In just a few days, nearly a million are gone! A woman in Xiamen has a nightmare! Dont taste this sweet

 In just a few days, nearly a million are gone! A woman in Xiamen has a nightmare! Dont taste this sweet

Let your money shine and heat accumulate

however! Knock hard on the blackboard here!

Any investment and financial management should go through formal channels

Dont believe that someone will be kind to make you rich

Or it might be like her

A woman in Xiamen was cheated nearly a million

Young woman Xiaoxu met a netizen

A nightmare

Under the guise of making money through investment

Its about recommending apps and lending her money

Fortunately, Xiangan police rushed to another place

Capture the suspect Guo

Guo has been taken criminal compulsory measures according to law

Suspect in the middle

Dont be fooled again

In the middle of May this year, she met a netizen named life is like a play on the Internet.


The other side recommends that she can play and invest when she has time

Xiao Xu has operated two

Earn 10% of the recharge every time

At the beginning of several recharge, there was income in the account, Xiaoxu also smoothly took out the money, which made her very happy, but did not realize that it was just a bait thrown by the swindler.

Next, she added 100000 yuan to the account, which also showed that there was income. Just when she was ready to withdraw the money, life is like a play told her not to worry, if you can upgrade to the gold member of the platform, the income will be more.

Xiaoxu believed it, then consulted with the customer service staff and learned that he needed to recharge 300000 yuan in one time to become a gold member. Xiao Xu decided to try again and added another 300000 yuan to his account.

ame evening

But the operation failed

Customer service tells Xiao Xu

This is because the risk control department has detected

Need to continue recharging the flow with the balance of 5 times in the platform

Xiao Xu says he doesnt have that much money

Just add another 500000 yuan

Find life is like a play to discuss

They said they could lend her 100000 yuan first

Help her raise half a million yuan

On the night of May 23, Xiao Xu added another 400000 yuan, plus 100000 yuan lent by her netizens, and there were more than 940000 yuan in her account. Just as she was about to withdraw, she was told by the customer service that she would wait another six months, but she could handle the fast bond transfer and need to pay another 30% deposit of the withdrawal amount.

At this time

Life is like a play and small loan of 80000 yuan

Xiao Xu charged another 200000 yuan into the account

But still unable to withdraw

Until the alarm

Xiao Xu has lost more than 990000 yuan

The criminal investigation team of Xiangan Public Security Bureau quickly intervened in the investigation. With the assistance of the network security department, it sorted out the clues according to the bank remittance account provided by Xiao Xu, and quickly locked the identity of the suspect by finding the capital flow. On the morning of May 30, Huang Shenming, Yang Weihong and Li huailu, policemen of the criminal investigation team, rushed to another place and arrested the suspect Guo at his home. Guo confessed to the fact that he was suspected of fraud. Reporter learned that at present Guo has been suspected of fraud by Xiangan police to take criminal coercive measures, the case is still in further investigation.

We must improve our awareness of fraud prevention

Network investment should be cautious

Dont trust strangers investment recommendation

Do not transfer money to a new account

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