinion data.

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